Is AAP a pawn of Congress to hold the growing popularity of Modi?

  • AAP the pawn of Congress..................

    AAP is more or less behaving like a pawn of Congress to hold back Modi in the coming election. Mr. Arke won seats which were congress strong holds. He then created a drama and joined hands with Congress. So far he has not taken any concrete steps against the corrupt ministers or CM of former Delhi Govt. Without even proving their metal, they are going for LS elections. Inspite of being a broken house, with confused group of people in the party, AAP is being pitched for LS election. For sure people are angry at Congress and their is a huge buzz, I don't call it a wave, but a huge Buzz about Modi going in the country. Fearing this Congress is rallying behind AAP. I don't know to what extent this will work in favor of Congress. I am sure this move will not hurt the traditional BJP vote bank and Modi fan base. Yes, it will divide anti-congress and traditional congress vote bank. I predict after the election either AAP will disappear or Congress strategy will fail and AAP will become a big threat to Congress and other regional parties.

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