• Abortion is as safe as any medical procedure

    There is a danger present in all medical procedures when things do not go as planned or mistakes are made. I don't think people should take abortions lightly in this regard, but done in a medical facility I believe they are as safe as they can be. This is one reason why it is argued that abortions need to be legal, so that they are done under proper medical procedures and not be attempted in unsafe conditions.

  • Yes, if done by the right doctor.

    Abortion is a safe and legitimate medical procedure as long as it is performed at a licensed clinic with trained professionals. A Planned Parenthood clinic is a good example of a safe place to have an abortion. The procedure has been performed for many, many years with very few complications, so there is no reason to believe that abortions involve any more risk that a visit to the dentist.

  • Abortion is safe.

    While yes, every medical procedure has a risk of causing harm to a person, abortion can generally be considered as safe. There are even times when abortion is used in order to save a mother's life, or even saving a child from having to live a life of chronic illness or mental or physical deformity or retardation.

  • Abortion is safe.

    Abortion is safe. As with any procedure complications can occur but generally speaking abortion is safe. A woman can be put under for her abortion which is probably the best option. Statistical data backs the safety of abortions and statistically speaking abortions are actually safer than giving birth to a child.

  • No I don't think abortion is safe

    I believe that abortion is not safe because, abortion is the killing of an embroyo. This means that abortion is totally unsafe for the poor little embroyo who is classfied as human life at the time of conception. In the UN Declerations Article 3 it is stated that "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the security of persons." This means that the process is unsafe as it is human life from the time of conception

  • It simply isn't

    It is the termination of a pregnancy, a child's life, this cannot be described as safe in any way shape or form, especially the inhumane and disgustingly cruel way that most of these abortions are executed, there are also severe psychological repercussions experienced by the mothers, some what similar to severe cases of post-natal depression. As well as other adverse medical things, all of this is not conjecture and is well documented.

  • Not safe for the unborn child that is killed.

    First we must change the terminology. The "abortion" that it is commonly called is the killing of an innocent person, pure and simple. It can never be morally justified. When a girl or woman allows their innocent unborn child to be killed, they can suffer a lifetime of psychological distress. Many who have had their innocent unborn child killed must fight to keep "abortion" legal, for if it were outlawed, then they might feel as if their innocent unborn child was murdered! And they allowed it to happen! Deep down inside, most women who have had an abortion KNOW their innocent unborn child was murdered and by fighting to keeping it "legal" they somehow may feel less guilty. Sick and twisted world we live in...

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