• A society that can kill human life by the millions has no moral obligation in other matters of truth.

    Liberals that can dismiss the killing of human life as a "choice", have no moral obligation to be truthful in any matter. The respect of life is fundamental to any civilized society. Liberals supposedly are the champions for the minority, the marginal. And the defenseless. Where is the outcry from the feminists and the black community defending the defenseless? It's all about choice until you want to buy a soda or pray in school.

  • No.

    While abortion is still a hot button issue in politics today, it is by no means a defining moral issue of the times. As much as politicians use it to gather votes, it is something that only affects a small number of people in society, especially compared to other issues such as the LGBT movement.

  • There are too many questionable ideologies, it's hard to say one is more defining than another

    With so many ideologies affecting politics, economics, religion, education, health (both mentally and physically) and entertainment, there is a plethora of questionable issues or rather ideologies that could be considered arguably bad from the judgment of a moral perspective. So the joy should be spread around. It is not really accurate or fair to place the crown of "defining moral issue of our day " on abortion when there are so many others that could justly be awarded such a title.

  • No, it isn't

    While abortion is a huge issue at the moment, I believe the defining moral issue of this generation is lgbt/gsm rights. It is a much larger movement, I think, and has many more facets to it. Abortion is still a huge issue at the moment, but it is certainly not a defining one.

  • Abortion Not Defining Issue of Today

    I do not believe that abortion is the defining moral issue of our day. I understand that it is, indeed, an important issue but there are bigger issues at hand that will be looked back upon as the issue of today.

    I firmly believe that the gun issue is currently bigger than the abortion issue and will be so for quite a while to come.

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