• Bodily autonomy comes first.

    Bodily autonomy means that by law, someone's own body is their property and no one can use it without sober informed continuous consent. This is why rape, murder and assault are illegal; they violate bodily autonomy. It's why people cannot be forced to donate blood or organs against their will, even if someone will die without them. Even when someone dies, no one can take their organs unless they sign a contract to say they can.

    It doesn't matter that a fetus is human (so is a tumour, but no one throws a fit over removing one of those) and it doesn't matter that it's alive; it still doesn't get to use a body without that person's consent. If by allowing forced pregnancies and not letting someone choose to terminate, you are giving a fetus more privilege than any born person and giving a pregnant person less rights to their own bodily autonomy than a corpse.

    It doesn't matter that a fetus has its own DNA, it's still inside a body and using that body to grow. If someone doesn't want it there, they have every right to remove it. It is not aware of what's happening, it's not aware of the outside world, it won't know, or feel, or care about being removed.

    The Pro-life movement is all about controlling people with uteri, that's how it all started out. Pro-lifers jut won't admit it. That's why they're willing to make exceptions for rape, or incest. It's about punishment.

  • A fetus pre-viability is not a "person".

    Fetuses before the 24 week mark cannot (as in, lack the neurological development) and do not feel pain, have consciousness, or have sentience. Therefore they do not qualify for personhood rights under the law.
    The amusing thing is that people claim that no one would extend that to adult humans without consciousness, sentience, or ability to feel pain- yet WE DO. When an adult, due to some illness or disease, can no longer have the ability for pain, consciousness, or sentience, his family or power of attorney has the legal right to END HIS LIFE. In fact, they can even sign off on harvesting his organs while he's still technically "alive". No one has ever been able to satisfactorily explain why this is ok on an adult human, but magically NOT ok on a fetus that never even HAD the qualities of personhood to begin with.

  • What if a

    Woman was raped? 85% of women who are raped and fall pregnant do not keep their children. Why? Because why would you want to look at your child every day and remember what happened to you? Why would you want the happiest moment of your life to be tainted with such awful memories? Why would you want to deal with the day when your child asks why he/she does not have a daddy? Lie? Tell the truth?

    I don't agree with it ordinarily I guess, but everyone has to admit there are special circumstances?

  • Abortion can't be emotional.

    Abortion is objectively morally right. You cannot argue emotionally because most people that say abortion is wrong have different ideas at where life starts. Some that say abortion is morally wrong do so because they believe that life starts at conception. While this is not entirely wrong, it is a fact that the fetus cannot exist outside of the womb until it is around 24 weeks old. People often become sensitive to this topic because of religious or emotional reasons. Could those who argue that abortion is not moral also agree with the statement, "It is not moral to endanger the life of the mother before, during, or after her pregnancy with the fetus in question"? Abortion should strictly be the decision of the parents of the fetus and the government should stay out of this argument, especially the males who have been making these laws. There are many circumstances under which BOTH sides of this argument could agree that abortion is acceptable.

  • Yes it is.

    Like donating an organ, abortion is the removal of tissue. Its a harmless medical procedure so i dont see how its wrong. It is wrong to force a woman to become an incubator against her own will. Then make her raise a child she doesn't even love or want. Or what if the woman was raped? It would be wrong to make her raise that child and give birth to it. She didnt even want it in the first place.

  • Are we actually arguing on the morality of abortion

    Right after you enjoyed an Omelette, a burger, or countless medicines and cosmetics that animals suffered for? Here's the morality of abortion: It gets rid of something that cannot feel or think, it reduces the rampant human population, and lastly, lets be honest here, it probably eases an incredible amount of suffering on the part of the fetus before it gains any sentience from having unready parents or being thrown in a home with god knows who.

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  • Its not immoral

    Its not immoral because what if the women isn't able to have a child it could be a risk for her, what if the women has plans to go to school it s the mothers choice rather or not to have the baby its her body her decision other shouldn't interfere

  • Quality of Life

    A person deserves a good life. A person needs food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. If one cannot provide this for a baby, why push to make it live a sad life? In a way, it is more cruel for one to continue with the pregnancy, considering the child with suffer through a long, painful death.

  • It's not morally wrong

    However this opinion is implying that "oh, if people think it's not wrong then it must be morally right", arguing what's morally right is different to arguing what's morally wrong. You can't assume that because we understand that abortions are necessary due to the imperfections of nature and the current state of the women, that's it's somehow a good thing to do if you consider good things is what people consider morally right.

  • No, these are innocent children being killed.

