• It's a damn right!

    Woman have the right to get an abortion. I don't think there should be any question. If a woman is raped, she shouldn't be forced to have that baby. Woman may just not be ready yet. And as for the "it's murder!" argument, not really. It's not even that much alive yet. Most religious people will argue that it's okay if a woman is raped, but it's not okay if it was because of a lack of safe sex. Okay, imagine if your freedom of speech was taken away, because lots of people were misusing it. And the only reason you can express your opinion is if it's positive. You're not allowed to say "I don't agree!" I know thats an exaggeration, but my point is that abortion is not a problem.

  • It is every woman's right to decide.

    I do believe abortion is justifiable in case of sexual abuse or if the woman's life is in danger due to the pregnancy. In the first case, sexual relationships are part of human life and they can produce a pregnancy; if so, it's because both man and woman agreed on it. However, in the case of sexual abuse there is no agreement and it becomes a trauma for the woman, so why should the woman be forced to bear the consequences of a trauma if she does not desire so? It's senseless! If she wants to have the baby, good for her; but if she does not want to, she has the right to interrupt it and no one can oppose to her decision. Also, if the woman's life is in danger, abortion should be allowed. If the woman's body rejects the baby and that represents a danger, the woman should be saved, even if it requires to abort the fetus. After all, women are the only givers of life and therefore, they must be allowed to decide on this topic.

  • Woman's Rights (limited to origins of life)

    I believe that if a woman were to become pregnant by way of "accident" where she was either raped, too young of a mind to know the significance of having a child (for example an underage young lady), or if the expected child has been predicted to inherit mental/physical disabilities that would result in difficulties such that the parent(s) are unable to care for medical treatment and future health conditions, then she should have the right as woman, furthermore as a human being, to decide whether or not to give birth or to abort. However, abortion should only be limited to those that I've listed above simply for the fact that it's our responsibility to account for our actions and handle such decisions to have sexual intercourse in a serious manner.

  • There are many types of abortion.

    Some abortions are medically necessary. For example, an ectopic or molar pregnancy cannot ever come to term but will kill the woman, and thus an abortion is necessary to save her life.

    Some abortions are a kindness. Fetuses with major congenital defects run a huge chance of either being stillborn or living a very short life full of nothing but pain.

    Some abortions are for incest or rape. It is beyond cruel to force a woman to carry a pregnancy in those instances.

  • There's always an exception...

    I'm a guy. I don't like abortion, yet it's not my life in danger through nearly a year of a parasitic like process. The staggering number of things that can go wrong during a pregnancy, is alone grounds to not put any great limit on abortions.

    To have an outright ban on them, since embryos are alive... Ectopic Pregnancies are guaranteed to be fatal; plus countless other exceptions.

  • Yes it is justifiable.

    There is not always the same condition or reason to abort i.E we are not trying to attempt murder of a foetus , its a attempt to save a life so that she could survive for others. As all others had already stated if a girl has been raped for safeguard of her family dignity abortion should not be a problem. There are still child marriages are done, if the girl is not above 18, if she is unable to hold the child in her womb then abortion should not be a question, its the final solution to her. Like lady was unwell during pregnancy and is unable to give birth a child with no complications then it was her right to watch herself first. But due to refusal of hospital staffs and doctor she died in Ireland. I agree that most people are misusing this but there are more in numbers for whom its the way to have one more chance to live.

  • Mind your own business.

    Everyone has an opinion, be it based on morals, ethics, science or personal consideration. It is up to each individual. If you don't have the responsibility, then your opinion is just that. If someone is pregnant in untenable circumstances, it's no-one else's business what she does about it, whatever anyone else thinks. Anti-abortionists are judgmental and often unwilling to care about those very women and girls they hate.

  • Yes abortion is acceptable

    Say you have a poverty-stricken single mother of three or two or one with another on the way. If said mother already cant support her one, two or three children how do you expect her to support the next one on the way. So it is not okay to kill an unborn baby, but let the baby live a life of poverty and grow up possibly unloved.

  • Boys, listen carefully

    In my opinion, I think males doesn't have right to say no or yes about abortion because seriously, they are not even getting pregnant and be painful for the whole life. If the abortion is not justified, they will eventually throw the baby away than this is going to be worse.

  • Defence Of ones body

    No one bats an eyelid when one person defends against another who is injuring them, and yet women are seen, in some quarters, as murderers for doing exactly the same thing. If the fetus is a person from conception then it must abide by the restrictions of that status, one of which is that no person has the right to use another persons body against their will regardless of how the situation arises.

  • Murder isn't a right.

    It is not a woman's right to chose murder! Is it okay if I go kill my neighbor because he or she is an inconvenience to me? No? Then why should anyone else ever have that right? Murder is murder, and there is no way you pro-choice people can change that,

  • No it's not

    Whether you can't afford it or not
    Whether you were raped

    ...The miracle of becoming pregnant is from God. Let is take it's course... If you are not meant to have the baby there will be a miscarriage.... If you are- let it be. Who are we to decide what is best and what is not- we don't know everything and what everything means... God does.

  • If abortion is justifiable, I should be able to kill you, your dog, your entire family, and whatever else you own that is alive.

