• I agree that adultery is always wrong.

    I can understand why someone would commit adultery, but in NO way does that make it right. I myself am in a marriage that is not always sunshine and roses and have been tempted. Except you made vows to someone in front of God (or whoever you believe in), you family and friends, and most importantly to the person you would be cheating on. At one time or another that person was the love of your life, your best friend, the person you believed to be your soul mate and you should have enough respect for them to not cheat on them.

    Posted by: LamentableAlfonso71
  • Marriage.

    Was developed specifically so that a man and a woman could produce and raise children. You should only be allowed to be married if you have children. Adultery has negative impacts on children. You cannot be adulterous outside of a marriage. Therefore, adultery negatively impacts children, the reason for marriage, and so is wrong.

  • God almigthy your creator said:

    Exodus20.14 Thou shall not commit adultery.
    Leveticus 19.20 And whosoever lieth carnally with a woman, that is a bondmaid, betrothed to an husband, and not at all redeemed, nor freedom given her; she shall be scourged; they shall not be put to death, because she was not free.
    Proverbs 30.20 Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness.
    Romains 7.3 So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man.

  • Adultery destroys people.

    If you are unhappy in a marriage, then end it. Adultery is humiliating, demeaning and destroys self-esteem for the one cheated on. It ruins families, as children (even adult children) struggle with their own morality about what has happened - they condemn the action but know it is their parent and still love them, creating a real struggle within.
    Adultery is a sign of weakness. The person committing it is too weak to face their feelings about their marriage and so they commit an act which they know will most likely cause the end of the marriage without having to deal with their feelings.
    Ending a marriage is difficult for all involved. Adultery just adds humiliation to it, as everyone around you knows what happened and wants to know why.
    At some stage loved the person you are married to, so show some compassion and don't add self-esteem issues to what is already going to be a difficult time.

  • Wrong for commitment

    Because betrayal hurts. Wimen can take hormones, so there's no excuse for straying if you're committed no matter what age. And if people give the excuse that there's cancer risks the bio identical not have much risk. If men are allowed to stray, then women should too and then there's no marriage nor commitment, so why be married? Men have been abusing wives for years by betrayal, it's so hurtful it cuts to the heart. Men would never take a woman back after cheating but she's expected to be take him back and it's just not fair To exploit women just because they're dependent on her man with kids. Thank God women are becoming more independent these days so they have more choices and options should he decide to cheat. I think women should start having prenuptial agreements like the stars where they get paid if the guy cheats and a great divorce settlement.

  • It is never the answer

    Even if it is done in revenge- It may help you feel less like a chump for putting up with everything while trying to work things out, but it doesn't fix the marriage. It breaks it more and tears up your soul from the guilt. If he isn't listening to you-and only lies when you "talk", isn't really trying in counseling, and keeps repeating his actions after countless "apologies"...And you know in your heart that you've tried & done all you can, there is only one answer to the problem- leave (divorce/break up)and dont look back. Making yourself into an Adulterer, too, is wrong.

  • Yes, adultery is wrong.

    Adultery is never a good idea. There is always an alternative that you can choose instead of the path that never ends well. If you are having an affair just because it feels good, you are considered a bad person, you are hurting your spouse, and breaking your vows. If you are committing adultery because you spouse is doing the same, you should have divorced, talked to your spouse about how you felt, or taken other measures. It's like hitting someone just because someone else did. It usually isn't the right thing to do. You need to be the better man, and make a stronger, better decision.

  • Adultery is wrong: If you aren't happy, get out!

    You choose to be with one person, be with that person. If you all of a sudden start to look elsewhere then its time to end it. Don't deceive, disrespect and ruin another persons life because you are selfish.A DULTERY IS WRONG. You are hurting a lot of people with your selfishness.

  • What does the Bible say?

    The law against adultery is in God's "Top Ten." "Thou shalt not commit adultery," is how it reads in the King James Version. Far be it from me to read and understand a clear law from God and then say, "I think there are other equally valid perspectives on the issue." Once we're committed to the Law of God, we can explore all the reasons why adultery is so evil. But we're treading on thin ice when we start to explore why it's not so bad, or even preferable in certain circumstances.

    God says it; that settles it. I really don't even have to make an argument other than that. I just kept rambling on to fulfill the minimum word requirement.

  • Yes. adultery is always wrong

    No, adultery is only wrong if it breaks a trust held between two people. Adultery is considered wrong because in many situations the two people in a marriage trust each other not to have sexual relations with others. Adultery is not a universal wrong, however. Some peoples' marriages are arranged so that sex with others is allowed, sometimes under certain conditions. These people include those who participate in swinging, those with open marriages, those in "polyamorous" situations, or simply those who have some agreement to be open on this matter. If no trust is violated, then adultery is not wrong.

  • It surprising that people are so narrow minded.

