• As decided by US Supreme Court in 1973 in Roe v. Wade, Abortion is a fundamental right.

    Concerned individuals have the right to decide whether or not they want to abort the fetus inside their uterus. The government should not intervene with this kind of decision. Anyway, these people are not committing murder because a fetus is not considered human until birth. Hence, there is no moral sin involved in abortion that makes it acceptable.

  • Should even be a right

    Animals are being killed everyday just for human consumption and no one is saying a word about it. Yet, when you talk of abortion people get on their moral high horse and accuse you of being the worst kind of murderer, psychopathic slaughterer. I don't see what is wrong with having an abortion when you just got raped, or having an abortion because you already have a kid and can barely afford to give this kid decent living conditions. Women are not broodmare and should be able to choose whether or not they want to go through the pain of pregnancy, which is really handicapping especially in modern societies where women work and need the money just like men do. A baby represent a lot of investments in time, money and effort and women should have the choice to live their life as they want to and not be a slave to a child they don't want to and who is going to be miserable because his mother never wanted him in the first place.

  • Giving women rights over her own body is indeed acceptable.

    The misconception that abortion is generally done by teenage girls who use it as a form of birth control is completely wrong. In fact, the majority of women having abortions are poor and can't afford to raise a child, as well are either in their late twenties or early thirties. Most people, as well, also used contraceptives, but they fail more often than you would think. They could have the child, but it would then just either be put into an adoption agency, or be raised in a home that can't sufficiently provide for them. People who are Pro-Life (Read: Anti-Choice) talk about the rights of the fetus to live, but the moment it's born they seem to forget about their right to a good home, a stable family, a good education, sufficient nutrition, etc...

  • Pro-choice does include a choice.

    Having a baby shouldn't be a burden upon a woman's life, and others most certainly should not be the ones imposing this enormous responsibility on others. Being pro-choice does imply having a choice. If it is against your personal values to have an abortion, by all means, do not get an abortion. But just because it is against your values to do something, it doesn't give you the right to block others from sparing themselves from a truly life-changing experience, especially if they are not in a situation to gracefully and readily accept that new life into this world.

  • Is their choice

    Because if the mother feels as if she is too young to be having a baby and wants to focus more on her education then I believe that its her choice no one else should make the decision for her. Yes abortion is stopping someone from living but at the same time its the mothers choice.

  • Most people don't know the personal reasons why a woman decides to have an abortion

    Yes, we are taking the lives of an innocent fetus, but do you think women don't consider this? Of course we do, its a very important issue to think about. Some people may think abortion is just deciding they don't want a baby or that the baby has no voice so the mother can do whatever she wants to the baby,but if you think about it, the parents probably aren't financially or maybe emotionally ready for a child just yet.

  • It's her body she decides

    People say ''omg it's murder'' so is eating meat but 99% of the people don't have a problem with that do they now? And then there is the hypocrisy where people fight so hard to force a baby to be born and then once they're born they don't give a single shit anymore, apparently you only matter if you are NOT born yet, once you do you're irrelevant.

  • Opposing opinion: If it is the rapist who is guilty, the baby should not be punished!

    No, that's not how it works. Abortion isn't murder because it's not even a human being. It can't even breathe! It is dependent on its mother by its attachment to the placenta. It is not a human being yet. It is a foetus.
    Let's talk about the result of rape. "Adoption may be a valid option!" "She asked for it!" Don't give me that bullcrap. Addressing adoption: some women don't want to go through pregnancy primarily because it will greatly impact their life! For example, a senior is suddenly forced to put up with a potential baby in her uterus. She can't, because she's about to take final exams and all that and can't afford to lose her chance to a better life. But you're depriving her of that right! By forcing her to put up with a pregnancy, you impact her life, not to mention the physical dangers it poses.

  • Why should it not be

    When you abort you aren't killing a baby, you're preventing one. It has no thoughts or emotions, it's just a hunk of growing meat and bones. Not to mention the woman could have been raped, could be underage, or could be in the middle of her career or education. Why have a child you can't support? Is it not better for them to not exist then live in hell?

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    A woman should have the right to have a decision on what happens to her body. It is not a murder really which is the back fire I've gotten from most anti-abortionist who are "typically." and when I say typically I mean mostly men. Which I find disturbing on some levels. A man does not have the physical ability to know how pregnancy will physically and mentally impact a woman. Now I'm not saying all anti-abortionist are men. I'm just saying a man shouldn't really tell a woman what to do with her body especially on the heavy topic of abortion.

  • It is murder..

    The Supreme Court's ruling on abortion is illegitimate and unconstitutional. It had no authority to legislate such a right and bypass the process of ratification. It has created a contentious issue at a national level by removing the democratic process to decide based on the will of the people in each state through their elected representatives. It is an intentional, premeditated taking of a life that is utterly defenseless and you cannot deny the reality that it is a human being in development. It makes you question the supposed maternal instincts of mothers to be.

