Is abortion essential to reproductive healthcare?

  • Reproductive Healthcare Essentials

    Reproductive Healthcare covers the sexual wellbeing of the American woman. From birth control pills, to gynecological exams, to abortions, reproductive healthcare offers a wide variety of services. Abortion itself is no more than a form of birth control. Unfortunately, it is considered an evil by fundamentalist right wing Republicans. Without their voice, abortion would be a day to day operation. As soon as the right decides it is a moral issue, then it has become more than a day to day operation. The question is not whether it is right or wrong, rather it is whether abortion is essential to reproductive healthcare? The answer is yes. Being a form of birth control whether done by nature itself or a pill, abortion is at least a necessary operation and at most a necessary evil. Reproductive Health owes it to the woman to offer her an option as to whether she wishes to go through with a pregnancy or to terminate it. It is not a right or wrong question. It is simply an operation and a safe route for a woman to take if she does not wish to take care of the baby. Furthermore, abortion is a part of a woman's right to decide what to do with her unborn baby. By not offering abortion in a safe environment, one is forcing women to search otherwise and is infringing on their inalienable rights as women. Therefore, I think that Reproductive Healthcare should continue to offer abortions to women.

  • The Stats Are Clear

    Yes, abortion is essential primarily because it cannot be separated from reproductive healthcare. Often times, abortion foes attempt to separate between abortion and birth control without realizing that abortion itself is a form of birth control. In some instances, the health of a mother is at risk due to pregnancy and abortion is the only way to save the mother. Therefore, there cannot be true reproductive healthcare without the means to ending pregnancies that threaten the life of the mother and this can only be done via abortion.

  • Abortion is Not Essential to Reproductive Healthcare

    Abortion is definitely not essential to the majority of reproductive healthcare. I don't see how one can look at it in this way. Abortion in fact can cause considerable damage to the reproductive system for many concerning healthcare. In many cases abortion should be thought through considerably before that choice is made.

  • Abortion is not health care

    In response to Khyltoft; I'm a Christian first and a political "independent." It's amazing to me how many professed liberals preach acceptance and the don't judge me attitude, but are the first to you! The reason that most professed Christians look at abortion as wrong is that that is what the bible professes. Please listen to this next statement: I do not judge/ condemn or think less the woman who has an abortion, but I do not advocate abortion as an act. What about the child inside, what about GOD's say. The basis of your argument is that decisions should be made and allowed without moral consequences because morality is a societal standard. This is the base of the argument of homosexuality as well. So you expect Christians or EVIL people that think differently than you to accept your belief and "fund" your morals without judgement. Accountability scares most. Most people want to think about themselves first and let everyone pick after their Too bad that "we all" included, tend to think more about ourselves more than GOD and others. I will do everything I can to help another human being including an un-born child. Do you consider an unborn child an actual human being? Are you a parent that has held a child? The birth of a child is not a "controlled process." It was intended by GOD to be a blessing not a hindrance!

    Signed: Non judgmental Christian, but a Christian!!!

    Posted by: JSM
  • No, in most cases it's elective.

    Since abortion is an elective procedure in the vast majority of cases, it is not essential to reproductive health. It should only be covered by insurance if it is deemed medically necessary. Otherwise, it should not be covered, just like other non life saving procedures are not covered by insurance. What should be widely covered and available is birth control.

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