Is abortion wrong when the pregnancy risks the mother's life?

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  • Why would it?

    Of course not. Catholics have been trying to get their own way for centuries now. They cannot stand the idea that they are losing the battle, that their philosophy is not globally shared. This is why they will say anything possible, as ridiculous as it is in order to promote their beliefs outside their circles. No, it is not wrong.

  • There's always next time...

    While I stand on the grounds that abortion isn't wrong anyway, it certainly isn't wrong in this case. Why force someone to risk death for something that isn't there yet, so to speak?

    If the pregnant person wanted the child, then they can always try again because they'll still be alive to do so. There's another chance for them. Not to mention, more people will be upset over the death of this person than they would be over a simple operation to save their life.

  • Abortion is never wrong, unless it is forced upon a woman by someone else.

    However, it is perhaps MOST acceptable (if we can even quantify it in that way) when the life of the mother is at risk, and especially if the child’s life is in danger as well. When it comes down to it, morality has no place in health and the human right to life.

  • No abortion is not wrong when the pregnancy is risking the life of the mother

    Along with a rape situation, a life threatening pregnancy is one of the few exceptions to where an abortion could be seen as acceptable I think. At that point, the mother is not actually murdering her child, but rather is reacting in self defense more than anything. If she doesn't want to risk her life to carry the baby to term, she should not have to. That choice should be left up to her. So no I don't think abortion is wrong when the baby is risking the mom's life, is a special circumstance where it should be allowed given the danger the mother may be in.

  • No, Abortion is not wrong period

    A woman has rights to her own body, and what goes on inside of it. If you take away autonomy from a woman its no different than saying then you can't speak the words you want or use the bathroom. I believe that the people who are against abortion are insecure that their beliefs are not shared by all people and feel the need to control other people's lives so that they feel more secure.

  • Why force her to risk her life?

    Why should a woman be forced to risk her own life? The central issue in the abortion debate is choice, and that choice seems to be extremely important when the mother's very life is hanging in the balance. To risk a current, viable human being for something that only has the potential to become one is a tradeoff that some people might not want to make, and they should be allowed to not have to make that trade.

  • Is a life always worth another life?

    It is unfair for any person to tell another person that their life will end and that they have no actual control over it. In all reality, one of the main reasons to be for abortion is to protect the life of the woman who is having the child. It is difficult for a child to grow up without a mother and allowing a mother to pass away while giving birth to the child not only takes that mother away but give someone the potential weight to carry of blaming themselves for the death of their parent.

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