• Yes, the death penalty needs to go away.

    The death penalty is an unnecessary punishment that does little to nothing to deter people from committing crimes. In addition, there are many people sentenced to death who are innocent, making the death penalty a very risky judgment to hand out. The death penalty should be removed and rehabilitation practices should be put in its place.

  • Too many innocents die

    The court system is not perfect. There are too many documented cases of innocent or wrongly convicted people on death row. Also, the many automatic appeals of a death penalty case cost the taxpayers more than just incarcerating someone for life. Death penalties should stop, to save innocent lives and money

  • The death penalty serves no real purpose in the criminal justice system.

    The death penalty is not constructive to the criminal justice system. It does not right the crimes committed nor does it deter others from committing similar crimes. Those with minds sick enough to commit the types of heinous crimes for which the death penalty is sentenced are beyond the type of rationale needed to consider that what they are doing may eventually lead to their own death sentence. Rather, it has become a way for victims and their families to express anger about the crimes themselves, which is nothing more than authorized vigilantism.

  • Yes, people are wrongfully convicted sometimes.

    Yes, the abolishment of the death penalty is a good idea because defendants are occasionally wrongfully convicted. Evidence to free a defendant often turns up years after a crime, and technology continually improves to allow more accurate processing of the evidence. It is difficult enough to watch a defendant lose years of his life to a wrongful conviction, but if the state executes the wrong individual, there is no way to redress that offense.

  • It would not change anything

    Taking away the death penalty is unnecessary. If you convict someone for life they could escape and kill people. That has happened before. If they killed them that would not of happened. The death is painless. So there is no pain. The death sentence only occurs if they had killed anyone, so it is even. So it is weird to get rid of it.

  • Some people can't be changed

    There is seriously no point to abolish the death penalty. I really don't see if you could get the majority of the sick people on this earth to change and giving lifetime sentances will take up a lot of space, so more and more prisons would have to be made. Yes people may be wrongfully convicted but... Shit happens

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