• Abortion is bad!

    I think abortion is pure MURDER! Imagine a woman who cannot carry a baby. Now imagine a woman who was raped or "accidentally" got pregnant, she decided to abort the baby. Now, the other woman could have raised that baby to become a successful person. Think about it, plenty of women would LOVE to have a child, but can't. Think about all the doctors, or fire people, or business people that could have been born! Maybe later in life he/she could have found the cure to cancer!
    What I'm saying is we humans are supposed to embrace life not crush it. We have the ability to make the world a better safer place.
    From what my mom tells me, being a mother is pure joy! So let's spread it!

  • I think so.

    Now I believe that rape and incest are both terrible things and horrible situations. However, if you are impregnated by those means, I do not think it is right to abort the baby. Yes, in a way, abortion is unnecessary murder. The baby has to have a chance to live; imagine all the good things that child could do when he/she gets older. He/she can spread peace, kindness, even become the next great leader. If you don't want to raise a child THAT badly, you can always put him/her up for adoption, so he/she will get a family that actually cares about them, enough to actually allow them a life.

  • Absolutely it's bad!

    Yeah it's bad. I mean come on. For the person that had the utter gumption to say that abortion is extremely beneficial to society, really? Because it will cut down on the crime rate and poverty. Going on that logic I know how we can get the crime and poverty rate down to zero, maybe you think it would greatly benefit society if we were all just wiped out. What it really comes down to for most women getting abortions is convenience. This pregnancy is not convenient for them at this time in their life, even though there are I don't even know how many very effective methods of contraception out there including a couple that last up to 5 years, but anyway when it is not convenient they just have an abortion and that poor baby pays the ultimate price for it's mother's bad timing. I think it is a total disgrace.

  • Human life is sacred

    I don't mean human life is sacred in the religious sense. I just mean that there is something very special very unique and very wonderful about human beings. Something that is beyond measure. At our innermost core we are a mystery even to ourselves. When we know so little about how and why we are here in this immense Universe how could we possible have the right to take it upon ourselves to take the life of another fellow human being?

  • The NO side has indefensible arguments.

    Starting from the top down, you can see clear problems with the NO side's logic. They never prove that a fetus is not a human, and instead put out ridiculous claims like if it can't think, then it is not a human. These are rebutted as such:
    1. A baby is not a woman's body. Jingram claims this is because fetuses can't think. However, if this logic was true, wouldn't that means that shooting up an insane asylum woulds be morally okay.
    2. You can't kill someone just because it is convenient to you.
    3. The claim here is that consciousness and memory make something human. If you follow this reasoning through, you would see that this means people with alzheimers don't count as human, something no one would agree with.
    4. You pretend that this is a religious debate. If so, wouldn't that mean that 100% of agnostics are pro-choice. This is not the case. Also, a baby isn't a woman's property just because it is inside of her, and it is dependent off her.
    5. I don't think any republican has argued that the government should get out of murder, because if I want to kill you it is between us. The government has a responsibility to protect the life of all Americans.
    6. If abortion helps society, then wouldn't mass sterilization also help it? Killing people is okay, because it results in less crime? Why not just kill everyone then?
    7. A baby didn't and cannot consent to this procedure, so you can't do it unless you have a real reason. "I made a bad decision by not having safe sex" is not a legitimate reason to kill someone.

  • Negative Effects of Abortion

    Abortion can cause long-term medical problems and infertility. It can also cause infection, bleeding and death. Having an abortion can also have some serious psychological consequences for some people. Some women who have abortions may grieve for or blame themselves for the fetus's death for many years. Abortion can be very bad for a woman.

  • Yep, abortion is bad.

    Because unborn babies are still humans with rights no matter how undeveloped they are. They are humans with rights as soon as they are conceived. They have the right to live and to grow up even if they can't defend themselves. Their location, age, and dependence do not determine their worth or human-ness. No woman, or anyone, should have the right to kill another human. If you look up S.LE.D., it proves that unborn babies are human. I don't have enough room to type that argument out here.

  • The Bible says so.

