• Abortion=Murdering Two-Year-Olds

    Murder Definition: the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought (

    So is abortion murder? Is a fetus a human being? Yes. In fact, the moment human life begins IS at conception. Don't believe me? The medical field seems to support my view ( To further support my reasoning, we can all agree that a baby is a human. That baby was human at the time of birth, which means that it must have been human 5 minutes before the birth. So if the baby is a human before birth, then that means that it is a human while it is a fetus. If it is a human while it’s a fetus, then it wouldn’t matter if the growing fetus were nine months, nine weeks, or nine days old, it is still human.

    Now that we established that the fetus is a human, let’s take a look at what these arguments made by the pro-abortionist look like when we substitute the unborn baby with a two-year-old, since both are human.

    Killing two-year-olds can actually save the world by reducing the increasing overpopulation!

    It is the mother’s choice to kill the two-year-old, nobody can tell her otherwise!

    The innocent two-year-old should be killed because of the crimes of his/her father.

    If the woman cannot provide for and raise the two-year-old (as if adoption is out of the picture) then she has the right to kill it.

    Women should have the right to choose whether or not to kill two-year-olds!

    Killing two-year-olds should be legal!

    If the two-year-old is not given the best chance possible to live a good life, then it would be a moral service to kill him/her.

    If war (even waged to prevent the rise of mass genocide and global terrorism) is so widely accepted, then why isn’t killing two-year-olds?

    If we are allowed to kill animals, then why not kill two-year-olds?

    If the two-year-old is unconscious, then it is OK to kill him/her!

    The two-year-old should die because of a poor decision made by his/her parents.

    Because a woman has to endure sufferings of life (periods, pain), then the two-year-old should be killed!

    Because the woman thinks that the two-year-old would not live a good life, he/she should be killed.

    Who are you to try to keep a woman from killing a two-year-old, you immoral and inconsiderate person!

    The parents don’t want the two-year-old, so it is ok to kill it.

    I hardly think that anyone in their right mind, especially the law, would support the killing of toddlers under any circumstance, so why is an unborn child any different? Probably the most leading argument for abortion is the possibility of pregnancy by rape. While yes, it is possible, and sadly does happen, honestly, does it happen often enough that killing a child should be legalized for everyone? Let’s pull some numbers.

    Sadly, 1/6 American Women are or will be rape victims (, but that also reduces the percentage down to a rounded 17 percent of women.

    So with 83 percent of the woman population excluded how many actually get pregnant from rape? Some studies have shown numbers as high as a rounded eight percent will get pregnant, while others show lower numbers such as 3.1 to five percent ( Once again, I will give the benefit of a doubt and go with the rounded eight percent, which leaves us with 1.36 percent of all women will be pregnant by rape, hopefully even much lower than that.

    While rape is a sad issue, it still does not justify the murder of an innocent child. Plus, even if abortion were to be legalized for the sake of rape victims, then that would enable the other 98.64 percent of the women population to kill the unborn child for any of the other reasons previously mentioned.

    Besides, studies have once again shown that the main motives behind abortion are not because of rape after all, as pro-abortionists make it out to be. Allow me to quote some statistics from a study on these motives;

    “The results showed that more than half of the women expressed that a bad relationship with the partner in one way or another was a motive for the abortion. Other important motives included characteristics of the women and their partners, mainly immaturity, work/studies and unsuitable life situation for having a child. Less common motives seemed to be economy, dwelling and medical and health factors.”

    So is abortion really all about the rape victims, or the irresponsible teenagers and bad relationships with the man that will be the motives behind all the unjustifiable and numerous counts of murders against helpless and innocent babies? Besides, government was our nation not built on the idea that everybody (including the unborn) should have rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

    Other Source:

  • Teenage Point of View

    I'll be as blunt as I can for those of you who think abortion is an answer, It's flat out sick and wrong. I believe that right when conception occurs, that in a woman's womb is a living, breathing human child. Abortion is murder. I know a lot of you out there think its an answer after a rape of if you're financially screwed, but get this, adoption is another option. Yeah, I know there is the crappy 9 months you'd go through, but its better to give that baby up (If you want) rather than to have it killed. Think in the perspectives of that baby, how would you like to have been aborted when you were conceived, to go through all the pain of it, both mother and child would suffer. And if you got an abortion, no matter what, you will feel guilty eventually, you may feel guilty with giving your baby up for adoption, but at least you can live with the fact that you gave your baby a chance at life with a family who can love and care for them, to whereas abortion, you'll always feel some sort of guilt, because you'll eventually come to realize that it was the wrong choice and that you can never bring that child back. So think twice and hard before doing something, that was caused by you, and taking the life of the innocent baby in that case.