    Abortion has been a troubling trend in the U.S. And it needs to stop. It's bad enough we only have an average of 1.2 kids per family. Not to mention, all the crap they are teaching in schools about "safe sex". Our society has become a society with no values, and a lack of morals/ethics.

  • Babies are humans

    And all humans have intrinsic moral value. Recent advances in embryology show that babies develop the ability to sense things much younger than was thought before, yet term limits still allow 20-week-old babies to be aborted. Babies at that age feel pain, and have intrinsic value to everyone.

    We are witnessing a second Holocaust of millions of children being wiped out simply for convenience.

  • It is murder

    Whatever you religious preference is you cannot deny the fact that abortion is murder. When you abort a fetus you are killing a future human being and that is what murder is. I think abortion should only be allowed when there will be damage to the baby and/or the mother, and if the pregnancy is the result of incest or rape.

  • Get some empathy!

    Empathy is putting yourself in others shoes. If pregnant women did this they would realize they once were a foetus, and now "me", so can't hide behind "when does it become human." They had birth control. This future infant just requires a 9 month sacrifice. Murder is sin- punishable by eternal damnation.

  • Fetus Is Same as a Premature Baby

    Abortion is morally right if killing a premature baby is morally right, and it is wrong if it is not. The reason being there is no fundamental difference between the two. Objectively, in terms of the brain development, heart development, behavior/reflexes, the premature baby acts the same as one in the fetus at the same gestational stage. About the only difference is that premature babies have more mature lungs due to being given corticosteroids 48 hours before they are born through intramuscular injections into the mother.

  • I don't think so

    Parents have an obligation to care for their young, not destroy them. It seems plainly wrong to have an abortion, especially for the reasons people typically have them--pregnancy is inconvenient, they don't want a baby, it interferes with their career/education, they can't afford it, etc. When there are so many people waiting to adopt new borns, there are few good excuses to have an abortion.

  • It isn't right.

    If you didn't want a child in the first place, then why did you have sex? If you don't want the child, then don't create it. Abortion is sick. You people kill poor children before they even have a chance at life, all because you were stupid and screwed up.

  • I don't think so......

    This is an issue that ought to make someone pause, and really consider, not only the facts, which is the one side of knowledge, but also the feelings and emotional charges of human beings concerning this topic, which is yet another side of knowledge. When it comes to abortion, people will be emotional about it regardless of background. From all races, cultures, and religions, people naturally "feel" something about abortion which should also imply some sort of moral contingency about it, because the feelings that people typically get about abortion, especially those who have had one, exists parallel to the question of whether it was the right choice or not. That is a question that I'm sure of everyone who has had an abortion, has asked themselves in one way or another. "And from here it is where I take a leap." Considering those who have actually had an abortion versus those who have not, the way the act of abortion stirs the soul and the thoughts of one who has, leads me to believe that abortion leans a little more on the side of morally wrong. I'm not going to say that this is the case one hundred percent of the time, but I will say that it should not be an idea that people are so freely accepting of as if it is only about choice. Abortion is an issue that should be examined carefully by all persons. No one person should casually make a choice about this issue. As far as government is concerned, I think having abortion as something that is legal is fine. I don't think it is up to government to legislate morality. We're all people, and we ought to be all equal. But this question is not about whether abortion should be legal or not, it's about whether it is morally right or wrong, and in many cases, I think abortion is wrong.

  • It can be seen two ways.

    Morally? No. It is, in theory, filicide, and as such is our High and Mighty Human Code of Taboo Things. You are (if 18 weeks have passed) killing a living thing with a beating heart. However, people aren't thinking about the women here. What if they don't have the money to take care of a kid, and what if they didn't want it in the first place? What if they were raped? What if the condom broke, or the spermicide didn't work? You pro-life morons keep thinking of children (who, admittedly, are the future of human society) over grown adults who have and are continuing to contribute to society (unless they're hobos). If they have a kid they can't afford, it's like buying that $500 PS4 when you only get minimum wage from that job at McDonalds. You end up in debt. And a baby is much more expensive than a PS4, what with the diapers, proper bedding, and medical bills.

  • It isn't kind

    Doing this is killing.
    What would happen to you if your mother did during your pregnant?
    He or she who does this is one of killers in the world and she should be judged .

    For those who are doing it you have to know that you don't give respect to your being.

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Haroush says2013-11-25T20:55:03.567
Some people don't like taking responsibility for their actions.
Haroush says2013-11-30T15:42:52.757
Abortion is wrong and always will be wrong unless in certain circumstances.