• Strong moral of mine to have

    I am pro-life because abortion is not a right killing a fetus is not right, moral, and the right thing to do. I am against it not for religious reasons, but for moral and integrity reasons. You can argue that we are a clump of cells, a parasite, lacks brain function, doesn't feel anything, and just a burden on some things. Now, realistically us humans have how many cells in us? A fetus does not fit the scientific term of a parasite. The Mentally retarded and autistic lack brain function should we kill them too? I understand that pregnancy can be hard and unwanted but abortion is pretty much says using safe sex is okay! Besides the use for STD'S. I just find it irresponsible that 2 people engage in unsafe sex and know what can happen and take the easy way out to get rid of a "problem". A child is not a problem, it is a blessing to carry such a beautiful thing and see a part of you that you made. And don't pull the "you don't care after birth". WRONG! I would adopt a beautiful child, and even a mentally handicapped child just to save a life and make a difference. I would do it in a instant. I just find it so ironic that people are more worried about tree's because "they have souls and feelings" but a fetus should be terminated? Where is the logic in that? You people should be happy that your mother did not abort you and chose life. If she did...For 1. You guys wouldn't be here debating this, you wouldn't have experiment life and all the fun, amazing things you have done in your life. Why take that away from someone? Yes, they're are bad times in life but that's just a part of life. Everyone deserves a life... Just because the dad is or mother is a drug addict/in poverty doesn't mean terminate the poor thing... Give it to a family that desires a child in their lives. People are willing to pay for all medical and full out. If it's rape or incest... Then it should be up to you. That's just how I see it but rape baby's still laugh, still cry, still walk, still talk, it's still a child but that's when it should be up to you. Just ironic how it's against the law to kill a woman on death row with a fetus growing inside of her. That's just my stand. If you're pro-choice, I respect that, you have a right to have an opinion. I will not bash yours, and I except mine not be bashed. I am open to debate, but I only debate with civil people.

  • Abortion is murder!!!

    When the sperm meets the egg and the egg is fertalized and attaches to the uterus, it is given its own set of DNA, making another human being, because everyone is given their own set of genetic codes. To abort the fetus, no matter how soon from the time of fertilization, is to be considered murder. There is also the argument of when the soul enters the body. Many people believe the fetus is not another human being until its soul enters it. That would mean that a fetus is another being from the time of it's creation, because the soul enters the body when the sperm meets the egg, and life is said to begin in the womb. The word "life" implies that something--or in this case, someone-- is living its own life. It is another human, and to abort it is morally incorrect.It's comparable to murdering a 6 month old child.

  • Abortion is morally wrong

    I think abortion is morally wrong because you are killing a growing baby. The growing baby or fetus whatever you want to call it has no choice in whether he/she gets to live. Killing a baby after its born is illegal, so why is it legal to terminate a pregnancy in turn killing a growing, developing child.

  • Is it really YOUR choice to CHOOSE?!

    There are soooooo many alternatives out there. Like ADOPTION! Its selfish to think that YOU, oh yes, YOU, could make a conscious educated choice to kill your baby that your sex created. Why are we so quick to say the 'fetus' would grow up to have a terrible life and be malnourished and have no family?! This is a LIE! By spreading this detrimental attitude we are degrading a whole society and creating this FALSE sex with NO responsibility. For the record, SEX HAS A LOT OF RESPONSIBILITY! If you choose to have sex you are choosing to take the 'risk' of creating new human life! Thats taking in to consideration that you didn't use contraceptives...

    I hope, one day, the world will finally get it. They would understand that life in the womb is precious and needs to be protected and not killed for 'convenience'.

  • It is morally and ethically wrong

    It is the absolute murder of a human being. Imagine hot chocolate powder, without water would some say this is still hot chocolate? They call the powder hot chocolate because that is what it becomes, like the fetus, it becomes a human being. It is a form of life, therefore 'stopping' or what's really happening killing the fetus is morally wrong.

  • Abortion is Murder

    Murder is illegal, so abortion should be too. Abortion is killing a little life, therefore it is murdering! The little babies could have a wonderful life! People who believe that abortion is okay, are absolutely wrong. It says in the Hippocratic oath that doctors must say, to not harm a body. That is exactly what doctors are doing to the little life inside the mother, therefore they are not following the laws of the Hippocratic oath. Abortion should be illegal.

