• I believe so

    Lately alot of people who identified as straight have come out saying that they are really gay or bisexual, and it seems that it has become a trend in Hollywood to become famous. Basically every tv show or movie is almost obligated to have a gay character or at least someone ambiguous so there won’t be a political correctness uproar. It may not be the case for people in society but Hollywood tends to over exploit alot; for them sex sales no matter what orientation.

  • Liberality, white shame and homosexuality

    The media, for reasons I can't determine is encouraging behavioral trends in today's youth. Gallup poles reveal that 3.8% of people self-identify as LGBTQ, yet the media portrays the ratio closer to 1 in 4. People are easily influenced, and a trend can be easily be identified with each generation self-identifying. The current 16-20 year old crowd registers as high as 10% in various poles. The same is true for liberals and "racial plight" sympathizers. People are pressured so much by the media, social media, and in turn their peers to conform to docile and passive norms. The result of this social experiment is that more people relinquish their own traits in lieu of those that appeal to their peers. It is eerily similar to Stockholm Syndrome. In this digital world we are all captives of our media wardens. All that being said, being gay is great for people who a actually gay. Hell, feeling guilty is appropriate for racists. Being liberal is fantastic for people who... Umm... People who want to advance liberal agendas.

  • It is, Unfortunately

    There is no way to "act gay" so I'm going to assume you're referring to the stereotypical representation of gays. In that case, it is a definite yes. At work and in public I've noticed a trend of straight men going up to their friends and mockingly talk like a stereotypical gay man as well as grope each other. This is a very offensive new trend in society, and I know that many are sick of it already.

    One must wonder 'why' this is happening. I fear that the cause may he to offend other gay people in an attempt to devalue them.
    By that same token, it maybe a subtle attitude change in straight men to show support to their gay friends in society, a way of saying "there's nothing to fear, we'll take some of the heat away."

    However, I cannot be sure.

  • Trend with women more than men.

    I think in the last few years it has become a trend for females to "act gay" or bisexual to get the attention of men around them. I really don't ever see men pretending to be gay, but women, I don't know, it is almost like a game for some to get all eyes on them!

  • Acting gay... Or being open?

    In my opinion, people do not actively act gay or lesbian. They either are gay/lesbian/whatever or they just slowly get rid of the chains that our society had put on them over years. At least in my environment it is more and more accepted to be a bit (or even quite much) feminine as a man and the other way round, and it also gets more and more accepted if friendship leads to strong hugs, slightly intimae touches and so on.

  • 'Acting gay' in the sense...

    Same-sex love has been referred to since the earliest recorded history. But the difference is that before their rights were not considered or they were harshly punished (although that happens now too in many countries where you are killed for being gay). But nowadays, we are considering the rights for homosexuals.
    If you mean it in only 'acting like gay' way then no. Many people make fun of gay people so nobody would want to be made fun of by 'acting gay' although they might act like a gay person just to make fun of them and nothing serious.

  • What do you even mean?

    For one thing, what does it mean to "act gay?" Are we going by stereotypes of gay people or what? Gay people are normal people they just have different sexual preferences. So how can that be a trend because as far as I know gays are still scorned by many and acting "gay" as a trend seems more like you would be ridiculed then praised. Really, this whole idea is stupid.

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