• In Every Single Way

    The only reason that men have held a higher position in society than women is because they have oppressed them. Women are just as capable as men, If not more. Besides, How many cases have there been of men stealing their wife's work and calling it their own? Countless. Additionally, Yes, There have been more male leaders than female ones, But there have also been many more male dictators and terrible leaders too: Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Trump, Castro, Henry the eighth. You really want to let people like these take control? I'm not saying all men are this way, But I say most of them, When given such power, Won't turn out well. You might as well send me to hell than to a "world ruled by men".

  • Leadership skills cannot be determined by gender.

    To say that men are better leaders is a tad unfair if one's argument is based solely on gender. Leadership is a quality determined by a variety of factors and is something that is specific to an individual. There have been good and bad leaders of both genders, But it is preposterous to say that one gender is better than the other at leadership. I feel as though my argument is less biased then most because I identify as nonbinary.

  • I do not wish to be "protected" by men.

    As a woman, I feel as though I can offer insight into how I think about this question and its responses. I do not see any evidence of depression increasing as a result of women gaining rights. If anything, Depression has increased in both men and women as a result of the system we live in. Or perhaps women saw an increase in depression because we still feel descriminated against by men. Secondly, Taking into account history, Can it also be said that women rebelled and demanded rights for a reason as well? They were unhappy, They wanted to work and vote and own land. Women are human beings that can work and protect themselves just fine.

  • If like in the west the system is about protecting women

    For most of American history the so called patriarchy has worked for over 200 years men have protected women and children and women have served men and children as care takers now that this system is breaking down over all happiness has gone down and depression has sky rocked women’s happiness has gone down both over all and relative to men we need to get back on track

  • Men are better leaders.

    I'm not saying women can't have jobs or professional careers but when looking at history you soon realize that the most competent leaders were men. The leaders were always men unless there was no man available. Women should be afforded a lot of rights concerning education and working but men should always have absolute authority in relationships, In the work force, And especially in governing countries. It's not like women have to suffer abuse under this system. Patriarchy is about protecting women and children.

    This has been the case for thousands of years. Why change things now? Things were like this for a reason.

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