• ADHD is absoultely over-diagnosed

    It has become an incredible trend as of late to diagnose children and adults alike with ADHD. It's difficult to say who actually possesses it now due to the extreme amount of cases that have been diagnosed. The problem we see is that there is so much activity in every day life, it's hard for us NOT to be stimulated 24/7. I believe the next step to detecting over-diagnosis is to perhaps creating a new diagnostic to understand more about what is actually seen in those with ADHD and those with a lot of activity going on around them.

  • Yes, children need attention.

    Yes, ADHD is over-diagnosed, because a lot of students just need time to play. Years ago, students did not have problems with ADHD. In fact, ADHD was unheard of. These days, students do not get as much time to play as they used to. They also do not get as much attention from their parents. These are the real problems, not ADHD.

  • ADHD is acctually under diagnosed.

    In many places around the world people with ADHD have been turned down from treatment only to return later as an adult to be diagnosed. I have been researching this so I know what I'm talking about. Please consider both sides of this debate before voting, and please consider my opinion!

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