Is Abercrombie and Fitch doing the right thing in not making plus sized clothes?

Asked by: gigigemz
  • Yes They Are.

    People have no medical reasons for being over a size 10. I think that by not making these clothes people will make an effort to drop their weight to fit into the clothes that they do offer, I think that A&F is promoting being healthy, and that is something I am totally for!

  • They can do whatever

    It's their business. The people they cater to are skinny, popular tween/teens. If you dont like what they sell, go somewhere else. It's your right as a consumer to shop somewhere else, it's theirs to make clothes that cater to their clients. It's a free enterprise after all, let them do their thing.

  • To be honest, yes I think they are.

    Everyone is saying, "OMG they aren't making plus sized clothing here" First, their biggest size is large, which I find is a pretty good size (especially if you have a different frame) I think it's inexcusable for teenagers to be overweight at such a young age, and it does support a healthy weight, unless if you have a problem with your body that makes it hard to lose weight, then I sympathize. But this brand is not supporting starvation, large sizes are already perfectly normal! And if the biggest pant size is 10, then that's enough, you guys make it sound like size 10 is so tiny, in fact, most people I know are around 2-6, 10 is big enough to state as normal! It's not SMALL. Not to mention, this is their company, they can do whatever they want, they made the idea, not you. If you disagree with it, you can shop somewhere else, there are many places to shop! If you are really that big, then go to a shop for the plus-size! No one said you had to fit in A& F. No one shops there anyway. After middle school, it kind of dies out.

  • It's not as bad as you think

    First off I have more body fat than is healthy but I still fit into a size eight. If you think about it a size ten (unless you are tall) or more is really excess. It's their own business and frankly every other store I've seen has either a really loose fit or is really doubling up on sizes. If you have ever seen certain fabric cuts, they don't always work on fatter body types. You can go to any other store if you need larger sizes.

  • Business is Business

    Its their business they can run it any ways they want. Not much people are that size. So why waste money making them? It maybe morally wrong but to businesses money is far more important then morals. Plus they keep into account what their styles would look like in those sizes. I would think it doesn't look good if it was in plus size.

  • I think so

    Abercrombie is a private business. They can sell clothes targeted to certain body types just as stores that sell plus size clothing are targeted to fuller customers. It shouldn't be too much of a big deal who Abercrombie aims their clothing to anyway. Abercrombie clothes lack originality, and are pricey just to have a phrase or logo on it. You could find clothes a million times better than Abercrombie at different stores.

  • Skinny people need clothes too

    Many shops do not stock clothes small enough for skinnier people. Also, not having plus sizes encourages people not to be fat and unhealthy...I don't see why people are making such a big deal out of it-if you want the clothes then lose weight. Problem solved. Also, it's the business who is potentially losing out on sales so it's their choice. Abercrombie and Fitch obviously know what they're doing because they're such a prosperous business.

  • It may not be right, but it is their prerogative.

    Regulation of businesses to the degree where we dictate the products they produce in such a way is or should be a violation of federal law. Unless the product being produced is harmful to the public we should not be able to dictate what size, color, or shape a product is.

  • It's their business.

    It is not a private business' obligation to cater to obesity. They provide a product and you either buy it or you don't buy it. They decided that the cost of developing plus sized clothes is not worth your business. You can either shop elsewhere or lose enough weight to fit into their clothes.

    Posted by: Quan
  • It is unfair and wrong

    Of course they can do whatever they want to, and there should not be any laws that ban those rights. But morally I think it is wrong because they support the imagination of a society of classes and denigration of people who do not fit into the social ideal.

    By the way: The CEO of Abercrombie said he wants the cool and beautiful people to wear his clothes (but actually he is... Kinda unpicturesque). There are 'protests' by young people: They give Abercrombie and Fitch clothes to homeless people. Nice thing :)

  • Absolute Favoring Of Skinny People...

    This is what I never understood about places like Hollister, Abercrombie And Fitch, and many other places that you'd find throughout a general shopping mall.. Why wouldn't you make things in plus sizes, or at least make them available online or to order while shopping there? What is the making smaller sized clothing? Are you trying to lose business... This is almost stereotyping. You are yes, of course, trying to attract a certain type of customer. Maybe its teens, young adults.. You know. But there is always going to be those (more than lesser) people than cannot seem to find a size large enough to fit them. This is like saying, "Hey! We'll only let the skinny people model, wear, and be able to fit our clothing line!" It is favoring skinnier people. I do not agree with this what so ever.

  • It doesn't seem right, but it isn't wrong.

    Understanding that not everyone is a small size is important for businesses, but at the same time every business and company has a general audience that they try to appeal too. Plus size companies do not make small's for skinny people, because that is not their targeted audience. I am in no way saying it is good that they do this, but one cannot blatantly say it is the wrong thing to do, especially when knowing how big businesses and companies work.

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