    So, let's get our thoughts in the same area. A fetus is a living being, not a parasite. If a fetus is a parasite, you, me, PRESIDENT OBAMA, your favorite people, and family are all parasites. Hopefully I put doubt into your minds abortion supporters with PRESIDENT OBAMA being a parasite because he was once a fetus too. Now, since women can kill their unborn children, why is it that they can't kill off the rest of their children? They were in that lady's body too. With it being justifiable she can kill what was in her body, she should be able to kill what came out of her body. Probably flush down her kids in the toilet like she does with body wastes. "Its my body and I can do whatever I want with it" is not that great of a defense. You see my arm holding a needle full of deadly poison? Its my body and I can you it to inject the poison into you. I can do whatever I want with my body like drink alcohol, do drugs, watch t.V., play video games, or walk my dog. Its my body and I can use it however I want. Try defending yourselves now. Oh, it's an American right? Well it's my American right to write about how stupid abortion is and how it's not justifiable. Plus, I'm allowed an opinion just like you.

  • No it's not.

    Though it may be a necessity as long as humans continue to be ignorant. Most parents are child abusers simply because they lack adequate knowledge on how to raise a human child. Since many children who are neglected and subject to abuse grow up to be criminals and offenders they in turn cause harm unto society (and Universe forbid they have children.) Since humans still inflict a massive amount of damage on each other and on children, abortion is still a necessary evil until they can control their populations growth and harm done to their people. With proper education and care for humans the only times abortion would be needed would be in extreme cases causing death.

  • Abortion should not exist in the first place.

    Since the invention of condoms and legalised abortion, sex has been taken for granted. This has led humans into thinking having sex multiple times with multiple people is okay - without commitments. This caused diseases such as HIV/AIDS, homeless children and/or children in homes without loving parents to occur. If abortion didn't exist or wasn't discovered, people would be more careful about who they choose to mate with.

  • Absolutely against it

    As for me, I strongly oppose abortions in every case but when it puts the mother’s health or life at risk. Besides the fact that it contradicts with my religious beliefs as a Christian, I am convinced that abortion is a justified homicide committed out of inconvenience or irresponsibility so I do not think this issue deserves open-mindedness.

  • Abortion is just another term for murder

    Murder is murder, the church states once the women is pregnant it is alive, bible states this as well, abortions can also kill the women, 372 cases of death in america since 1973, those who live through sometimes suffer great trauma called post abortion syndrome and deeply regret going through with the procedure. Abortion is never medically safe and can be lethal for both parties. The unborn are the children of god, this is written in the bible and stated by the church. All life is sacred no matter what the reason. Even if shes raped and becomes pregnant its gods will and her life will fall into his hands. Also if the she dies during the abortion that would be very ironic seeing she wanted to kill the fetus and dies as well. In other words karma is a b*tch. It will come to bite you in the a*s one day or another. Sin is sin , leads you down a one way trip to hell.

  • We were not created by ourselves

    We all were not fallen from the sky as a child we all were born from our mothers womb. God is our creator and he has only got the power to destroy it.The women who kill their own child is the greatest murderer. And if we can accept that a mother ca kill her own baby,how can we tell other people not to kill one another.
    "life is the most precious gift thet god has freely given us.

  • It's Never Okay

    At fourteen days the "fetus" has a heart beat. Legally if a pregnant woman is murdered it is considered a double homicide. Yet, abortion is okay? It is a living being inside of the woman. There is always adoption and kids are always wanted by someone no matter how they look or what their handicap. There are always ways to keep it from happening such as: birth control, condoms, and abstinence. If you decide to have sex then you should be able to handle the consequences just like any other problem you make.

  • Let's Take A Situation

    Put yourself in the babies shoes. Your mother accidentally creates you in her womb, but doesn't want to go through the "pain" of having you. Should you have to feel the agony of getting your head sucked off? Let's be real for a minute. The baby feels every moment of an abortion. Don't let your mind be tricked by the liberal media!

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AnonyFeline says2013-05-30T20:10:49.903
Murder is the premeditated ending of a human life without the motivation of justifiable self-defense. Given that a man and woman have consented to sex, the question is whether or not the unborn child can be considered a cellular organism (zygote) or a life as a person or individual.

Science has not yet adequately advanced the ability to determine the point at which to determine how to define when the zygote is how an actual human being. A committee must first be established in all fields of developmental biology, obstetrics, and premature birth to determine the black and white time frames to define personhood and zygote-ness. (?) The committee would then have to determine a grey area in which hospital officials and specialists would have to make that judgment call during that window. This is not the most ideal course of action, but is definitely the best that we can do to ensure the rights of the mother and unborn child.

What is commonly discussed is the rights of the woman. Again, given the conception was voluntary, it falls to whether or not the unborn child can be considered alive.

A parallel issue is whether she was under birth control. If she was (involuntary conception), the abortion can be easily justified if it is before the fetus has been considered "alive". If she was not (voluntary conception or negligent conception), the abortion would and should not be justified.

The primary objective of sex is for procreation. An added benefit, and second objective, is the pleasure and intimacy. To abort the unborn child once it is considered a life is murder if conception was established negligently. Otherwise, involuntary conception is justifiable (as well as rape) given that the fetus is not considered a human life yet.

What is seldom discussed is the rights of the father. They are oftentimes dismissed due to the fact that they are not part of the incubation, pregnancy, and birthing process, aside form an auxiliary role. To be truly equal, the desires of the male must also be considered when making the decision of abortion or childbirth as well as the financial burdens of either. This, of course, is a distant secondary issue to the determination of the human life within the womb of the woman.

In all abortion is only justifiable in the case that it was an involuntary conception and pregnancy, and administered prior to the determination that the zygote has become live fetus/unborn child.