  • It is murder

    I don't care how many people say "but a fetus doesn't feel yet" because a fetus is still an INCOMMING human baby. If people don't want babies, don't have sex, as simple as that. People shouldn't be having premarital sex in the first place. When people decide to screw around to early, they deserve to suffer the consequences and having to give birth...

  • Yes. Abortion is MORALLY wrong!

    There are 3 points that I would like to explain why abortion is morally wrong. So first, many people think that it is the mother who gave the birth to her child, therefore the mother should have an absolute power of decision for the baby. However, the truth is that when a infant has been given birth in mom's womb, it actually became a new, integral life. Although their bodies have not grew mature enough, but they already have some ideas in their little mind. From the ethical point of view, it is cruel and immoral to murder those lives which haven't even experienced all the beauty in the world.
    Now you may say that many mothers chose to abortion because they were not able to raise a child independently, and orphans etc. Well, here comes the second point. I admit that it is unfair for those children whose parents abandoned them. But it doesn't mean that they do not deserve the great things in our world, on the contrary, orphans are the people who have very good potential to become successful in their future. They have tough experiences when they are little, so it became easier for them to grow more mature than their peer. And there is no way the parents are able to determine the contribution their child may do for the society in the future.
    My third point is that abortion is not healthy. When a mother abort a baby, the operation will harm the body especially the womb, with a huge damage. This damage may be permeant. And it becomes harder when this damaged womb tries to pregnant again. The ratio of abortion will increase. And this increase of abortion will affect the birthrates of the country, which may lead to affect the development of this country. As long as our premiss is that people start to consider abortion as a morally right event, and becoming more and more popular.

    Posted by: yino
  • Abortion is Wrong

    Life begins from the moment of conception and it is morally wrong to abort a baby for personal or economic problems. Even if a woman is raped two wrongs don’t make a right. Denying a child the opportunity to live because a woman doesn’t want to have bad memories or will have problems loving the child is completely wrong. What ever happened to human dignity? Since when do other humans have the right to say when life begins and ends? If the women doesn’t what the child or cannot provide for the child there are other option out in the world other than just killing a young child who wont get the opportunity to even live. Maybe we should think from the perspective of the baby.

  • It's a Potential Human Being

    It's a baby, not a fetus. No matter what stage, it is a form of life. Ninety-three percent of the abortions in America are for convenience. The mother's health is an issue only three percent of the time, and the baby's health is an issue only three percent of the time. Rape or incest are issues only one percent of the time. Ninety-three percent of all abortions in America are performed just because someone doesn't want a child! A baby shouldn't be labeled as a 'potential human being' instead it should be a 'human being with potential.'

  • It is terminating a pregnancy and that is it.

    There's nothing morally wrong in terminating a pregnancy. It isn't killing a live breathing human being. A fetus doesn't breath and depends on the mother for survival. Life actually begins before conception with our DNA which is living tissue. Life begins in the womb at conception and life begins on earth at birth. Killing a live breathing baby who just started life on earth is murder, but not in the womb as a fetus.

  • No

    I still do not think abortion is wrong, in any way shape or form. First, there is a time period where a doctor can perform the procedure. This period is in the very, very, beginning of the forming of the baby. At that point, the baby really isn't a baby, its the two parts forming together. Saying abortion is morally wrong is like blaming a loving mother, who wants that kid more than anything, that has a miscarriage and lost the baby is morally wrong.

  • Abortion is a private medical decision, not a debate.

    You cannot tell a person what they have decided is the right choice for their body and their life is wrong or immoral, because you haven't walked in their shoes even one step. You don't know the reason for their abortion; you just assume that because YOUR morals or YOUR religion doesn't approve of it, no one should be able to see the reasoning behind it. Woman who have been raped shouldn't have to be judged by people who have no idea of the mental and physical torment she has to go through and carry the reminder that she was raped because some politician decided that abortion is 'morally' wrong.

  • That would depend on your morals, since morals are mostly subjective.

