• The Right to Life

    All those who are reading this had the right to life. They all have the chance to enjoy the life they have now.
    They have no right to take that from someone else.
    Hey, what if the cure for deadly diseases is locked in the mind of babies whose lives are in question?

  • How could a parent kill their child?

    No good loving parent would intentionally have their own child killed simply because they have plans or aren't ready. It's absolutely sick. How could you do that? Is your child less important than your plans? It's just so horrible. If you kill your own baby you are a a terrible person.

  • This represents nothing:

    I am interested in reading the reasoning why abortion may be considered wrong. I am not interested in arguments relating to why it should be allowed though you're free to post them but I specifically won't bother to read them. I will not contest any given opinions but I do ask that the opinions have reasoning and if possible try and avoid religious reasoning but if that's where it stems from no problem.

  • I believe Abortion is wrong.

    I believe abortion is wrong as it not only infringes on the right of the infant but denies life to what could be a happy little child and then a full grown respected member of the community later in life. A mother does not have the right to kill an infant after it's born as that would be considered murder? What right does she have now the baby is in the womb ready to be born? I understand that some parents might not want kids. That's fine, that's there decision but once the Child is born put it up for adoption so the newly born can go into a loving home instead of killing it in a cruel way by cutting it and leaving it to die on a table.

  • Abortion is Murder.

    Murder may be a choice, but it isn't right. Let's apply the logic behind most abortions to someone already outside the womb, like an elderly, 70-year old woman. The local nursing home (foster home) can't take care of any more people, which means you'll have to take care of her. That'll put a lot of stress on you, and you just can't handle right now in this part of your life. Your partner also doesn't want to take care of her. And besides, if she's left in your care, she probably won't be well-off, and it'd be very bad for her. And after all, there's a clinic right downtown that can get rid of her for you! It's that easy. So why not?

    If you're human and have a soul, you would realize that the situation previously explained is wrong and horrendous. So why is it that when you swap out grandma for an unborn child that it suddenly becomes "Choice" as opposed to murder? As much as some people might try to, you can't politicize murder in one shape or form.

  • Even Scientists Agree!

    If there were even 1 living cell in the entire universe, scientists would consider this "Life on other planets", so why would it be any different on Earth? ABORTION IS KILLING BABIES!!! I don't know why or how anyone ever came up came up with the idea that it's not and "babies can't feel it" because in the bible it says that God knew you before you were even out of the womb. You are going against god's word if you do that and it's considered murder. Now, of course you have free will, and nobody is going to stop you, but keep in mind on the day of judgement that you will have to explain why you killed your baby to god. Who knows, you might even see your baby... How would you feel after that?????

  • Abortion is wrong

    I totally believe that abortion is wrong since it is unfair for the baby in the womb. The baby who is going to be born is actually very special especially knowing the fact that there are many couples out there who struggles to have babies. If one does not want to have a baby just simply use protection to be safe.
    Although in conditions where the mother's condition is not strong enough to give birth it may be allowed or for the baby's safety. Without valid reasons then abortion is the wrong thing to do.

  • It's their choice and there are worse things.

    I think abortion is not wrong as it is their choice whether to have it or not, on the basis of the argument "it kills babies" infanticide is not new and it happens a lot, everyone is ignorant if they focus on this argument, there are worse things in the world, like the children starving in Africa, the statistic for death is one every second, there are worse things and if the mother and the father both agree on abortion, it's their choice, stay out of their business.

  • Your body your choice

    Every pregnancy finds a different mother in a different situation. Therefore it should be no ones ago choice but the mothers as to what to do with the child. I believe it is completely absurd to force a woman to carry a child for nine months without her having any input as to wether or not to keep the child. On top of that there are many situations in which the pregnancy puts the mother, child, or both at risk. Additionally, by keeping abortion legal we insure that women do not have to turn to dangerous back alley routs to terminate unwanted or unsafe pregnancies. At the end of the day what to do with a pregnancy should be up to the mother, not the state.

  • It is the parent's choice

    The parent (specifically the mother) should decide whether or not she believes that in their situation it is moral to have an abortion. Of course, if the parents are low on money and cant afford to have a child (on average a child costs the parents 180,000) then it becomes more moral than if it where a rich parent. But, it still is the parent's choice.

  • Abortion is morally ambiguous

    Some of the people who are having an abortion are pregnant teenage girls who are not ready to be a mother yet. Here is what sounds morally wrong to me: Browbeating a girl walking into an abortion clinic and/or forcibly preventing her from entering and forcing her to deal with the consequences on her own.

  • Abortion is not wrong.

    First off, people keep commenting that killing their "babies" is wrong when really, they're a FETUS and there is nothing human about them until birth when they are physically present in the world. It is not wrong if a woman is carrying the baby of her rapist, for example. Would you like to like with a constant reminder of a traumatic, degrading situation?
    It is not wrong if the living conditions and the health of the woman are not high enough for the baby to survive with a chance at a happy and healthy life itself.
    I'm sure you can think of more situations yourselves.
    Abortion is not wrong, yet it is not right if there is simply no reason other than "I don't want to lose my figure."

  • Extreme Cases and Practical Cases are Important to Consider

    There are cases where abortion should definitely not be allowed. However, there are also cases where it should. Primarily, if a woman's life is in danger as a direct result of a pregnancy, she should have the right to terminate provided that she does so before true development occurs. It is her responsibility to seek medical care and consultation to determine the risks and make the choice herself. Denying her the choice in this situation outright is tantamount to harming the already living person.

