• Harmful to women's self esteem

    Every women has different skin tone, Different features and every women are attractive in their own ways. But unattainable stupid beauty standards wants us to believe that the women who adhere to those standards are beautiful and rest are not. And women to attain those standards are starving themselves, Wasting their precious time in following baseless beauty routine which could be used for productive work and most importantly hating themselves for being the way they are instead of celebrating their uniqueness.

  • Sometimes more harm than benefit...

    While I believe there really are some women who like makeup and therefore they benefit of it, I also believe there are women who feel oppressed by makeup....It is obvious that to wear makeup is very much appreciated in this society...But only for women...Women who see makeup as an oppression, will never benefit of wearing it....At least I think so...First because it is normal to be opposed to being forced into something we dont want, though the society states we do need it...Second, the very notion of the makeup can be seen as offensive for women, as the requirement to wear it goes in hand with the popular belief that natural faces of women are not good enough....

  • Yes, it's damaged by makeup.

    We live in a society where women are expected to wear makeup, or else they may be seen as being masculine and not feminine. Women also get so used to wearing it that they don't feel they look good enough to go out of the house without it. This definitely causes poor self-esteem, because women start to not feel like their looks aren't "good enough" when natural.

  • Makeup is great for a woman's self-asteem.

    Wearing make up is a great self-esteem boost for a female. Very few woman have perfect skin. Most have scars, blemishes and or acne. Make up is a great way to cover these imperfections up. On average a women's self-esteem is low to begin with. If they are able to gain confidence by adding a little color to their face with blush or covering up a zit with toner, why wouldn't they. Although some women wear too much make up, I feel overall make up protects you from the visual flaws that are seen by everyone.

  • It is helped

    When applied correctly, makeup can make a woman look great, thus boosting her self-esteem. There are a lot of pressures on women to do as well as men and look better while doing it, their self-esteem is certainly a big concern, but makeup isn't part of the problem in my opinion.

  • It is definitely helped.

    Makeup tells women that they are beautiful, and though I do not agree that makeup will make every woman beautiful, it will indeed make the woman believe that she is pretty. This is really what matters, because I should not base an opinion that really matters if I am not the one with makeup.

  • I Think It Helps

    I believe a woman's self-esteem can be helped by makeup. I've never been one to use a lot of makeup, but when I do use it does make me feel prettier. I think there are a lot of women out there who are too reliant on makeup or they simply smear too much on. While I would say these women may have problems with their self-esteem, I have my doubts those problems were caused by the makeup.

  • Mini Self Esteem Booster

    Although many women who wear makeup wear it to feel better about themselves, multiple others wear it because they think it is fun. Personally, I wear it because I think it is cool to be able to change the way something looks just through makeup.

    I can go out of my house without makeup on and feel just as confident as I do when I have it on.

    However, if I am having a very bad skin day or I just want an extra boost in my confidence, even just popping on some mascara and concealer can truly help.

    But, I do not depend on makeup to feel like I can get through the day as confidently as I can when I have a full face on.

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