• ADD/ADHD is very overdiagnosed

    As a person with ADD, I believe kids should not be prescribed dangerously powerful drugs just for being kids. So what if Little Timmy gets fidgety in class? He's only 6! Geez! Give these poor kids a break! I learned to deal with my ADD the old fashioned way, growing up naturally. (Unfortunately, I was a victim of being prescribed some sort of drug for ADD/ADHD when I was younger. I quit almost a week into it.)

  • Yes, ADHD especially is overdiagnosed in children.

    As someone who has been diagnosed with ADD, it can almost be insulting to see so many people gaming the system. There is a trend of kids being less attentive in general due to early use of electronics, and a serious medical condition being diagnosed almost jokingly to anyone and everyone who wants extra time on the SAT seriously decredifies it, and makes it harder to research.

  • Kids are being overdosed for ADHD!

    The side effects in ADHD medicine are far to severe to use on a regular basis, wit is sadly what is happening. Studies even say that only 7% of kids that have any trace of ADHD really need any medicine at all, yet 45% of kids are using it daily that don't need it. The side effect are deadly, including loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts and symptoms of amnesia. I think that you should only give it to kids that need it severely, not to those who hardly have ADHD at all. Giving this harmful medicine to life that's don't need it is like giving kemo to someone who doesn't have cancer. It is wrong and we need to stop.

  • ADD is officially Over-Diagnosed

    In my opinion, ADD is definitely over-diagnosed in children today. For example, any child that cannot sit still or has trouble focuses ends up going to the psychiatrist. He or she then prescribes the child with Adderall or Ritalin. Because young people's minds are so active, of course they will be all over the place. They should not be diagnosed with ADD and prescribed several dangerous drugs.

  • ADD/ADHD is way over-diagnosed in children

    What is called by the medical industry ADD/ADHD is just kids exhibiting the habits and tendencies of being a kid in most cases. I think the diseases are a creation of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. In other words these diseases are created to create a market for drugs manufactured by Big Pharmacy.

  • Yes,ADD/ADHD is overdiagnosed in children.

    Yes,it is obvious that Add/ADHD is overdiagnosed in children.Parents,teachers and other interested parties will place this diagnosis on a child when there is the least little attention problem.When it is overdiagnosed many children have to spend the rest of their school career with this on their head sometimes affecting their self esteem.

  • Yes, ADD/ADHD is overdiagnosed in kids.

    I definitely think that ADD/ADHD is over-diagnosed in children. I think that too many kids are being diagnosed with ADD/ADHD by doctors today. And the reason for it is so that they can push more drugs to the children so that the medical drug companies can continue to profit from them.

  • ADHD in kids is not being over diagnosed

    I have researched this before and many sites I have come across keeping saying something in similar - diagnoses takes times. A normal evaluation would take two to three hours. In that time, doctors talk with the parents, the child (and doctors know that children are not used to one-on-one talking, and some nervousness and whatnot are normal), and anyone who knows them. Everything is taken into account - the home or family environment, if their symptoms are associated with any other problem, or if it's just a short time thing. To be diagnosed with ADHD, children should have 66% of the symptom in the inattentive (9 symptoms) and hyperactive (9 symptoms), and each must be present for at least 6 months.

  • ADD/ADHD is not over-diagnosed for many reasons.

    ADD/ADHD is not over-diagnosed. As a child, I had ADD/ADHD and dyslexia. There were days when the teacher of my class had to call my mother to bring me my medicine because I was very hyperactive. There was always a very distinct difference in me when i did and did not have my medication for that day. Also, my dyslexia made it very hard for me to read and write and I often was bullied. And the whole belief that it is just a way for drug companies to get more money is false because there are more than one prescription for ADD/ADHD because every case had a different severity. I,as a child, never took Adderall or Ritalin. I took a swath of essential brain oils and focalin. This is a rising issue in this country and it is not fake.

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