Is abortion a federal issue and states shouldn't have power over restricting it?

Asked by: flav
  • Laws regarding human rights should be the same across the country.

    I agree with the points raised already by komododragon8 and flav.
    It would only be logical for the states to define their own laws if you believe that humans in one state deserve to have different rights. For example, rape victims in New York should be able to get an abortion but rape victims in Alabama don't deserve that freedom. If it had been left to the states we would probably still have segregation in some parts of this country.

  • Abortion is certainly not a state issue.

    State issues should be limited to things which have specifically to do with the state itself, things such as agriculture, driving, manufacturing, and gun laws. Things such as LGBT rights, abortion, and voting laws should be a federal issue as it deals with the rights of the people. It would be irresponsible to let a state persecute a minority because the majority of the population dislikes them.

  • Abortion is a federal issue

    Abortion should be regulated by the federal government, not a state issue. If the states have the power to limit abortion based on different reasons such as political or religious, then many women would travel to other states to get an abortion or even worse they may get an abortion in an illegal clinic which can put their lives at risk.

    Posted by: flav
  • Refer to the Constitution ...

    Per legal reference, the Constitution put the burden of abortion (and many other issues) at the state level. Currently, other than the federal judicial branch to uphold interpretation of the other two (executive and legislative) national laws on paper, there is little that can be done by the federal gov. to impose oversight on state's rights by Constitutional writ.

  • Abortion is a state issue.

    What works in one community might not work in another community. There should be some national restrictions like a 12 week ban and a ban on tax payer funded abortion along with some other basic common sense things but as far as waiting periods and ultra sounds go that should be up to the state.

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