• Could have ended slavery with a war.

    Every country but America ended slavery without a war. How come Lincoln didn't do that? President Lincoln also gave the Federal Government more power than the states. We must look at another side of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln also gave us the income tax. He gave us the most unnecessary war in the United States of America's history.

  • He was a dictator

    He was a vile dictator, He locked up multiple of governors in prison to prevent a referendum taking place for that state, Biggest example being Maryland. And everyone acts like he was some sort of non-racist super benevolent being. He was just as racist if not more-so then everyone else. He himself said "If I could reunify the states by freeing no slaves, I would. If I could to-do by freeing every slave, I would. If I could do-so while freeing some slaves and leaving others alone, I would. " He didn't care about freeing slaves, In his eyes black men were sub-human or animals!

  • Even For His Time, Not Very Good

    Many see Abraham Lincoln as America's savior, a righteous abolitionist who was also a military genius. This could not be farther from the truth. In every turn of his life, Lincoln made sure everyone knew he was a racist. He would talk of the so-called superiority of the white race, and the "physical differences", between whites and blacks. He only started the Civil War to keep the Union intact. He even said, "If I could save The Union without freeing any slaves, I would do it." He only started the war because The South forced it upon him, not out of morals. Not only that, but even with more soldiers and resources, it took him four years to win the war. Even then, the Unions victory wasn't at all due to him.

  • Its the whole "wartime president" thing

    If you actually look at what he did to win the war and how he went about it, Lincoln does not live up to the # 1 ranking that he is often given, not to say he is a bad president, just more top 10 than top 3.

    Sam L

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  • Lincoln was a racist warhawk who violated the constitution

    Lincoln was largely racist. He shares many of his views on slavery with his idol Henry Clay, who was also a huge racist. Lincoln wanted to buy off slaves and send them back to their native land. Basically, he wanted blacks anywhere but America. The civil war was only to preserve the union. Lincoln used slavery to gain support for the war. If you look back at abolitionist writings during the war and pre-war, many abolitionists despised Lincoln. Also, Lincoln dismissed Habeas Corpus, had people executed for opposing his regime, and media sources shut down that spoke against him. Lincoln was a tyrant.

  • Lincoln only wanted to keep the union intact

    People always credit Lincoln for his strong conviction about slavery, but he actually did it for political reasons. Lincoln was losing the war at the moment and thought that freeing the many slaves in the south would cause them to revolt and take arms against their masters(Which it did). It was an astute political move, but it was all it was. Keeping the union intact and winning this war was what convinced Lincoln, and not strong convictions. Thus, Lincoln is clearly overrated.

  • No he's not

    Abraham Lincoln only had one term and got shot whIle he was attending the theater. Also, he helped free the slaves which is very generous and important to our history. Lastly, he was 6ft 4in which is very off topic but if you were thinking this made him over rated then you are 100% wrong.

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