• Yes it is

    It does not even exist it is just that these kids are very bad and need to get a disciplined. Some kids believe that since they do not get a spanking that they will get away with anything they feel like it and that is not the way the world works. If a parent truly loves their child then they should discipline them harshly anytime they disobey and I promise that will cure them.

  • ADHD is over diagnosed

    I am writing a paper on the over diagnosis of ADHD right now for my college class. Certain states have up to 11 percent of kids diagnosed with this disorder. It is truly ridiculous. Although I do believe ADHD is a real disorder, the number of children diagnosed with it is unreal.

  • Adhd is overdiagnosed

    I'm a psychiatrist, and I recently started working with children. A lot of the parents are there with "Adhd" children. The reason for the diagnoses?
    1. They misbehave often (have you ever tried time-outs or spanking? "No, it's unethical and cruel,)
    2. They don't pay attention in class (a majority of these children are just barely old enough to be in school, turning 5 the day or week before school. They simply don't have the intellectual maturity their older classmates have.)
    3. (My favorite) They were unable to keep their mouths shut when coming across different things, such as asking why a pregnant lady is so fat, or why someone has weird scars. (This is normal for children, you dolts! Especially in the age group of 4-8, the age group I work with!)

  • ADHD is over diagnosed much of the time

    While there may be some children that have ADHD there are just as many that just need a firm hand of discipline. I think they should test the parents for drugs because it can lead to such a crazy life style children can't be normal in that kind of environment. Many times when parents are on drugs they are trying to get a disability check for their children so they can buy more drugs! Then there are parents that really lack the parental skills to discipline their children. Then there are some children that may actually be ADHD and for those good parents who are doing the right thing it makes it that much harder because your put in a category with all the nut cases!

  • It's practically mythical.

    I have done much research on the subject.

    The DSM requires symptoms of ADHD (which, by the way, could be observed in ANY child at various points in his/her life) to be "noted in 2 or more settings". This has been understood to mean both at school and at home.

    Schools are then charged with the additional duty to spot ADHD in children. The teachers themselves are not mental health professionals, so are provided guidelines by organizations that are exclusively funded by pharmaceutical companies (in Canada, this is CADDRA and CADDAC).

    The financial well being for the school and/or school board is bolstered by more children diagnosed (think Special Education grants). So the teachers are coached or lean towards diagnosing the children more rapidly.

    This makes the schools then put pressure on parents (who would otherwise not have had a clue about their child's "ADHD") to bring their child to a doctor to be diagnosed.

    Evidence of this school involvement is the fact that about 75-80% of ADHD cases are boys (the vast majority of school-teachers are female and more rapidly rail against boisterous behaviour in boys) and the vast majority of the children who are diagnosed are the youngest 10-20% of the children in their grade.

    The doctor's (in Ontario) receive twice as much as remuneration from Ontario Health Insurance, to speak to the parent and child and provide a prescription (15-minute conversation) than he would were he to do a full physical examination of the child (such as to identify nutritional deficiencies, etc that may be causing the unwanted behaviour), which can take much more time.

    Kids then get put on Ritalin (or a similar stimulant drug in the same category as cocaine) and as a result, a percentage die, and a percentage commit suicide, and a percentage kill other kids; and this fuels the argument that more attention needs to be put on kids' mental health.

    It's a great racket and happening all over the world.

  • ADHD is a very real and serious problem and overdiagnosis causes problems with those who suffer from the disorder for real.

    There are many levels of normal in society. Everyone has a different level of height, intelligence, weight, temperament and so on. Some kids are normal and healthy but just far more active and distractable than average kids. It does not mean they have a disorder.

    Look at height as an example. We are all different heights. Most are around average or a bit above or a bit below. Some are tall and some are short but they are still within the realms of normal. Then you have those who have a condition (dwarfism) which means they are seriously out of step with others which affects their daily lives.

    Diagnosing active kids with ADHD is like calling all the short people dwarfs. ADHD should only be diagnosed if a serious problem exists.

  • Yes, it probably is

    A diagnosis of ADHD is a convenient outlet for further reasons of explanation of a child's behavior. This condition has no physical basis in nature -- it is merely an observation of what a child exhibits. In the past, this "disease" would have have simply and effectively been handled with a few stern disciplinary measures.

  • I believe it is.

    We live in a world where parents neglect their children, and don't want to take responsibilities. Children are hyper. Remember when you were a kid? Parents nowadays feed their children loads of sugar, watch them bounce off the walls, then go crying to the doctor wondering why their child is so hyper. They are children. They want to jump around, play, get rid of their energy. But parents find it easier just to put them on some medication. Out of mind, out of sight.

  • I have ADHD

    First of all, sugar does not cause hyperactivity. Second of all, living with ADHD, OCD, and GAD is not something that I like to hear as being a joke, an excuse or non-existent. Having a Psychiatrist for a dad is also even more so a reason for this. Also, you don't think ADHD is real, well come see me in the morning and tell me it is not real.

  • It Is Not Overdiagnosed

    ADHD is something many people have and struggle with every day. I do not think it is overdignosed because research and progression on finding out the causes of it have helped thousands, maybe even millions of people. Saying it is overdiagnosed is very insensitive to the people who suffer from it.

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