Is actual freedom of speech impossible in an age of political correctness.

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  • Duh, Of course not.

    Political Corectness is pointless and yes, it doesn't allow free speech. If a persons going to make a point, a persons going to make a point. What I'm trying to say is, you have to be blunt and to the point. If you can't, if you are being criticized by not being "PC", than no, there is no free speech.

  • This is absolute insanity

    Your mixing up free speech and consequence free speech. If the government comes after you or yiu are actively prosecuted ir have any ither constitutional rights violated because if what you said it is. But if you are feee to say sonething others have the freedom to respond and/or be offended. And by the way there is a difference between being PC and just not being a jerk.

  • It's all Controlled

    Every thing politicians say and do is obliviously controlled. Its all one sided agreements. Whenever something such as the Michael Brown shooting happens and the press wants answers they try not to answer what isn't written in a note card for them, they avoid alternative press members in fear of giving the wrong but correct information.

  • No, it doesn't make it impossible, But there is a problem with political correctness extremism in our society

    Being criticized for your speech is NOT a violation of freedom of speech.

    That being said some people really do take political correctness too far. For instance the professors who were pressured by protesting students into resignation simply because they civily gave an opinion that professors shouldn't be telling students what to wear for Halloween.

    Some make the point that the professors giving an opinion on what is and is not a respectful costume wouldn't have infringed on the students' freedom of speech, and they're right, that alone wouldn't have. However, that doesn't mean that the professors' opinions that lecturing students on the right sort of costumes to wear was somehow racist or bigoted. That was just their opinion. Had the professors said that people should go out of their way to be offensive then I'd understand the outrage.

    While the protesting students had every right to speak and to demand the professors' resignation (as absurd as the students' speech was) it would've been better had more sensible students spoken up loudly about the insanity of it all.

    Political correctness in moderation is good. But political correctness taken to extremes is NOT. People defending political correctness in moderation should draw a line between themselves and the more extreme voices and call people out when they are getting offended over nothing.

    This is a general problem in our society. People have legitimate ideas and grievances and they express them and then when more extreme voices join them they don't call them out. They think "at least they are on our side". But those extreme voices are more helpful to the other side by making your side look bad, so it's better to call them out for going too far.

  • Freedom of Speech is complemented by political corectness

    The whole point of free speech is to allow minority groups and vulnerable people in society a chance to be heard on an equal footing to the majority population. Political correctness ensures that minority groups aren't silenced through the use of false facts, shoddy science or just out and out prejudices.
    Political correctness acts as an equalizer against privilege just as Free Speech is suppose to be and that is no bad thing.

  • No, it is still possible.

    While I highly disagree with this age of political correctness, it still has no effect on freedom of speech, as currently I can say anything I want without being arrested, although this is not every area, as universities have begun to oppress people's right to speak their mind.

    But, on the other hand, this PC movement means that saying almost anything that goes against the prevailing group think can lead to you being heavily criticized.

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