• Is up to the person

    My cousin had to get an abortion since the baby is eating her alive, should that mean that she will go to hell? Maybe. What happens to the babies once it's delivered and gave to an adoption agency- do you think all kids will have a loving home? If their lucky but it's not too common. Being born and being neglected is as good as being aborted.

  • Yes but it depends on the individual case.

    If a 16 year old gets pregnant by accident, having the baby could cripple her life. She will struggle to get educated therefore not earn enough money to give the baby a good start to life. It would be far better for the whole family/ girl to have the abortion then later in life when she wants the baby to have the baby.

  • Protecting your body is always right

    Society has already decided that people can protect themselves and others from harm even if it involves killing. A father killed a man he caught trying to molest his daughter, and even though the perpetrator was not trying to kill the daughter the killing was deemed acceptable. All pregnancies carry real risk of harm even with great medical care. No one should be forced to undergo this risk for any reason. We do not even require blood donations (much less risky than pregnancy!), which has great potential to save lives. There have been court cases where people have argued that a relative who is an organ match should be required to donate that organ and save a life, but the owner of the organ has (thus far) won. Why don't women also have the same rights to their organs?

  • Choice and Health.

    If the baby is causing health issues to the mother, and if a C-Section isn't an option, then yes, abortion is okay. Does that mean I agree with killing anything not born? No. I believe that until it reaches three months, it's fine. After that mark, you're killing a child.

    Personally, I believe that it's up to the parents. If they feel like they aren't ready, then they should. If it was an accident (ripped condom, just didn't pull out, etc...), then yes.

  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Those people who say that abortion is always wrong, please answer me. Do you prefer a painless death or a painful life? Borning a blind-born child and whole-life suffering, or a subconscious death? Which one is worse? I believe that abortion should be the last option, but sometime there is no choice but to abort the child.

  • The Parents Choice.

    It's up to the parents. Why bring a baby into a world if the parents are not nearly close to finically ready or live in a poor way. All that would do is make the baby suffer and cause depression among the family. Like I said, it's all up to the parents and if they think they are ready to raise a newborn.

  • The baby inst actually a person who can feel.

    It's the persons personal choice of what they want to do and their choice is not hurting anyone. The baby doesn't feel anything and isn't even a capable of coherent thoughts until a certain point. I think abortion should be legal until a doctor deems it unsafe or painful for the mother or baby.

  • Obviously not, come on

    How is this even a question? Of course it's wrong to have an abortion. You're KILLING someone. For no reason. Would you walk up to some man on the street and stab him in the jugular? No, so why would you kill a defenseless, innocent fetus?
    If you neglect to give the child a chance in the world just because it's "inconvenient" for you, then you're no better than a common murderer. Actually, you're worse.
    And the whole thing isn't helped by how awful the actual procedure is. Has anyone in favor of abortion ever actually seen what one looks like? They shove a vacuum inside the mother and literally tear the fetus limb from limb. If you think that's right, you are literally the worst kind of person on this Earth.

  • Logically speaking.. It's not wrong.

    Think about it. Is a baby really any different then an animal? If you thinking aborting a fetus that doesn't even have a conscience is so wrong, then it is also equally wrong to slaughter animals by that logic. I'm pretty sure most people here who said no eats meat right? Then your a horrible person. :p

  • Imagine what it would do to the doctors.

    Do you think killing a defenceless fetus is right? Even if we have freedom of choice, everyone has the right to live, and when people say abortion is right, you're worse than any murderer alive, shame on people who think this is right. That opinion of "Yes" makes me fear for humanity's future.

  • No, A person is person, no matter how small

    It is always wrong to take the life of an innocent human. And, who is more innocent then a little baby, not yet born? While some people may want exceptions, does the origin of a human make her less valuable? Nobody should be deprived of their right to life unless they have committed a truly heinous crime such as murder.

  • No! No! No!

    Maybe it is your choice. Maybe you don't want it. Maybe it is your fought. I totally disagree with Yes. Like do you guys understand that these are children and you are basically murdering them. I don't see any good in this. You can put them in the adoption center. So please understand that It is a opinion and you don't have to agree

  • It's always living and human

    Something that isn't alive or human doesn't become more alive or human by growing and developing. It's either always living and human, or it's not. Since we know it is, we can conclude that it's wrong to kill them. If it's bad to kill an adult, worse to kill a child, and even worse to kill a post-born baby, then it should be absolutely unthinkable to kill a pre-born baby.

  • Sorry, but I don't agree with the murdering of an innocent being.

    There's no way to sugar-code the murdering of an innocent child. You are killing living thing that is a baby. No one in their right mind should think that murdering a fetus that still feels a lot of pain while the process is being done. So the mother needs to choose, right? She also had to choose whether to do stuff with the other guy. She was responsible for getting pregnant, and then she would be responsible for killing a baby because she decided she didn't want it. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Why should we have a choice over whether someone dies?

    It is up to the person. That would be ok if there was more than 1 person involved but there is not. Whether you call it a baby or a featus it is life and should be valued if we are to universalise the right to life which I believe we should do to create a moral society. What is the utilitarian thing to do? We could sustain this innocent life who will develop into a human being with the same capabilities as yourself at a relatively small cost to your time and effort. It seems I'm a rarity, an atheist, anti-abortion apologist.

  • It's killing babies

    No matter what you call it. It's still a baby, a living thing and abortion is taking it's life away from it. This is basically killing it. And when an abortion is performed, the fetus feels a lot of pain. Some forms of abortion are to cut the fetus into little pieces. How is this even humane, and to think we're doing it to our own children. These babies are innocent, it has feelings and killing it is not the right thing to do. People are saying that the mother needs to choose. The mother made her choice when she chose to do that thing with another guy. She was fully aware of what could happen, and when she gets pregnant she decides to kill her child. In this respect, how are we any different from animals. As president Ronald Reagan said, "I happen to notice that all the people who support abortion are born."

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