  • The gift of life

    These little babies don't even get a chance to feel the wind in their faces or the cool breeze in their ears. You are practically murdering a baby. I have some sympathy for the woman who can't conceive for medical reasons or if they are raped. Being a Christian in strictly says no to this. Don't be a murderer!

  • The Right to Life

    Now many of you, upon seeing my name in this column, will assume I am taking away a woman's right to choose. Think of it as giving a child his or her's Right to Life back. 56 million babies have been aborted since Roe v Wade 40 years ago. That is a number Hitler would be proud of. We know we are on the wrong side of an issue when we've killed more babies than Hitler killed Jews. We have an American Genocide going on right beneath our noses, and I will do everything in my power to save the sacred life of an unborn child. When your child has been in the womb 22 days, they have the gift of life, a heart beat. Think of the days they have ahead of them, walking, playing and laughing. Who has the right to take away that life? Not a mother. If a pregnant woman is murdered, the suspect is indicted for a double murder, so the government does recognize that the child is alive. Our government endorses the American Genocide by funding Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist who wanted to destroy minorities through sterilization and abortion. Her goal is being achieved and it is a sad day when we have to tolerate these mass murders. You democrats may not realize it, but their is a higher authority than the federal government, and one day we have to answer to him, how do you explain to God letting 56 million children die?

  • Yes, even after 40 years, it still is.

    If you look at fetus and what the legal or biological definition of life is, you will see that a fetus is in fact a life. Even if you don't accept the fact that a fetus is a life, you should still be opposed to abortion due to the physiological impact on the woman and how women are 250% more likely to commit suicide. Abortion is wrong, it's murder of a life, and it's damaging to the woman, so how can a person possibly think it's right when the facts and evidence is against them?

  • Yes of corse it is wrong in many ways.

    It is easy for guys to say because they are not the ones that are pragnat. Yes women suffer when pregnat but wait till the baby tells you that they love you. You will be happy that you never aborted that child. I know that it is your rights but keep in mind that you are also murtering.

  • It is murder.

    It is a baby forming inside of a woman. I was a baby once and if you ever call me a parasite, that is completely wrong. I was always a human and that is the end of it. You shouldn't be calling me a parasite. I was a baby. My mom didn't abort me when I was a baby.

  • Biology says it's all.

    Biology's 7 Signs of Life are all found in a fetus. Biology's definition of what is life matches a fetus as well. Did you know that 1 billion babies have been killed globally since 1973? 50 million a year... That's the body count of the ENTIRE Iraq War every day. According to the studies, less than 1% of those is over rape or incest.

  • Abortion is a form of murder.

    The Bible says thou shalt not kill. A mother that carrying a child has no right to abort the child . Anyone who has an abortion is rebelling against God's law and it is wrong to have an abortion. It is a life they are taking. Nobody has the right to take lives, only God can do that. God did not give child-carrying mothers the option to get abortions. There is no exception to God's law.

  • These people don't do research.=====>

    @Numidious. Consciousness is life? So are you saying everyone in a coma should just be dumped and buried since they are dead?

    @Mzansi >.> No one said the war was right. Everyone knows that war is wrong. It doesn't justify abortion.

    @Isilwiley Put them in a orphanage at least. It's not like he's going to come to you and stalk you for the rest of your life.

    @Anonymous. Be responsible for yourself. If you go aggravate Bruce Lee and challenge him, you'll receive a ride into the hospital. Also, legally, he was defending himself.

    @EveryoneHere. Please...lets just say Steve Jobs' mother aborted him. There won't be a Apple today. Bill Gates' mother aborted him. No Microsoft today. Michael Dell's mother aborted him. No Dell today. Edison's mother aborted him. No light bulbs today. Isn't that nice?

  • Think of it logically... Abortion saves lives

    Embryonic stem cell research uses a human embryo, and is thought to be able to cure up to 70 major diseases and has actually been proven to cure cancer. If for every baby aborted we cured a dying cancer patient, there would actually be a bit of an equilibrium; no lives added, no lives taken away.

