• Culture and Sub-Culture are NOT the same thing.

    One of the largest arguments (that I've read) against this idea of a unified world culture is the idea that it means everyone across the world would act the same.

    This idea is irrational.

    Overall, American culture could be seen as an industrious, friendly, prideful, individualistic culture. Most people work, and many are proud of their jobs. They work hard so they can live comfortably, and enjoy their free time. Most free time is spent socializing in some form, with an emphasis on seeing new places and meeting new faces. All that being said, the idea of "being your own person" is incredible prevalent. In fact, from childhood, most of us are taught and expected to at least understand how to "go against the flow."

    On a level below that, there are regional differences that would go more unnoticed if you were not knowledgeable in the culture. To us, a young man from rural Kansas and a young man from downtown New York City would seem different in almost uncountable ways, but to most non-Americans, they would be seen as far more similar.

    And then, below even that, are sub-cultures. These are generally based around lifestyle choices: fashion of clothing, manner of communicating, free-time activities, and so on. While these can be more readily apparent than the regional differences, below the surface, many of these sub-cultures are based around the same American ideals of pride, community, and individuality.

    While I doubt a unified world culture will ever be achieved in my lifetime, I feel it is our inevitable future as a race, especially as social networking, multiculturalism, and multilingualism advance.

  • Yes, yes it is.

    Just as immigrants' descendants gradually adopt the culture of the nation to which their ancestors moved, it is possible that interaction between two cultures can result in a gradual exchanging of cultural traits, ultimately resulting in a merging of those cultures into one common culture. In the case of our world, this merging can be made possible by the nullification of both geographical and national boundaries. Seeing as advanced transportation has largely taken care of geographical boundaries, and seeing as communications technology has already started to cause national boundaries to appear null to the citizen with sufficient technology to overcome them, this process has already begun. At the current rate, however, it may very well take so long to complete that no one will actually notice the process. That said, it is certainly more feasible in a world where virtually no boundaries of any kind exist.

  • Of course it will...

    When Geographical barriers fall, and since multilingualism is generally promoted, with the assistance of technology as well, it is inevitable that a single world culture will emerge. However this process is, in my opinion, too far to be completed in the 21rst century, or perhaps the 22nd. Although I believe it will eventually happen, however, it doesn't mean that I wish it also. It has its ups and downs and is a good topic for a next debate........

  • Yes and YES! AND YES!

    In the human, everything is possible, because most of them what human create is not natural like banking, companies, and hobbies. If humans can do it so can we have only one world culture, and there is no excuse for "not possible to have a single culture". This is way too old and we need to take a look to the animals. The animals are not having a culture, they simply live the lives like other animals. Eating, hunting, finding food, sleeping and playing. But if that would be answered with "NO" it would be the most stupid thing that a human could ever have said, because their not being human and don't realize that everything what they create is possible. It is possible in the human life to change the world without any one having a university diploma. It is possible to stop economy and as well skipping days of work. Why don't we want to be simply humans and have a single culture, since we are humans all together in earth with a time of 24 hours and 365 days.

  • On some level we already share the same culture with every other human.

    This is to say that there are similarities in all currently distinct cultures. The depth that we share similarities with other groups will meld closer together as we are able to be in contact with another and the longer we are in contact with another. If there is no language barrier and no geographical barrier then contact between groups will melt them together into one group eventually through generations. With technology spreading at an increasingly fast rate I predict that eventually there will be only one dominant culture.

  • Of course it is.

    As many others have raised, if the world its technological progress keeps advancing the way it is (however, it is more likely to increase exponentially) it will be very easy for people to settle anywhere across the globe and to be connected to everyone else across the globe, at all times. A further integration of the world its cultures is inevitable and will likely result in one single world culture (the spread of Western culture around the world in the past age alone is phenomenal); naturally, people will always find ways to identify themselves with a certain group (we see this today even within Western culture: they are called sub-cultures) and it will take a long time for a single culture to establish across the globe. If space travel to other habitable planets becomes possible, there is the likelihood of cultures being limited to planets, but I predict that even those (if technology allows quick transportation) will eventually adhere the same, human culture.

  • Technology, Connections, and Influence

    We have seen the world become so much more connected just over the last 10 years. For instance right now i can access a music video from Japan on my cellphone, a song from Spain on the radio, a movie from Bollywood on my laptop, and a television episode filmed in Italy on my tablet. I believe that this connection will increase to the point where the influence between different cultures will become so great that there is one single world culture.

  • A world with one culture is possible, and probably inevitable, due to the fact that everyone around the world is connected for the first time.

