• It depends on the situation, it should always be an option for women who need it

    For those who are unexpectedly pregnant, and want and can afford kids, great parenting looks like the best option. For those who are unexpectedly pregnant, and don't want to be a parent, adoption can serve as an alternative to parenting.
    For those who do not want to be pregnant, abortion is the only option.

  • No it is not!

    Abortion should be ILLEGAL EVERYWHERE! Its not the babies fault. Even if the baby ain't out in the world its still a human being. If you have a baby & you didn't want it why not use a CONDOM .., that's what they are there for to prevent ladies from getting pregnant. & that is why there is something called ADOPTION.

  • No not really

    In a life and death situations I would say yes however it is not really a choice in that case.
    However out side of that I would say not it has had quite a negative effect on people there is to some extent a stigma attached to it.
    And it is just pretty awful.

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