    However, there's more. Modern abortion procedures are very safe; in fact, the woman only has a one in 100,000 chance of death. On the other hand, a woman has a 13.3 out of 100,000 chance of dying from birth. So, for every 100,000 babies aborted, we'd be saving roughly 12 women. If you combine this with stem cell research, more loves are already being saved.

    Finally, one of the main reasons women have abortions is because it can interfere with her education or career goals. Either way, the end result is poverty for both the woman and the child. Statistics show that those who live in poorer communities are more likely to commit crime than those in the middle and upper class. More specifically, this will also mean that the murder rate will be lower than it would have been without abortion. In that case, abortion will save more lives of innocent civilians.

    In conclusion, saying that we need to end abortion for the sake of saving lives is not valid, as it is very clear that more lives will be saved with abortion.

  • No

    A glob of cells isn't a baby.

  • No, there's nothing wrong with abortion.

    People shouldn't have kids if they don't want kids.

  • No.

    At the point of which they kill the fetus it is not alive. And what if a woman got pregnant off of a rape, if abortion was illegal then she would have to live with the memory all her life and a child she never wanted.

  • A fetus is not a baby.

    I am sick of pro-lifers saying that a fetus, or even a zygote is a baby. It is not. If you remove a fetus from the womb at 15 or so weeks then it would most likely die, even if you removed it in a manner that would not hurt it. If it can't live outside a woman's body then is it living?

    Posted by: ddee
  • A serious decision, but not murder.

    Although I believe there are better decisions to take into account before choosing to have an abortion, my opinion is that it needs to be a last resort choice. A fetus does not have completely developed organs, feelings, or thoughts as a living BABY has. An embryo or a fetus is not a person, therefore, it is not murder. There's no way they can have more importance than women. Women can think, feel and make their own decisions. How would I feel if I were an aborted fetus? Answer: Nothing. I wouldn't feel anything. Why? I can't think. Do you have any memories of when you were in the womb? I think not. Adoption is still an available choice. A woman has the right to choose. Let us not go back to dark times where women died with their fetuses by having back alley abortions. It is a very difficult choice that, hopefully, is NEVER taken lightly, but women who have had a abortion should not be shamed. Women AND their partners have the right to know about all of the options that they have. Birth control is only 99% effective. Abstinence is a good idea in itself, but NO human being is perfect. If you think you're above someone because you are a virgin and they are not, you need to get a reality check. However, on this topic, I do stand on the middle ground. Abortions done in the late months of pregnancy seem extremely taboo to me. Before this later stage, however, I see a clump of cells; POTENTIAL for life, not a baby. I cannot emphasize the word POTENTIAL enough. To the people who oppose me; I do understand where you are coming from. I can see where you start to think of abortion as murder. It definitely makes you see a person in a different light when you learn they have had an abortion. But do you really want a mother on welfare with seven children? Do you want to add to our already massive population? Do you want your taxes to go to all of these poor, eventually "worthless" citizens? Does it devastate a community and put people into fear of a serial killer (no, so is it really "murder")? I do know people who have had abortions. Yes, it haunts them, but bad choices haunt everyone. I think that women who have had abortions should get the support they need instead of condemning them. So, then, maybe suicide wouldn't be such a prominent result. Before you use that argument ("It makes women suffer"), think about what anti-choice protestors DO to those women! THEY make them suffer during a VERY hard time in their lives! Motherhood is not a walk in the park. Not everyone wants a baby. I never want to be a mother. I hate children. I'm selfish? Hey, at least a baby won't have to suffer my lazy wrath. Thank you.

  • Over population a bigger problem than once perceived

    Over population is becoming more and more relevant this is one was we can control that reasonably without killing people that are already alive. Abortion is not a gear option but without it our world as we know it can spiral. Unless we want to stop our me me me frames of minds abortion and other precautions need to be taken

  • "Wrong" is a word

    Until it is clearly defined, it is useless to label things with it. Morality is a concept created by human beings and is entirely subjective. Whether someone has any negative emotion attached to the abortion of a fetus varies from person to person. As long as people define the word differently, there will be disagreement. I doubt a single all-encompassing definition will ever be agreed upon. If the question was instead "Would you vote to make abortion illegal?" I would answer no. If I somehow was able to vote on the matter, I would vote in favor of abortion.

