• Someone gave birth to everyone alive today so how can any of those people deny that to their own flesh and blood

    If you have no problem with abortion than you have no problem with your own mother deciding however many years ago NOT to have you I mean it was her body her right correct ? What if she had decided she didn't have the time to give birth to YOU maybe the timing was off or her career made it an inconvenience or maybe having a baby got in the way of her sexual escapades . You wouldn't have been born Does Abortion bother you now ? Of course not why would you want to be born that doesn't bother you because you agree with her right to choose.

  • Abortion is right and wrong

    Abortion should only be used for rape and health /life endangerment. A woman might not live through the pregnancy. And if she has been physically abused and forced to have sex against her will,she shouldn't be punished by having to feed a baby,bathe it,change its diaper, calm its crying,do dishes,laundry, put it to sleep,and work 8 or more hours a day to make money to pay for the child.Abortion is considered a selfish act if the mother can't afford a child or doesn't' want a baby.Please!!! You should have thought about your FRICKIN money before you decided to open your legs and not keep them closed.Don't act so selfish. Face the consequences of your actions.Don't' kill babies. Let them LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes and No

    I personally think its the choice of the female and the male who got her pregnant, however there are so many different situations which would make abortion unclear as to whether its a moral or amoral decision. I think that if both male and female willingly had unprotected sex it is selfish and disregard for life, or the potential of life. I think it would be very difficult to live with the idea that i had an abortion because having a child was inconvenient in my life. However, there are such fuzzy lines. What if the woman didn't have access to contraceptives, was vulnerable, young, disempowered? But then again when I say that unprotected sex between two willing partners is selfish, i mean that both are adults, educated, has resources to obtain contraceptives, and enough social capital if not finances to raise a child if they were truly willing to in an environment where the child would be safe, loved, had access to medicine and a decent education. However there are such factors such as love between two parents. It would be complicated to have a child when both partners were not in a committed relationship and didn't feel like they wanted to be together. But, just because i am extremely cautious regarding birth control doesn't mean that others aren't careless. If contraceptives fail, then I think there is more of a basis for abortion than if two people willingly had sex without using any form of contraceptives (I even mean natural rhythm. And lets just say too that it was not in the throws of a one night passion with the consumption of alcohol.) That is selfish, but then again, its still ultimately the choice of the woman and judgement will happen. We are all human beings after all, but we have to really think about why and how we rationalize things. There are those who get caught up in the moment, and don't think about the repercussions of their actions, which is dangerous when it comes to life or death. Accidents happen though, And many things that we do unconsciously in our lives can contribute to the death of others unknowingly such as wearing cheap clothes from Bangladesh could contribute to the exploitation of children leading to impovershment and therefore an early death. I think that abortion is an incredibly serious issue, however I am bothered that people don't think more deeply about what they believe life is and where their ethics come from. I was raised in a Catholic family but I also lived two years in a developing country when I was in Peace Corps. Children oftentimes came to my door asking for food, they were neglected, underfed, and unplanned. I support the choice of the female, but how sure can we be of our decisions?

  • Abortion is pure selfishness.

    In Canada it is legal to have an abortion up until 20 weeks, sometimes even later. By 20 weeks the unborn baby already has all of the organs he/she will need to survive. The part of the brain responsible for functions such as memory, reasoning and language, is developed which means they have the same number of nerve cells as a full grown human. At 20 weeks the pre-born human is able to sleep, awake and hear sounds. (justfacts) This is just like killing a full grown human. Just because you cannot see the baby, doesn't mean it is not alive.
    By having an abortion you are being nothing but selfish. If you're not ready for a baby, or even the chance of becoming

  • Yes. It is a cop out.

    Abortions are an individual's way of avoiding responsibilities. A lot of people want a quick solution to everything and it's sad. Everything that is an inconvenience is dealt with because of the need to be accommodated. Now, we have cars, elevators, and drugs to help solve our problems. Abortion is murder and there are laws that protect both the mother AND unborn child (hence demonstrating that life begins at conception). If you don't want children, please become sterile. It isn't fair to those that want them and can't have them. It is indeed selfish and should not be taken for granted. I have a son who is 7 years of age with the SAME partner and I've NEVER had an abortion. We've been together for 9 years. What's your excuse for an unwanted pregnancy? Wrap it up or stay abstinent. Thanks.

  • Abortion is selfish

    There are basically 3 choices a woman has after she learns she is pregnant: Terminate the life, adoption, or keep the child. If you choose to have the baby then you have to decide whether or not you want to raise the child on your own or live with the knowledge that your child is out there somewhere being raised by someone else. Choosing to abort the baby allows a woman to live her life without the responsibility of caring for another, she is able to continue making decisions without consequence, she avoids the possibility of explaining to her child down the road why she gave him/her up. Avoidance is the key word. It considers only the impact on self (hence selfish). However, the child is the innocent party in your decisions. He or she had no choice in the actions you chose (unprotected sex) but is most unfortunate to be the subject of your poor decisions. Responsibility is defined as: the state of being the person who caused something to happen. Abortion is irresponsible and selfish.

  • All About Me Mentality

    You can not say that a single abortion was not a selfish act! Even to the choice of the mother surviving. The mother had the decision to abort the baby or live. She could have died so the baby could live but decided not to. There for it was selfish. Although I hold this view I do think that in the case of the mother surviving, it is ok. This is not a total black and white argument but is pretty close.

  • Of course it's selfish!

    Only 2% of all abortions are performed out of necessity. That means 98% of abortions are performed for contraceptive reasons. Regardless of how early it is, a baby is a baby. Life begins at conception.