    Marriage in my view is a commitment to ownership. Ownership equals slavery. The history of moral domination runs for so many hundreds of years that people cannot imagine any other way of being than simple 'couple relationships'. Yet we all change, grow and evolve through life. What we think and feel at one time will inevitably change. Marriage supports insecurity and that is the opposite of love. It is OK to dominate another to the extent they no longer have any rights to the feelings of their own body. The flap of skin on the front of a man's body and the hole between the legs of a woman's have become the sick focus of unhealthy attention. For goodness sake don't you see sex is beautiful, it should be enjoyed freely and openly all your life. How many of you or your friends are in unsatisfying sexual relationships with long-term partners just because that is the morally right thing to do. How many of you are frightened to challenge it to go beyond societies inflicted doctrines. If you truly love each other and yourself you will be honest and allow each other to experience good love and sex freely in the way that suits every person until you die. If you personally both prefer to be stuck to each other and only each other then-good. If one or both of you want and need to experience something else, to love and feel another, good too! No one has a right to force anyone to remain attached to them in love and sex only for themselves. That is selfish and arrogant. We are not hard wired to only love one person for our whole life, we force ourselves to do it and everyone either gives in, or avoids situations where they can fall for another. Forced is the correct word. We are all going against our instinct and true nature for ridiculous moral codes that only exist as property rights from ancient times.

  • I disagree, because personal affairs, such as marriage, cannot be judged as right or wrong when there are two perspectives to consider.

    Due to diverse cultural traditions and marital laws, unique situations exist, and it would be wrong to apply general judgment to all individuals. Although the term "adultery" implies non-consent of extramarital relations, there are religious and cultural practices that may not allow divorce, or even the right to choose a spouse. With adultery, it may be practical to take into account individual circumstances, in addition to the facts prior to judgment.

    Posted by: Random87278
  • No, because if the relationship is broken, it's maybe the start of a new beginning.

    Doing adultery is a sign that something is wrong in the relationship, and that the wedlock is no longer good for both the adulterer or the partner. Sometimes, it's for the best.

    Posted by: Random38469
  • Adultery is crime:

    Adultery is a crime of extreme selfishness and perpetrators must be punished severely. It tears up your soul from the guilt. If she isn't listening to you-and only lies when you "talk", isn't really trying in counseling, and keeps repeating her actions after countless "apologies"...And you know in your heart that you've tried & done all you can, there is only one answer to the problem- leave and dont look back. Making yourself into an Adulterer, too, is wrong.

  • Its not always wrong

    A man can love many women at a single time. One woman surely cant satisfy him. Sex is life and in blood and bones of a person. Humans will do sex with every one they like and its nature. So it should not be counted as bad thing but just as human nature.

  • What if you agree to your wife's sex drive but can't keep up?

    I am 58 and I can perform darn good especially for my age. However, my wife went through the woman thing several months ago. Since then, her sex drive is through the roof. "Toys" were bought first and that worked for a couple months. We carefully selected a younger unattached man. Then later another. Their is no love there....Just her getting the crap banged out of her. She was very hesitant at first but after the first one...She says bring it on. Since then, our sex life has gotten better than it ever was....And she agrees. No deception, no betrayal, no adultery. Safe sex is a priority of course. I've never had it better.

  • consider each situation before passing judgement

    I am separated for the purpose of a divorce. My friend is the same. She has moved away from an abusive husband who she spent years trying to make it work even with professional help. His abuse has caused her to flee the family home and take refuge elsewhere with 3 children. We provide comfort and understanding for each other and I support her by helping with her children as they suffer also from this abuse. No physical lines have ever been crossed. While in the eyes of many this could be considered adultery we have been very strong in our religious convictions and feel strongly about keeping our friendship just as it is. Providing support for another human being is the core of what religion teaches us and we need not always be ashamed of doing the right thing for others.

  • It's up to the couple's agreement

    It isn't always wrong because some couples allow for it. It's called open marriage. Your relationship is your business. It is not up to anyone else to judge it. If the agreement is against adultery then adultery is always wrong but not if both partners are OK with it. That's up to them.

  • If there is no deception or betrayal it is not.

    I am 58 years old and I can perform well especially for my age. My wife went through menopause a year ago and her sex drive went through the roof. Toys were Ok for a couple months. I suggested she get hammered by a neighbor. She hesitated but finally said OK, once. She has been keeping the neighbor, and two other men very busy since. These men are younger and not in other relationships. Our sex lives have gotten awesome between her and I ever since. We are all careful because of diseases of course. All her friends and relatives see she is very happy. But, they don't know why. She calls it "Happy, Happy, Happy"

  • Think about it?

    We know from common sense that commiting so-called adultry when cimmited into marrige has negative effects on children, but look at the ancients back then men that were seeking to become whole would sleep with the priests. Somewhere in the bible God said a man's father must go find a wife for his son. Today are views on sex are negative but, sex is truely sacred in which a man and a women both become whole. A man cannot become whole without it, so cannnot a woman. To the ancients sex was a passage way to God. This is my input just the book read, The Da Vinci Code - Dan brown. It helped me alot.

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