Is Abortion OK If You Have Been Sexually Abused

Asked by: biccaboo
  • Abortion is always okay

    Abortion isn't bad or wrong or immoral. Its amoral. You are not killing a human being. Your killing an zygote/embryo/fetus which according to all definitions they aren't a complete human being. Sure its human life but is't not the same as an actual human being with a state of consciousness.

  • Or course it should

    If one is abused and is carrying a baby that they never wanted to be born, of course they should choose to abort the fetus. A fetus is not true human life, as it is incapable of surviving and never was. They are not capable of sentient thought. Abortion is not murder and should certainly be allowed in abuse cases

  • Women should definitely have the option of abortion.

    Imagine this, a 15 year old girl gets raped and finds out she is carrying a child. This girl, without an adoption, will have to now, instead of going to school and having a good education, give up her whole life to look after this child she didn't choose to have.

    A woman's life shouldn't be decided on the actions of a rapist.

  • It Depends On The Situation

    I feel like it is right if you are raped and you want the baby to be aborted, but I feel like there needs to be restrictions. Like the the person carrying can't make that choice to abort if they are 16 or younger, and yo can only abort the baby if the baby is less then 3 months old. So it really depends on the situation.

  • Doesnt matter how it got here

    I`m sorry for any woman or young girl who has been sexually abused or raped, but I do not feel they should be able to abort their child. Regardless of how the child was conceived, it is still a human being who deserves to have a right at life. It can not help how it got here, so it should not be punished by death.

  • The value of life remains the same.

    When looking at it objectively, not emotionally, what makes abortions more okay if the pregnancy was conceived through rape than if it wasn't?

    The humanity of the unborn child remains the same no matter the circumstances it was conceived. Disregarding or making adjustments on the value of human life shouldn't be a privilege we give only to rape victims, whose rapists did the exact same thing to them.

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