    If you're intelligent enough to have sex, you're certainly intelligent enough to carry the child to full term. There are options other than abortion, namely adoption. To say that you won't have the money to care for a child is saying you don't want to spend all that money on a baby. If you're young and say it would ruin your opportunities in school, you're saying you're going to miss out on social events and be labeled an outcast.

    Never is one thinking of the child when they get an abortion for contraceptive reasons. It's always a selfish irresponsible act.

  • Abortion is for selfish people.

    99% of all abortions are because people do not want to face the consequences for their actions. People want to be able to have sex and not have any consequences, what so ever, that come from engaging in it... Especially a pregnancy. Sadly, This goes however, with the time we live in. We want to eat, drink, and live however we want and not get fat an develop diabetes, heart disease etc. This entire system is going down.

  • Abortion is morally wrong and evil.

    It is selfish. You cannot end an innocent life because you want "freedom to chose what you do with your body". It isn't your body. It's someone else's body and life you are ending. There is no excuse for this at all. I cannot understand why anyone would justify murder by saying they want personal freedom.

  • Having a baby you can't afford without a lot of help from family and state is SELFISH

    I think it' selfish to bring a human being into the world if you're not even supporting yourself. I think it's selfish to burden grandparents with the cost in time, money and worry to help look after a baby you're not ready for. The kid is going to be around for 30 years! I'm sorry, but if you haven't moved out of home and gotten a job it is incredibly selfish to have a baby. In that circumstance, please get an abortion instead of ruining your own life and everyone's around you. Especially if you're so young. What is the rush?

  • It isn't selfish.

    Let's consider this question. What's worse? Having a simple operation to remove a fetus before it can be born and suffer (not always the case but it happens) or to have the baby born into a family that doesn't want it, born into poverty where it cannot be provided for, left to rot in an adoption centre until they turn eighteen and are thrown out onto the streets to make room for more babies (more likely with babies of a certain race or if they have a disability)? I know which one is worse.

    If anything, aborting an unwanted baby is anything but selfish. Adoption centres are overcrowded, many children don't find homes, many children are born in circumstances that are not ideal, people make mistakes. Abortion is taking responsibility for an action.

    People should not be punished for having sex, or forced to undergo further trauma and pain in the case of rape or incest.

    Abortion is not killing a life; there is a difference between a potential life, and actual life (e.G. When the baby is born and it can survive independently from the mother, so not in the womb and not connected to her.) It's stopping this potential life from being a bad one, filled with suffering. Why force an unwanted baby into peoples' lives?

    If someone is that against abortion, why don't they go and adopt one of the children in an overcrowded orphanage? I'm sure they would really appreciate it.

  • Not if performed early enough.

    I don't believe abortion is selfish if performed early enough, which is the best case for abortion in general. If the abortion actually involves the termination of a human life, as it would late in pregnancy, then it is a selfish (if sometimes necessary) act. However, there is a big difference between a developed fetus and a clump of embryonic cells that is not even close to anything human. Terminating that is not selfish because there is not really any other "person" that exists yet.

  • No abortion is not a selfish act neccessarily

    It really depends on why it is being done. If you are aborting purely out of birth control, and not wanting to deal with the consequences of a choice you personally made to have sex, then yes I think it is selfish. BUT, if it is a situation where you got raped and could not consent to the impregnation, or if having the baby would put your life at risk, I don't think it is selfish at all to abort in those circumstances. In the case of the rape, you are saving yourself lots of mental anguish, being reminded of the rape through your child, not to mention going through a pregnancy you didn't choose to allow happen, and in the case of your life at risk, you are more or less using self defense. So I don't think abortion is necessarily a selfish act no, it all comes down to why it's happening.

  • As much as it hurs me to say.

    No it's not selfish. I would never get an abortion and I wouldn't suggest to people to get abortions, BUT if they make abortions illegal women will just go and find some other way to get it which could put her in life threatening danger. I think if you willingly have sex UNPROTECTED then you need to have that baby and support it and if you don't want the chance of getting pregnant than don't have sex.

  • Abortion is not Selfish.

    Abortion is not a selfish act. The reason that abortion is not selfish is because if one is not prepared to raise and take care of a child, it would be selfish to bring such child into the world. Of course there is always the choice of adoption but one would have to be prepared to carry the child to term which would require money, for doctors and other financial burdens to have a healthy child, which is not always possible. There are also cases where the child has the potential to be born with a severe disability or deformity where the child would suffer through life and die at a young age, and in such cases it would be selfish to have the child at all.

  • Not at all.

    It is the decision of the woman. It's her body and will have a huge effect on her life. Individuals will all decide differently; some people just don't need or cannot cope with a child in their life. It's not selfish to think of your own well-being, in fact it's important to. As long as it is not seen as the way out of repetitive and constant carelessness, (at which point it becomes selfish, I believe), it is a positive thing that helps women to live their lives according to what will make them happiest in the long run.

  • Abortion is not selfish

    Sometimes women need abortions to save her life some women die from giving birth. Why'd you bring a child into this world if their going to SUFFER a horrible life... Why would some die just have a child don't they wanna live their life to the fullest..And some women get raped but they don't want the baby because it happened by force and what if it has risk of killing her wouldn't she want an abortion to SAVE HER LIFE?

  • It's you're choice

    It's you're body you can do what ever you'd like with it,you don't have to listen to anyone it's you're choice and it won't ever not be. And here is another reason the human population is growing high you don't have to bring more humans into this world you can adopt kids who really need you.

  • It's you're choice

    It's you're body you can do what ever you'd like with it,you don't have to listen to anyone it's you're choice and it won't ever not be. And here is another reason the human population is growing high you don't have to bring more humans into this world you can adopt kids who really need you.

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