• They both are kind of equally sad.

    Usually, there is a depression or mental disability backed up with suicide, which kind of makes suicide more expected than accidental death. Accidental death can literally happen to anyone, anytime, at any place. I chose yes, mainly because of that reason.

    However, they're both equally sad, because in both cases, you have loved ones questioning "Why? Why did this happen?" (I know, I've been through both accidental death and suicide of loved ones before, I've asked that a lot). You have family and friend's hearts broken on both sides because they don't understand why. If there was a "neutral" option, I would've clicked that, but since there isn't, I chose yes.

  • No it's not

    Accidental death isn't something we can stop, but we can stop suicide. It's sad to think that the mental health programs in this country are either too expensive or too poorly run for most people to benefit from it. With depression and suicide rates as high as they are right now, the United States needs to reevaluate it's mental health system to better serve it's citizens.

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