• It is okay to perform an abortion in a context that demands it.

    Yes, I meant that. It is okay if the women have to conceive a baby which is against their wish. In the case of forced pregnancy, Rape, Or even pregnancy by mistake, One should not have to conceive a baby if they don't wish, After all it's ultimately women's decision whether to carry or not. What's the point to give birth to a baby if they are not able to look after or give love to a baby. Undoing is the best solution than raise a person with hate. What could be the best thing you can do to a society.

  • Consider the term "Sentient"

    In 2019, It was recorded that about 270 rape cases got reported. It is illogical to assume that all of them resulted with pregnancy. However most rape cases didn't involve a condom. Lets be generous and say 70 out of the 200 ( daily ) didn't ejaculate inside. There is a 20% chance that a women gets pregnant after raw intercourse. If we strictly follow this equation, 40 women gets pregnant everyday due to rape cases in the US.

    As a male I can not comprehend the trauma of bearing a child you never wished to conceive.
    In addition, Sure abortion is killing a human being. However it is not sentient. You can use the "so its okay to kill people in comas" dilemma however there is still a chance they wake up. 6 Babies are born every second. A few abortions a day does not hurt the earth's fate.
    Abortion should be legal.

  • Abortion is good

    If it get rid of black babies, I'm all for it. Mud babies as well. Cuz their are a plaque on society, And better without them. I think we should force abortion on colored people. So they don't spread their disease everywhere. Don't you guys want low crime? Are you sick of riots in the streets? Be pro abortion

  • Abortion is not ideal.

    I want to live in a society where abortion need not be considered. I feel that men and women should treat sex as a big deal, If not sacro-sanct. Abortion would only be performed in health cases that threatened the mother's life. Perhaps in cases of rape and incest as well.

    People who say women should carry rape and incest babies to term are extremely cognitively dissonant. Imagine how you would really feel if you had been raped and you have a vile man's seed inside you. Or someone whom you share blood with. Really think about it. It might seem straightforward to you but not all women feel that way. It would be an extremely icky feeling and life would be miserable for the baby, Too.

    Financially, Not all women are capable of supporting children and we don't have good enough systems to support them. Children given up for adoption often spend their life in a crappy orphanage.

    In the end, While I am philosophically uncomfortable with abortion I can't help but posit that conservatives and pro-lifers have a really shallow and reductive perspective on the issue. They don't seem to care as much about what happens to the babies post birth. If there was an easy solution to all of these problems, Then there would be a valid cultural reinforcement to oppose abortion.

  • No. Even if you think its necessary.

    Any way you slice it, Abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. In no way shape or form could that be considered something that is good. Even if you think abortion is "necessary", It would at the very best be considered a necessary evil. Acceptance of it as good requires a contempt for human life.

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