• It's real but it's not a disease

    Adhd is a neurological disorder and I'm sick and tired of people saying Adhd, Autism, Are diseases because there not, When are you silly people going to get that into your thick skulls, Also tretts syndrome yes syndrome not a disease. Diseases are things that usually kill you or sometimes can be cured but not all the time(e. G cancer, Motor neuron disease, The black plague) there diseases i hope you know what's what now but if not then you are very stupid.

  • I do have ADHD and i know that it is real and hard on people

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  • Yes it is

    It definitely is a real disease, I have a classmate who I strongly suspect has ADHD and perhaps Asperger's or autism and seeing him I have no doubt it's real

    Even if I am wrong about my classmate there is something wrong, no doubt it is his condition(s) causing some behaviour in class (e.G. Banging the table)

    However it is over-diagnosed for boys, I believe very few girls have ADHD but ADD is definitely under-diagnosed in girls

    ADHD can be severe and life-threatening, even mild ADHD has an impact (but I believe most ADHD cases are mild, few are moderate and very few are severe)

  • Yes, It Is

    As an adult with ADHD who has a child with ADHD, I assure you that ADHD is in fact real. It is something that impacts my life daily and my sons life daily. It also affects the people around me even if they are unaware of my diagnosis. ADHD can make a persons life more difficult, even more so if they are met by opposition that simply doesn't believe in ADHD at all. How would you feel if I told you your asthma problem wasn't real. Since I don't have asthma I doubt it's real. Doesn't make much sense, huh?

  • It is real for a few

    I believe that ADHD is a real disease that has been over diagnosed. I feel like there are a few kids that have this and genetically have it, while other people just say they have it but there diagnosis is due to an unhealthy diet and bad parenting. The rate that this disease took off could only point to that. People are just looking for any excuse to not pay attention and to not get work done.

  • No, ADHD is not a real disease.

    I do not believe that ADHD is a real disease. I think that it is a disease that was created by the drug companies so that they could see their treatments for it. ADHD is not something that should be treated as an illness. Most of the time, people with it are just people who decide not to pay attention.

  • ADHD is not a real disease.

    ADHD is not classified as a real disease. Instead, it is classified as a disorder. The term disease is typically used to define something that has happened to the body as a result of microbes or bacteria or other pathogenic agents. Examples of diseases include sexually transmitted diseases, infectious diseases and so forth. ADHD is a disorder, suggesting that it is not a result of something outside of the body, but rather the result of an naturally occurring in-balance within.

  • Its real to some people

    Yes, to some people Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is real. Personally, I believe all children and some adults just have a short attention span and are naturally active or hyper. For example some people chew gum to calm their nerves while some shake their legs to the point where you want to choke them, but that does not mean it is a disorder. Every act that is not 'normal' for everyone is not necessarily a disorder.

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