• Guilty guilty guilty

    No matter what this guy is gonna do life in the state pen might as well start now with a mountain of evidence against him. The video of him driving to the rock query is the driving nail. Did anyone tell him that you shouldnt shoot people 2 min away from your house

  • Yes, he probably is.

    Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez never could shake his thug background. Despite being paid very, very well for his role in professional football he still maintained his gang connections, lifestyle and attitude. There is not a doubt in my mind that Hernandez is guilty as guilty can be of ending the life of at least one person, maybe more.

  • He is a guilty man

    The evidence builds up every day. He owns a gun, and there's much much more evidence for his guilt. He's definitely guilty. They found a sweatshirt at the crime scene. And Hernandez owns a sweatshirt identical to it. If you ask a lot of people this question, the majority will probably say yes, he's guilty. Just like me. That's why he's guilty.

  • Not guilty of this crime.

    None of the evidence found has been concrete. It is all circumstantial at this point. So he owns a gun, so he owns a sweatshirt, a ball cap... I imagine you could find thousands of other men who own the same exact items. So he was seen wearing this sweatshirt on a video surveillance camera and the sweatshirt was later found in his apartment. Duh! If you own a shirt and wear it to a bank, it's reasonable to assume that your shirt would appear on your body on the bank's surveillance, right? And, it's also reasonable to assume that the same shirt would be later found in your home, right?

    Does that mean he killed a man because the night this guy was killed, Aaron Hernandez was wearing a sweatshirt that was later found in his apartment? Is he not allowed to keep clothing in his apartment as well as in his main home?

    As far as the rental vehicle - are there not millions of gray Nissan Altima's on our streets? Was he with this vehicle every second this vehicle was rented in his name? No - the vehicle was rented for Mr. Lloyd who very likely could have been driving around and picked up some friends who committed the murder. Mr. Hernandez may have turned in the rental car unaware Lloyd was dead, and unaware that a murder was committed using the car as the get-away vehicle.

    The murder weapon has not been found in searching Hernandez' home, because he did not commit this crime. And, .45 caliber is common. So he owns guns and has ammo - big deal! He may not make good choices in who he hangs with, but not all thugs are murderers :)

  • This man is a subject of imperialism

    Hernandez is a subject of imperialism. He is not guilty of the crime he caused because he could not under any circumstance control his action because he is a subject of imperialism. The imperialist earns his or her points by causing other people to create crime ...Particularily those who live in free democratic republics throughout the world.

  • It's the law.

    Let's stop playing guessing games like we did with Casey Anthony and actually presume them innocent until proven guilty, like we're SUPPOSED to. If you were framed for a murder, and the "evidence" was against you greatly, would you that feel fair to you?

    As of right now, no he is not.

  • Not guilty nomotive

    How can they give him first degree murder but no motive was there? No motive no first degree! This jury clearly doesn't know the judicial system! He was wrongfully convicted. This should have been a second degree conviction. I believe his friends did it and he didn't know what was about to happen. So he freaked out and Ofcourse it was pinned on him.

  • No murder weapon

    From the first it sounds fishy. The other point is that they DON'T HAVE THE MURDER WEAPON! It's very difficult without that. And people, he's innocent till proven guilty ok? Stop giving him a load of crap. He doesn't need that right now. So. I for one believe in him

  • Not enough evidence

    Celebs and athletes are always targeted for this crap, its just like challenging a play in the nfl, if there isn't irrefutable evidence against the play, it will stand. All persons are innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying he's innocent, I'm saying that he is innocent by no connection to the murder

  • He probably did it...

    Whether or not he did it or not is anyones guess but in the eyes of the law he has to be proven guilty. The eyewitnesses who blame him are both criminals in their own right and any one of them could have done it. If either of them has a deal to roll over on Hernandez the defense will bring this up and call into question the credibility of the witnesses. Even the surveillance footage with him holding the gun is purely circumstantial evidence, SO WHAT the man owns a gun thats not a crime nor is carrying one around in your own home. They have yet to recover the murder weapon and lets be honest Hernandez has a lot of money and can afford the best lawyer who probably will work for free just to be associated with this case(book deal anyone?).

    If the NFL is anything like I think it is, in two years Aaron will be back on the field fully complete with the "redemption" story ala Ray Lewis, Hell the Pats will probably sign him back and win the super bowl.

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Agent_Orange says2013-06-26T21:48:19.863
I find it hard to believe he could murder anyone without arms.