• Yes it's bad

    Sometimes it's hard for young people to control sex urges. And if you're partner dose not want abstinence you're relationship with he/her won't last long. And if have sex when your 25 years old and older it make affect you you are more likely to get more stress, depression, anxiety.

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  • Yes it is.

    It often happens that two people who are abstinent get emotionally involved. They stay true to this and don't have pre-martial sex. However many people are not sexually compatable.

    Sex is a very important, if not the most important, part of a relationship. I know a couple who remained abstinent, the girl being about 5foot 1 and the man 6 foot 4. After getting married, his penis will not fit in her vagina and his frame was much too large for her. It is a MASSIVE strain on their marriage that could have easily been avoided by having a pre marital shag.

  • Abstinence is bad but not for the reason you might believe.

    I believe abstinence is only good when the person is convinced to wait for sex, a person who feel mature and responsible enough to take that decision should be able to not wait any longer without any kind of judgement. The big problem about society is that it condemns sex, a normal behaivor, which almost everybody is doing anyways and has been this way for decades and decades, if you look through data you'll find out that even in the church people are no waiting until marriage anymore. Most teens have had sex by the age of 20. Society should focus in giving the right education on how to be responsible toward sex.

  • Involuntary abstinence contributes to depression and negative self-image.

    Do you even realise how does it feels for someone with shy personality, when at the age of 25 ageing process start to kick in, after believing that abstinence will lead to better future.
    It's good for teens to experiment when performance levels are still high, at least with the same sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies, considering that everyone is bisexual in general (everything else is caused by society's attitude), it prepares them for future partner and helps them understand concept of love, cause love is not all about sex.
    Some people have scars caused by surgery and other things since their childhood, which makes them overly cautious about their appearance, and most of the time no one likes to deal with someone who has body dysmorphic disorder.
    What physical intimacy has to do with drugs, smoking and alcohol?
    If we already were living by the standards of Bonobo then violence and mental disorders would be non-existent.
    Abstinence was pushed by Abrahamic religions to make them more docile, they knew that humans are prone to herd mentality.

  • Read this its important.

    Telling someone that this is bad or that is bad only makes things worse. We humans are very curious and to most of us things that are forbidden are the most tempting. In a healthy relationship and a stable one and possibly longer than a few months sex plays an important part. We mush reach a balance in life where we learn for ourselves what is good and what is bad, what is too much and what is too scarce.

  • It makes things worse

    A woman who is indoctrinated from birth to abstain from the age she gets the concept, to the day she is married, will hurt the relationship. Her mindset is sex:bad, and because of all those fears, of it being immoral , anxiety, she would freak and still wouldn't have sex. Let the person choose, don't force them. That's the problem with abstinence, it is forced WAY TO MUCH.

  • Abstinence causes divorce

    Abstinence can cause people to value marriage not as a life long commitment to prosper and raise a healthy family, but as a way to relieve pressure that builds up during the act of abstinence. Even if commitment to abstinence is strong the judgement of some people may be clouded by the underlying desires that abstinence causes.

  • No, abstinence is not bad for teens and young adults

    Abstinence is not bad for teens and young adults. There are many things that must be taken into consideration when one is contemplating engaging in sex. For instance, mental and emotional maturity, how are they going to handle it if the person they sleep with today says they no longer want to see them tomorrow? Or more obvious factors, birth control and protection from STDs, are they willing to spend time finding the right information? Not saying abstaining till marriage is the answer, as that has its own issues which are more problematic than not waiting till marriage to have sex. The idea is, if you are not at a place where you can honestly look at the real issues surrounding sex that is a good clue that you should probably not be having it.

  • No

    There is nothing wrong with abstaining from having intercourse! Everyone should be well educated about how to not get pregnant or contract an STD before deciding to be sexually active. It is too common for too young of teens who do not know better to have intercourse too early and end up with an unwanted pregnancy. If the teen or young adult makes the choice to have intercourse it should be done responsibly and not in a situation that could turn their lives upside down.

  • No

    What is the downside to not doing something? The time not spent chasing after the opposite gender can be spent on preparing for one's future. In addition, abstaining from such things as cigarettes and alcohol prevent damage to critical organs from known carcinogens. The human brain does not even fully develop until the mid-20s and therefore abstaining from such activities necessarily would improve public health.

  • Not waiting ruins lives

    I am currently a sophomore in high school. As a guy, I have seen too many people not care about waiting. It ruins their relationships and lives quickly. From a purely scientific standpoint, the risk of an STD outweighs the pleasure gained by having sex. And also, why would waiting just as a personal decision be bad?

  • Why should it be?

    I think it's fine if people want to chose to have sex before marriage, but if they want to wait it's not a problem. We need to get over this idea that if it feels good it is good. Sex not only causes STDs and pregnancy, but also mental issues that could have been avoided by waiting.

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  • Abstinence will prevent deep ties outside of marriage

    The purpose of abstinence is to train and to protect. Abstinence helps train young people to suppress sexual desires, an important skill for a strong marriage. It helps people focus on whether they are compatible as people rather than how great sex can be because many divorcees will vouch that great sex is not what makes a marriage. Abstinence also protects from married people from having strong relationships outside of their marriage. Everyone remembers their first and typically all their others unless they are very sexually active. Since sex is such an emotional connection between two people, It can cause people to have lasting feelings for their partners even into marriage. This causes emotional harm and can even lead to adultery. Another issue is married people may have trouble finding sexual satisfaction if one person does not live up to the other's past lovers, which again leads to complications. Abstinence is a protection from harm and teaches important lessons that are beneficial in marriage.

  • This predicament is recorded in the bible

    The bible speaks of committing adultery( sex before marriage) if you want to live life in a paradise earth than I suggest they or you should refrain from it up until marriage. It is also good because you are basically guaranteed no STD's or other infectious disseises as long as you and your spouse are both clean. The bible says that your virginity should be for your marriage mate. People think the bible is outdated but it isn't go check it out.

  • No it's not

    Sex is a very powerful thing that most young people don't completely understand. In the moment it can be good but it can com with a ton of baggage. Like pregnancy, emotional trauma or std's. Its impossible to expect every one to wait untill marriage but we should at least encourage teens to wait untill they have completely physically and emotionally matured before engaging in such a serious thing. I encourage to wait for marriage because it means there is no sexual or emotionally related baggage carried into the relation ship. Like your partner not being good enough in comparison or reminiscing over past lovers hindering your ability to fully emotionally connect to you partner. Most marriages were the couple abstains are less likely to get divorced. And saying things like waiting can cause people to fined out there sexually incompatible untill Its to late or end up being sexually represd is false. Any couple who a smart would discus sex and see what there in to, and even if they are waiting should get to understand how there body works and how they feel. And lastly if som one does have sex before marriage its ok as long as they can be responsible and safe and can emotionally handle it. Even if you don't agree with there actions remember not to be judgmental or try to change them. The made there decision so there the ones that will have to live with whatever consequences fallow.

  • No, abstinence is not bad for teens.

    It's actually character-building if teens choose to abstain. Abstinence from things like drugs, alcohol, and sex will help teach them delayed gratification, patience, and self-control. These are all good traits as they grow into adults. Additionally, if they abstain from risky behaviors, they will be better able to focus on their schoolwork and, possibly, getting into a good college.

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