• Only a killer takes a life

    Aborting is killing a child, no matter what anybody says, and if the government stuck true to its laws, than women who abort their children would be in jail for murder. Aborting your child is like spitting in Gods face and telling him you don't need his creation or want to have or even be a part of it. What horrible person would do something like this? I think people should do things that make them find the pursuit of happiness, but who does this make happy? How does killing your own child, make you happy? It can't. It just can't.

  • Children are the greatest joys in life.

    I have 3 children and I would not give them up or anything. I was pregnant with my first child at 18. Some people may think that I have made a mistake but my children are my children. They are a part of me and I would not change anything at all. I am a woman that was raped and all by someone very close to me and even when I thought that I was pregnant from that incident I still would not have had an abortion. That is just something that I have never been able to do. I can honestly say that I am 100% against abortions. In my opinion it is murder and the government should stop trying to say that it is OK. Murder is murder no matter how you look at it. That child is alive at conception and they are innocent babies that do not deserve to die .

  • Abortion is wrong, think about it, would you want your mom to have an abortion with you?

    It's just wrong. Think about it, would you want your mom to have an abortion with you? No, right? You are putting down a life when it's not even your decision. Children are gifts from God. If you are not fully capable of raising a kid give it to someone who can.

  • Abortion is wrong.

    It's just wrong. Think about it would you want your mom to have an abortion with you? No, right? You are putting down a life when its not even your decision. Children are gifts from God. If you are not fully capable of raising a kid give it to someone who can.

  • Life begins at the time of conception.

    Life begins at the time you conceive your child. The abortions have went up from 6 weeks, to 3 months, now it almost at the due date. When will it be considered murder? It is wrong no matter what the reason. I can honestly say as a teen mom, and also a single mother of two children that no matter what I went through, KILLING my children were never an option and should not be an option for other women, and that should be enforced by the government.

  • Think of the people who can't have children.

    Yes, I see that people think children need a loving mother and/or father, and that's totally correct. The reason I think it is wrong is because no matter what, you're still ending a life. Murder right there. And what about the people that can't have kids and want to adopt? The child a mother or father couldn't provide for could be loved and taken care of by someone who wants a child.

  • You realize they are alive.

    Any baby any fetus, whatever you might want to call this wonderful gift I realize people are forgetting that an unborn child is very much alive, they can feel, they feel their limbs being ripped off, they feel every poke and prod. 80 % of abortion is just for the mere convenience of the mother if we can even call those people mothers. Why can't these people realize abortion is another word for murder.

  • Yes, it's unthinkable.

    It's your child that you're killing. Not your parents', not your church's, not your rapist's, not your career's, not your boyfriend's and not the government's. It is YOUR baby. You are a PARENT. No matter how bad your life is or was, you have a responsibility to this new life to either take care of it or find somebody else who can. Unless that pregnancy is actually going to kill you, abortion is never the answer.

    Posted by: APB
  • Where do we draw the line?

    We have to draw the line somewhere. And the line has to make sense. Ova and sperm come together to become an individual entity for the first time. That line makes sense. Propose another one and I'm willing to listen. But "birth" doesn't work. Nothing magical happens at birth. The baby doesn't suddenly become uber-intelligent.
    Viability? OK. Then good luck keeping abortion legal when scientists produce working artificial wombs and equally safe and non-invasive procedures for removing the baby and depositing the baby in the wombs. Unless you want abortion to become illegal in the future saying "viability" is the standard is not the way to go.

  • Abortion is wrong because it is the murder of an unborn infant.

    Abortion is the murder of a still-developing baby in the womb before the baby is ever born. The parent(s) need to be RESPONSIBLE and actually THINK before doing anything that could result in something that they are NOT prepared for. They should take responsibility instead of killing the still unborn baby because they were simply not prepared for the possibilities of having a child.

  • Women have rights.

    Quick opinion, I just think that women should not be told what to do. They have a right to the human inside of them because even if it's murder it is a piece of organic material WITHIN their body. Thinking it can feel is naive, because it's proven someone that age can't feel, smell, see, hear, or have brain function on anything above a fundamental level.

  • Mothers have rights

    The interests and rights of the child are emphasized more than the liberties of the parents, which need to be addressed as well. Is the mother mentally and financially ready? Circumstances should also be taken into consideration; what if the child was conceived as a result of rape or incest?

  • Not All Life Is Equal

    A fetus is not a person. It's just not. People who lobby to defend the fetus typically do not know all that much about fetal development. They have a biased opinion that is typically, though not always, grounded in a religion and holy book. Not all life is equal, and a fetus, while it is as alive as a tumor and just as human as well, is not alive in the sense that it is not reasonably equivalent to a born human being with wishes and a will. It is not an object of moral significance. Abortion is innocuous.

  • Tricky Subject, Depends On Decisions

    I think, that at all times, a woman should have the right to decide whether they want their child or not, I think it should be strictly cordoned, but always available as a last resort. It's a very tricky subject and people are bound to hate, but people should always have that right.

  • Whether abortion is wrong really depends.

    It's wrong to use abortion as a form of birth control. However, if you are raped or feel like it is best for the child, then you should be allowed to have an abortion. It shouldn't be like that girl in the Republic of Ireland. She died while having a miscarriage. She wasn't allowed an abortion until after the fetus died. It killed her. After all the fetus isn't considered alive until the mother can feel movement.

  • No, it's not wrong

    Why? Because removing a fertilized egg isn't wrong, in my view. There would come a point in the growth of the fetus where it would be like killing a human, but that wouldn't be for long. The current recommended time of, what, 24 weeks or something? That should be fine. One has to think about the mother and father - those whose responsibility it is, more than what is essentially just plasma.

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