  • It's an Abomination

    Of course this pagan act isn't acceptable, if a mother isn't ready to have a child then she should be more responsible and wait. Now I do understand in some circumstances (i.E. Rape) it may seem warranted but that isn't the baby's fault, so why should the baby have to die for some detestable deviant. I don't even think people realize the supernatural implication of our actions; all they see is the right of the women to her body. We are totally ignorant to the various portals that have been opened for all types of demonic activity in this nation where we have committed over 53 million abortions and abroad. It may sound farfetched but check out this guy called LA Marzulli and see the facts for yourself.

  • Killing babies is wrong!

    There are so many different animal protection agencies out there that it is crazy. But the thing i want to protect is the innocent babies that are killed just so stupid young adults can have sex without facing the consequences. This makes me wonder how people can sit here and tell me that murder is wrong and that killing a stupid seal is wrong, but killing an unborn baby just because someone doesn't have the flippin' guts or responsibility, or care to keep it is ok?!

  • Abortion is Murder, and murder is wrong

    Once Again this topic comes up. A fetis is an infant, helpless yet ALIVE, did you know that in less than a week it ALREADY HAS A BEATING HEART, yeah and guess what epolpe who do abortions, dont feel great about it afterwards, their is nothing good that comes out of abortions. Imagine if abortions were popular back in the day then we would'nt of been born. Imagine if Einstein's mother had, had an abortion, or any great leader KILLED OFF FROM THE WOMB, not a nice picture now is it. And do you know what that's exactly what America is doing!!! Were killing off great potential, leaders engineers and scientist... Born out of wedlock is still better than never born. A person may argue that they can have MORE children , but hey as far as I've known it we've only have had one Einstein, come up not two or more. Lets get the facts straight, watch some you tube videos,WATCH HOW ITS DONE and hey, then lets talk about . ABORTION IS WRONG IT IS MURDER AND IT IS NOT FOR YOU!!!

  • No abortions are unacceptable

    You are basically just killing a living baby in side your stomach. If you really want to do abortion think about the life that the baby could have, and think about how one little baby could do amazing things, like cure cancer, end world hunger, and how a single child could make a small difference like become someones friend. This is why i think that bortions should NOT be legal

  • It is inhuman

    If abortion were justified, then what is left for me to kill you? Even if you realize that your child might not born right but did Stephen Hawking's mom went along and aborted him? Of course not! Every human being has their own potential and deserves the right to be born and lived as fully as possible.

  • Abortion Is Killing

    Abortion kills babies. How do people not understand that? It's an awful type of murder. A mother killing her own child. A person who could've had an amazing impact on the world, not given a chance to live. No matter who you are, what your religion is, how your financial is, your baby is a person. But what if the woman or girl isn't ready to be a mother? How do you think she got pregnant? If she's ready for sex, she can handle a baby. If she truly can't handle motherhood, she can always give the baby up for adoption. What if the pregnant mother was raped? That's terrible, but the innocent child shouldn't be the one who's punished. Find the father/rapist, and punish him. The baby is not at fault. What if the child will be born disabilities? A life is a life. Life is better than death, no matter what kind of life it is. What if the mother's life is at stake? A true, loving mother will give her life up in order to save her child. The only situation in which abortion would be a viable option is if both the mother and child will surely die if the baby is born and abortion could save the mother.

  • Science Says Heart beat of Child Starts after 8 Weeks & Exaclty Islam says Soul is Blown into Child after 120 Days "How Precise!" ...

    My Answer is not Fully No but NEVER YES! Because There are certian things Why it should be Done Why Not Islam says if Feteus is Deformed and is Younger then 120 days after that it should can Done! Under normal circumstances..But before 120 Days this is allowed that is after exhausting all possible means of treating the problem. But after the soul has been breathed into the foetus it is not permissible to abort it because of deformity. We should be Kind to a SOUL its more important then a BODY! To be patient and accept the will and decree of God In Islam its permitted .. Like in case of Rape.. In case of Abnormal Feteus (before 120 Days)


    Quran says : when the infant girls buried alive (here reference is made to the Pre-Islamic Arab custom of burying new born girls alive) will be questioned For what crime she was put to death, (Quran 81:8-9)

  • Abortion is murder

    People think they have a right to do whatever they want and not risk the consequences. But every action has a consequence. If people choose to be sexually active then they risk creating a life. If they are not prepared to take responsibility and care for the life they created then they have no right to have sex in the first place.

  • Of course not

    Abortion according to embryology is the murder of a human being. A human being who has done no one any intentional harm, a human being who was created through a process which they had no control over. Whether it be in cases of rape/incest or consensual (especially consensual) sex, it's a viable human being inside the woman's womb, a human being that deserves Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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