  • Money and taxes

    If society forces women to reproduce against their will, then we as a society have an obligation to care for, feed, provide clothing, and educate these innocent children to make them normal productive members of society. No matter what the parents did, the kids are innocent of any "sins" of the parents. Are the opponents of abortion willing to put their money where their mouth is? Are you willing to pass the massive tax increases and social programs to deal with raising these children who would have been aborted? I don't see any commitment from opponents of abortion to defend these children after they are born.

  • It happens in nature.

    There are creatures with in built abortion systems so why should we not take advantage of it? This can go with every religion and is indisputable so for you religious people, why would God give animals abortion and not us. And any atheist who's against abortion, what possible reason do you have, humanity and you don't lose anything.

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rruthbj says2013-04-28T04:57:27.203
I think all profetus people should volunteer to carry the fetus of their choice donated by someone who wants to have an abortion. Then they can carry it, have it, support it and then it would be their choice. Especially men profeti. If man can go to the moon, then man should carry a fetus. Maybe an implant in their stomach with a C section to take the baby out. You people who want to make decisions for a world of people should either put up or shut up. Right now you are like window peepers in other people's lives. With your horrible expletives just a masturbation of angry minds and mouths.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T14:41:27.240
Its alarming how many people don't have sentiments about the innate preciousness of the birth of a human being. A precious precious spiritual entity. Nothing justifies the abortion pandemic. Its just pure evil. In the future, people will just refere to it as the Giant Holocaust and compare the people here who argued for it, with common Nazis. People who just didn't know better, and were possessed by self-righteousness about the glory of killing the defenseless, thinking it means they are strong or self-sufficient characters.
Anonymous says2013-06-08T18:44:38.557
I wish Anti-choicers would just stop going on about putting a baby up for adoption, it's not a magic panacea that solves all the world's problems and not an automatic happy ending for the child either.
Shadowguynick says2013-07-02T22:56:34.393
As cruel as it to kill an unborn child, it is even more cruel to let it lead a life of sadness and disappointment if they are born to terrible parents, or if they are born to a terrible situation. Teenage pregnancy is sad, but not for the mother or father. They are idiots who will cause a rough life for their child. I feel so bad about this. It would be great if we could live in a world where no such stupid decisions or stupid people existed. I personally know a pair of twins who were born by teenage parents. Their dad left them, and they lead a rough life. Now they are teenagers themselves, and report to have sex frequently. At 14 YEARS OLD. They frequently get in trouble with the cops, and one had tried to stab someone. This may not be the case with all, and I am not going to give any facts or statistics. But maybe my story will shed some light on some terrible happenings in the world.
jzonda415 says2013-08-21T15:49:19.763
Arguing in the opinion section as I discovered is boring (Compared to debates and forms).
Nataliella says2013-08-25T17:01:09.487
Notice how the majority of people saying "Yes" are Anonymous.
Jayleigh says2013-10-28T23:18:01.980
This is very hard question to answer. My opinion is that it is wrong to abort but than again what if you were raped? Honestly I think it depends on the situation. If you were raped or anything like that I say you have the right to abort but if you were playing around and accidently got pregnant than you have to carry that out and learn your lesson.
DatAzian says2013-12-20T16:11:57.280
94% of women say they regret their abortion. If it feels wrong, it probably is.
Sagey says2014-02-11T23:58:43.407
If a woman goes to an abortion clinic, they will do their best to talk her out of having the abortion, because they really want to make sure that the woman is aware of all the problems and issues associated with her decision before going ahead with it. Last statistics I sighted stated that they have over 80% success rate at having women decide to keep the baby. In that 20% that do go ahead with the abortion there are those who cannot carry or keep the baby due to medical reasons.
JonHouser says2017-02-15T20:15:28.460
@rruthbj - If I could carry a child that someone wanted to abort, I would. But that is not possible, so the only thing I can do is everything I can to protect his life. People cry all about incest, or rape, or the life of the mother, but the vast majority of abortions are done by healthy mothers who don't want to take responsibility for the results of their own actions. If a woman is going to have sex (protected or unprotected), then she should be held to account for the results of that action. She should not be allowed to "sweep it under the rug" by murdering the life that is within her. I am not letting the father off the hook either. He should be just as responsible for the child as the mother is, but we are talking here about the mother's "right" to her body. The child is not part of her body, because all of her body must have the same DNA and the same blood type. The child does not have the same DNA and usually has a different blood type. That being the case, she has no right whatsoever to harm the life that she participated in creating.

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