    This being said, there are other cases as well - a woman should not be forced to carry the child of her rapist, for example. A woman should not be forced to provide for a child she is not able to financially or practically care for. Forcing these things on a woman only serves to provide a miserable life for the prospective child and curbs the rights of the mother.

    Above all else, early abortions where the "baby" has not yet developed and is still in a state of undifferentiated cells should not be restricted. You can try to argue that it is alive or has the potential to be alive, but where do you draw the line in that argument? If you get an abortion, by this line of logic, you are also denying the right to live of that potential child's children and so on and so on. An undifferentiated ball of cells, while possessing unique DNA, does not constitute life just yet. You can argue that this unique DNA makes it a person with an identity; such "unique" DNA is easily manufactured in a lab and, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that does not count.

    In the case of wanton abortion where the child has begun to develop, or is capable of surviving independent of the mother, or in cases where the abortion is being performed out of the negligence to use birth control or because the abortion is cheaper to perform, then it should not be permitted. If one is performing an abortion because they "changed their mind" at the last moment, this is not acceptable.

    In summary, if there is a valid reason behind the abortion and the "child" has not yet developed to be self-sustaining, then it should be acceptable for the woman to make the choice. If this is not the case, then it should not. But to say that abortion is wrong in all cases outright denies the practicality of raising a child in an adequate environment.

    Posted by: Auxi
  • It's really up to choice!!!

    If someone wants to have an abortion then they should have the opportunity to do so! Just because you may believe that it is the wrong thing to do, it may be the right thing for them! Abortion isn't necessarily used because the mother just doesn't want the kid anymore... There may also be birth problems with the mother and the only way that she is to survive is if the baby dies and the baby would end up dying either way! It's all up to circumstance and belief, but the option should always be there.

  • What's the point of saving a life, if it never had one to begin with

    I believe if the mother cannot support the child or better yet is able to bring up the child in a way where it contributes, it better to abort. Many people say they have capability or they have the power to change the world for the better but we kill them. What's the point if that child becomes a drug dealer, and OD's on the street? What's the point if the child gets abused or neglected simply , because the mother/father was not prepared or able to care for it? There's a saying living in this world is worse than death, simply we make it so. If it like that, you could be sending this child into a world where it'll wither and die in a way worse than abortion.

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Craighawley215 says2014-09-03T13:52:24.360
The whole question rides on where you believe life begins.
thehumanistpreacher says2014-09-09T20:58:22.687
@Craighawley215. The real question is whether you are for murder or against.
Craighawley215 says2014-09-10T12:56:26.673
@thehumanistpreacher First of all, I wasn't stating an opinion, but rather, pointing out that logically, the question leaves too much open. Murder is one thing. I naturally am against it by the way. However, it is impossible for this opinion page to reach any sort of consensus, because the concept of precisely when life begins is a difficult thing to grasp. Does it happen at birth? At a certain period in fetal development? At the exact moment of conception? Some people could take this concept as far as to say that sperm is fully alive, in which case, any type of contraception is likened to abortion. So it's a difficult issue to discuss. Please don't suggest that I am advocating murder, I for one have seen too many miscarriages of friends and family to consider abortion myself.
thehumanistpreacher says2014-09-10T19:32:06.443
@Craighawley215, I understand your view very well and although you hold what you would consider a very enquiring perspective of the whole issue. The whole issue they say isn't black and white but the what you will find is that it is. Contraception is a different issue entirely but I understand how some can be misguided in mixing the two issue up much like creationism and science.

The question which people are asking is the wrong question on whether you consider when life actually begins. The real issue is since you are denying life by preventing life to develop. You are in effect killing the child by not giving the would be child a chance to life.

I do understand what you are saying about the vague question and the need to draw a line on the definition of abortion. For example there is a difference having an abortion for financial reasons and having an abortion for a medical emergency. We consider there to be two types of abortions, The first type of abortion is a real medical emergency such as the mother having her life threatened by conceiving her child which leaves the parents very little choice in the matter. The second type of abortion is murder where the parent makes an active decision to kill their child by denying their child life whether the reason be financial or because the child is disabled.

Our position is simple, if the parent does not have an abortion due to a inescapable medical emergency then it is murder by the parents making an active decision to deny the child life.

Our position is simple. If a parent has an abortion as a result of an inescapable medical emergency then it can't be helped. If a Parent makes an active decision to deny their child life for a non-life threatening medical emergency then it is murder.
Craighawley215 says2014-09-10T20:02:20.437
@thehumanistpreacher I understand your point, but if the exact beginning of life is irrelevant, then what is the difference between preventing a child from developing in the womb and preventing a child from developing by using contraception?

Both paths effectively prevent child development. The "Plan B" pill can be considered essentially an extremely early abortion measure, and then birth control is intended to prevent the chance of conception, which achieves roughly the same goal as a preventative method. So if you say that the beginning of life doesn't matter, and that preventing a child from developing is murder, then any method which disallows birth or pregnancy without extreme cause can be considered tantamount to murder.

I don't advocate abortion, because I do not genuinely think I could make that call after the experiences I have seen loved ones go through. But I also don't think that this topic is as black and white as the issue of murder, and I don't think that we know enough to concretely pass judgement on this topic.