    The Bible says that murder is bad. A 'fetus' is not non-living, it is a fully functioning body that should not be harmed. Life is a beautiful thing, not a curse. Abortion is not the 'safe a legal way' to kill children. It would be the same as shooting a child. It should be illegal.

  • Abortion is terrible

    Getting pregnant is YOUR fault! It is wrong to just kill an innocent baby because you are pregnant. If you get pregnant should have to deal with the consequence. America has turned into a society where killing innocent babies is okay to do. It is YOUR fault you got pregnant so you should have to live with it.

  • Yes Abortion is Bad

    Abortion has been defined as, "The slaughter of innocent children" on the one hand, "The right of a women to control her own body" on the other, or even the non-emotional, "Termination of a pregnancy." When explained it to you in these definitions, which would you pick and why? Would you want to be murdered when you have no say? Abortion is a Sin

  • Bodily autonomy is a basic right

    Bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom of choice are basic human rights. The fact is that the human fetus, until about 26 weeks, does not have a functioning higher brain, and thus, does not have a mind, consciousness or self-awareness. There isn't a 'person' as such to theoretically 'kill' until after it actually begins thinking. Until then, it's just a cluster of cells, human only in the fact of it's genetic makeup. This is the 21st century. A woman's basic right to do what she wishes to her own body outweighs any potential 'right to life' that the cluster of cells inside her, that may, all going perfectly, one day be a person, may have.

  • No it isn't.

    As said before, abortion should be the mothers choice. She may not want to put her body through having a child. If she doesn't want to she shouldn't have too. I dont see how its bad. It is acually good because its a way for a woman to get her life back on track.

  • No, obviously not.

    A fetus is a parasite without consciousness or memory. An infant is a human. Just because a fetus can become a human does not make it a human. The arguments against abortion largely come from bronze-age mythology. Anyone who thinks abortion is bad has never had an unwanted pregnancy. If you want it illegal, I hope you have to deal with that situation yourself and live with that law.

  • Government Should Not Control This

    Government should not be able to control what a woman does with her body. If it is a religious debate, I believe a system was set in place known as the separation of church and state. However, if you want the bible to dictate our actions, lets recreate the 16th century monarchy that we lived under in the past. Otherwise this should not be decided by the government or the people for that matter. It is the mothers choice.

  • A Women's Healthcare Choice

    People have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. Abortion should be a rare occurrence (which it statistically is), but it is up to the woman. Why should government be dictating what you can and cannot do? Conservatives and Republicans HATE big government intrusion, yet with this issue, its free range to intrude into people's lives.
    Abortion is a right, and the law of the land. We should come to a compromise about this issue. This issue, like most, is not black and white, 100% right or wrong each way. Here is what I suggest:
    1. Abortions should be rare, but ultimately the choice of the woman.
    2. A cut off date between 20-24 weeks, there after you cannot legally get an abortion.
    3. Exception: rape and incest cases should allow the woman to have an abortion anytime.
    3. Do not shut down nearly every women's clinic is a state. Women who seek this help should be able to. Otherwise they may go to extreme/dangerous means to have the abortion.
    4. Offer preventative care. Condoms, birth control, sex education, FACTUAL abortion information.

    This is the 21st century. Things like birth control and condoms are used universally. We can have religion dictate our laws on this issue. Common sense compromise is the best option.

  • Abortion is a right

    Abortion is extremely beneficial to society. It helps lower the crime rate and is a wonderful tool to prevent poverty. We can prevent abnormal fetuses from being carried to full term and bankrupting families. Birth control, accurate sex education and other preventative measures should be used as a first resort, but these options still fail occasionally. Abortion is a right.

  • No and for good reasons

    If it was an animal we wouldn't mind. At that stage a developing child is that, developing. Without any input there is nothing going on, no real thinking like we have. It is up to the parents at all times and no one should really do anything more about it. As much as it sucks to say our planet is so overpopulated banning abortion would be silly. The next time there is an abortion think about the child who is already born and now can still eat because there's not 10 more mouths to feed every day.

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Bullish says2013-07-27T02:04:26.913
The caption to the image of the question is not founded. Had certain people been that baby, they might say "Abort me now, please, what is life worth living for?" Also, how many murders hire lawyers to get them off the death penalty?