    While we can all (for the most part) agree that murder is morally wrong, whether or not abortion is murder is, at this point, subjective. I, for one, do not believe abortion is murder, at least up until a certain point. Even then, however, I see circumstances in which this “murder” could be justified depending on the situation of the mother. It’s all a grey area, which is why it is so important to leave the decision up to the woman in question.

  • Its gay niggers

    Having a moral stance on abortion is overall gayer than aids. And I have to say if I was you I would commit toaster bath right now. You are nothing but a filthy oxygen pirate with no self esteem and little to no idea wtf you are on about. You are all just a bunch of big dumb dumbs who kiss girls. Faggots kill yourselves. Toetus's do not have the capacity to claim rights, You gender bending queer cunts. Kys

  • Morality is subjective.

    It’s hypocritical to argue abortion of cellular life is wrong. We kill human cells constantly whether it be our own or even those of others through our everyday decisions. I’d argue that human consciousness is what’s valuable because it constitutes experience, connection, feeling, emotion, and awareness. Which arises during the 24th and 28th week of gestation. You could definitely argue that once consciousness has started to develop it would be unethical to have an abortion. However, I would also argue that people have every right to dictate what goes on inside their body and if that means seeking out an abortion than so be it. It’s under their own inclination and should not be anyone else’s. The argument of potentiality is insignificant because the potential for human life is in abundance.

  • A hypocritical mindset

    It is hypocritical to say that abortion is morally wrong, but then turn around and say that it is ok if the woman is raped.

    If you allow a concession such as that, then it is not wrong to a great degree and there is no reason to remove the liberty of abortion.

  • Woman’s body woman’s decision

    Only the woman can choose what can be done because in the end she has full rights to do what she wants and that it is not for anyone else to choose . Her body is not anyone’s else’s so nobody can intercept her decision and even if it means her life is at risk her decision is hers and final

  • Abortion is wrong

    Abortion is wrong because it is wrong and everyone who does abortion is in the wrong. Therefore this wrong should be outlawed and considered like murder, its also considered wrong by the bible. With all this said, abortion is wrong by many reasons so it shouldn't even be at the hospitals, Anyone who does abortion is wrong and should be in jail.

  • There is nothing wrong with it

    A fetus is a parasite, for those who do not believe me
    an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.
    There, the definition google shows me perfectly matches that of a fetus, if there is a parasite in your body chances are you want to get rid of it, now you might say ''but but it's a life'' so is cancer, cancer is basically organisms that have a life yet we don't fight to keep them alive do we? The argument ''it's a life'' clearly is irrelevant as we do not care about ''life'' at all, all we care about is HUMAN LIFE.

    Now what makes this fetus so special that it trumps the rights a women has? In order to have ANYTHING inserted into the body of ANYTHING they have to give consent, if consent is not given it violates their rights therefore if a women does not consent to having a fetus in their body yet is not allowed to remove it it violates her rights and is telling her she does not have rights over her own body which is ridiculous.

    Some say it's murder, I urge you to spend 10 seconds of your life to use google as abortion if done LEGALLY is by definition not murder

    ''it's human'' so is a piece of my skin, doesn't mean we should value that piece of skin, the question is whether or not it's a human being and that can be argued as in order to be a human BEING you have to adhere to certain qualifications a fetus does not qualify for.

    ''it's ending a life'' yeah so? Where do you think meat comes from? A LIFE, how do you think wars are won? Not by using tazers that's for sure, clearly ending a life is not something we're against.

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Mr.Thrash says2013-07-12T14:37:48.147
* Not using safe is okay
Mookt says2013-07-12T15:45:31.110
This is one of the most interesting issues there is in a debate context. Both sides start with an assumption (i.E., it is or is not a human being with a sole). There is no sound method for evaluating the correctness of either assumption. For me it's even more nuanced than that -- on one end of the spectrum I seriously doubt a single fertilized cell is much of a human life and at the opposite end I am reasonably certain that a baby who would otherwise be born the next day is a human life. So, unlike most issues where there is evidence that actually points to a correct conclusion (e.G., evolution, global warming, the relative benefits of oppression) or even conflicting evidence that can support various conclusions (issues of economics and political policy), there is no such evidence here. The correct conclusion derives entirely from applying logic to your starting set of assumptions. Change the assumptions, use the same logic and you come to the opposite conclusion.