    America is the perfect example of this. While there are obviously small cultural differences around the United States, there has been a clear mixture of what at one time was extreme diversity. Within a few generations of becoming Americans, most identify themselves as such, and no longer as Polish or German, for example. Additionally, with the title "American", many heritages mix together through marriage, becoming what we call the melting pot. Now that the world is coming together and people begin to move across the world for employment, I believe this phenomenon will occur worldwide.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • A world with a single culture is NOT possible.

    There is no way in which the entire world could have one single culture. We're all different, from different parts of the earth, and all have different upbringings. It's hard enough to relate people within the US to each other. The only thing we have in common as people of the world is that we're alive.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • I believe a world with a single culture is possible but that it would be far into the future.

    With modern technology the distance between different parts in the world has, in a sense, become much smaller. Using the internet, it's incredibly easy to talk to someone on the other side of the globe and learn about their customs. Many people also visit or move to other areas of the world. I live in Canada and my city is a melting pot of many different cultures. I believe that in a worldwide sense, these cultures will remain separate for a very long time but that gradually, they will blend together, especially as things such as interracial marriage become more common. If a single culture does happen though, I think it would be at least a couple hundred years in the future.

    Posted by: emililuyx2
  • A world with only one culture is impossible

    The world would be boring, Tedious and mundane. In society, All of the experiences, Foods and activities will be very limited. What fun is that? For example, It would be like you eating a chicken burger everyday. All the same ingredients ie. Bread, Vegetables, Type of chicken etc.
    Culture is necessary!

  • It is impossible to have one global culture.

    The world is getting more connected, but it will not end up in one culture. People are using ideas from other cultures, but they have their own too. I know that this will not happen. Please believe in me and also say no. Please ,please,, please. Thank you to those people who do.

  • It's very impossible.

    Most people come from varying racial and ethnic backgrounds and different history. History is a great part and plays important role in making of culture. Even if it was forced upon humanity someday, it will be very difficult for Indian's to give up the sari and their traditional food and for Arabs to give up their conservative nature and so on. The connection among humans means the sharing of cultures and for multicultural societies to grow widely. But for everyone in world to share the same one and/or give up their original identity is impossible as where almost all humans are searching for individuality and uniqueness and same time belonging to their own identity.

  • Never ever ever

    Because people would not get to express their feelings and they would not be able to show their individuality. Culture is an art in which people get to be themselves and show THEIR inner feelings. By taking away this right, it would be like taking away colour from an artist. They would have to be the same as everyone else...Black and White.

  • Expression is Key

    One culture? That's like having only one food to live off in this world. There are so many beliefs and faiths in this world, so many traditions and ways of life. To live by one culture would practically defy one's right to live. Yes, some may agree with the certain culture, and it may even "be" someone's culture, but it won't be everyones. Each and every person has their own right to live their life the way the choose with the traditions and beliefs they grew up with or continue to grow up with.

  • Variety segregates everyone, yet also provides a sense of unity.

    We are all part of the same world. If everyone looked the same and acted the same, the world would be boring and monochromatic. Diversity provides fun, interest and a chance to explore new cultures and traditions. These give us something to look forward to and want to do in life.

  • No, there are too many variables for one single culture to prevail.

    Culture is influenced by history, environment, physical location and other things. A country in a cold climate that has always been under attack from enemies, for example, simply is not ever going to value the same things as a country in a warm, comfortable climate that has always felt safe and relaxed. A country with a long history of racial strife can't ever have the same culture as one where only one race is even present. A single culture in all places is impossible.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • No, a world with a single culture is not possible because this would result in a boring world.

    No, a world with a single culture is not possible because this would result in a boring world. Culture is what opens people's minds to being more acceptable towards each other. Also, culture is what helps people develop a unique identity. Without a diversity in culture, the world would be a boring place.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • I do not believe a single world culture is a good idea, because I think diversity is what makes the human population interesting and beautiful.

    The reason I travel abroad is to experience other cultures. If we had one world culture, I think we would lose a lot of the fantastic diversity across the globe, including dress, food and music. While I believe cooperation and understanding of other cultures is a good thing, one singular culture would lose some of the beauty and detail that exists in our world cultures today.

    Posted by: LongShawn93
  • It would be almost impossible to have a single culture world, because there are too many different cultures currently in existence.

    With all the different cultures we have in the world today, it would be very difficult to for the world to collaborate together to create one single culture. There are too many religions, languages, and other factors for the entire world to come together and create one culture. It will be best if all people begin to learn about different cultures, in order to get along, instead of trying to combine all the people into one culture.

    Posted by: StupidShawn59

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