• It may not be moral but is nedded

    Man if you abort an children you are sparing a kid from sufering, The abort should happens beforethe kid could feels pain, So it will not hurt, But if he born he can live with: hungry and without parents because they abandoned him and sudenly have depression, And trust me, Mental problems are f***ing terrible

  • Yes, This is ridiculous.

    From a moral standpoint, I agree with abortion but from a socioeconomic standpoint, HELL no. Who actually cares about fetuses, They don't even feel pain when aborted. What about struggling families? What about females that were raped? What about pregnant teenagers? What's the point for caring something's feelings WHEN IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY.

  • 100% yes.

    Lots of women are put in terrible positions where they need to have abortions. I also want to add that at that age they're really not children and not even fully developed. Imagine being raped at a young age and being too small to carry a baby or you would die. There are so many factors that play into that so to automatically say that its immoral with no back round context is dense.

  • The only reason I said yes is because I want to even it out a little. It depends in my opinion though.

    I am pro choice, But I guess if you look at it from a moral standpoint (morals don't matter to me) it is mostly immoral. Abortion is getting rid of potential life. Some people abort because they just don't want the child, Some people abort because they can't take care of the child (in this case it is moral to abort the child, It's better for a person to not live rather than to live in an adoption center/be abandoned/die after birth etc. ), And some people abort because their life is in danger because of the child. This is were it's 100% moral to abort the child. Real life is more important that potential life.

  • It is a form of murder!

    An unborn baby has the same right to life as a baby who has already been born. Moms who are not willing and able to tend to the baby can always adopt the baby out to adoptive parents who are instead of killing him/her before (s)he is even born. Why does pro choice exist?

  • Abortion is murder

    It is just murder plain and simple life starts at Concepcion it is never moral even in a case where the mothers life is at risk it is only neutral because of the doctrine of double affect the constitution should be amended to ban abortion and protect all Americans basic right to life

  • It ain't moral

    How do we measure the value of life? By its potential.
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    please debate me

  • No, No way no

    Anyone who supports abortion or claims it is a human right is selfish. Abortions are murder against babies and many abortion supporters deny the scientific edvidence that an embryo is a living organism plus they fail to consider the idea of giving up their babies to adoption agencies or foster care plus the idea of a teenage girl dying during teen pregnancy is not as common as you think.

  • Is killing moral

    Did the unborn child pose a threat to you? You killed your child how can you live with that? Oh i know come up with the excuse that you were doing it for the sake of the child living in a hell hole. But if that child knew this hell hole hthey could fix it by overthrowing the goverment haahhaha

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