• Don't let her escape

    A woman is not some being with two legs that can walk around and make life choices. She is an animal, a fragile bird that must be caged in order to prevent it from flying away. With women out of the home what will happen next? Will men be expected to talk to their children?

  • For the sake of children, it is.

    During World War II, women entered the work force out of necessity. While the majority of men were fighting overseas, women were relegated to fill the vacant positions. Without women performing these jobs, America would have been incapable of victory. However, when women entered the work force, juvenile delinquency began to skyrocket, divorce began to skyrocket, and the social catastrophes we still face today can be linked directly to this period. With no parent at home to care for their children, the children are the ones who suffer. Women are capable of performing nearly all the same jobs as men, but it doesn't mean they should.

  • Most Definetly, Yes.

    I believe that women should stay at home, take care of the house, bills, and children. Adding on an actual job just wears women out and one of the two jobs is most likely going to be ignored often. I was raised the man goes out and provides for his family, while the woman stays home and does the rest. It only makes since. I wish I could get that through my fiance`s head but he believes otherwise. A real man can support his family AT LEAST in the aspect, considering the woman already has enough on her hands at home. That's whats wrong with this world today, children are ignored because their parents put them off on a babysitter, daycare, or other family member.

  • Lady of the house

    Yes women have rights and the choice of where to work. They have the right to enter any room in the house and the choice of which room they would like to clean first. Women need to learn their place in society. A happy wife is a barefoot and pregnant wife.

  • Women belong in the house..... The White House

    Hillary Clinton will be Madame President in 19 days. I'm so proud of her..... She belongs in the house, but the White House. We need strong women like Mrs. Clinton to show the world what women really are capable of. Hillary will be a fabulous president, so yes, she belongs in the home. But her home will be the white whose, where she will be Madame President.

  • Woman have rights just like men

    If they stay at home they tend to depend on their man but what if he losses the job and there is only one source of income then that means their kids might suffer because of "financial"problem

    It can also lead to abuse because man know that we, Woman are nothing without them so they can do whatever they want even though we fought for our rights but it seems like nothing is changing

  • Children's well being.

    If a woman's place is in the boardroom where is the children's place? When you bring a child into the world why would you then asap give your child to someone else while pursuing ego led ideals instead of waiting until the children are in school fulltime? A life is worth so much more than workplace recognition. The early years are the most important building blocks for life. Being a mother is the most valuable role one will ever play in life.

  • Just stay home

    Since women started working outside the home the American economy has dwindled. Working women is not the only reason our country is suffering but it is the leading cause we are no longer thriving. There are a few positions that single women, yes, SINGLE women only should be allowed to perform. (Elementary school teachers and secretaries)

  • Why not jews

    I know a boy called jack who is really depressed because his wife called Natalie left him and now he has to do the dishes. How do you think he feels about getting herpes from her camborne jew h h h h h h h h h h h peace out ma hoes

  • Capital YES for that

    Women are met to enjoy, take care of home and anything that related to it. Man is meant to struggle, get all the necessary things for the family. If women are working, she might loss her integrity along the line, especially those in POLITICS. May God help us to be a real MAN as expected by the world.

  • A Woman's Place Should Be Wherever She Wants It To Be.

    Are we seriously still debating this? The idea that woman should be boxed up inside the home because that's the way it's "supposed" to be is archaic and sexist. Women are every bit as competent as men. If a woman wants to be a homemaker, then fine. But if a woman wants to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a politician, or a business owner, then THAT'S where she belongs. And if woman is a homemaker but wants to broaden her horizons by getting a job outside the house, or volunteering, or taking a college class, then guess what; there's no reason she can't belong to both worlds at once.

    As for the idea that having a mother work outside the household hurts the family, because there's no one raising the kids, here's a radical idea: let her husband share some of the housework. The fact that he has a Y-chromosome does not make him in any way incapable of changing diapers or doing laundry. Dads are just as able to be loving caregivers as moms are. Marriage should be an equal partnership, not a labor contract between a working man and his "help."

  • Nobody should have a 'place' in modern UK society

    There is no 'place' for a woman or a man, I would like to think at in the UK individuals and couples are able to make their own decisions about child care/housekeeping/work. I do think its nicer for the children to have one parent at home and obviously finances are a big factor, but all things being equal why shouldn't Dad stay at home if that's what works best for that family?

  • Why Should It Be?

    Women are equal to men, if anything women should be superior as there are more females than males. Stating that a womans place is at home is disregarding everything that women have done for the benefit of the world, imagine if people like Mother Teresa had stayed at home and became a housewife?

  • No way it is not

    Men think they are the only workers in the whole wide world. However if you look behind every success you can see a women's work in it. More people should appreciate women for there hard work. Women are just not in a home looking after your family, they are out there working as a 'Business Women.' Thank you women you are great!

  • Absolutely, positively not.

    The claim that our position in life, our aptitudes, and our role in society should be determined solely by whether we bear a second x chromosome or a y chromosome is spurious at best and ludicrous at the worst. No compelling argument can be made for why a woman should have to abandon all her hopes and dreams to remain chained to the home if that is not her desire.

  • Women and the Workforce

    No, women can be just as productive in a working environment. Time and time again we've seen women do jobs generally regarded as "manly" and be on-par or above with their male counterparts.

    There is no reason to believe that women working negatively impact their lives or their families lives. In fact, most households these days have both male and female income earners.

  • A woman's place is the same as a man's, wherever she wants to be!

    I feel that this statement is a very old ideal. We no longer live in a society where any adult member of a family has a place simply at home. Everyone deserves a chance to have a career and a life outside of the confining walls of a house. It is completely unfair to claim that a specific sex should be expected to have only one main objective in life.

  • Choice is a human right, and women are human too.

    No, a woman's place is not at home. Women are human beings just as men are, and social standards should not dictate where any human being belongs. Women should be able to decide what they would like to focus on - choice is key. Once you take away such a big choice from someone, you are taking away their human rights.

  • Not anymore

    In todays age women are not like they used to be back in earlier times. They are independant and self supporting. Women have many essential jobs out there that are important not only to them but the operation of this country. Also in todays world it really takes two working parents to survive.

  • *wheeze* people actually think that women are- supposed to stay home? XD

    I actually can't believe my eyes, It's either this is a joke and I'm an idiot or people actually think this-

    Well, I'll just submit my opinion here then. It's quite sickening to me to find fellow females talking about taking care of the home while the husband leaves to work. It's. . . It's sad, Actually. Men are just as capable of taking care of the house just as much as woman are!

    People don't OWN each other. :( C'mon, There's no law limiting women! (unless there is and I'm an idiot) Well, I know I'm probably not gonna convince anyone, But I'm just saying my opinion.

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