• Advanced technology is American, because throughout history American people have been on a quest to make life easier, through the advancement of technology.

    For example, communication, trade, and education have benefited from the many advances. Communication had benefited from this technology because now you just go to an app in an iPad, smartphone etc... And could chat just online easy with just some hand movement on your device and customize your profile for people could look at your profile and make your self feel you different. Trade or shopping, etc... Has benefited from advance technology because RIFD tags have made it easier for shop owners to take inventory and make a customer experience better and the IPad and all the other tablets made it easier for retailers to handle more payments more easier which is kinda like a mobile cash register. Finally education had benefited from adavnce technology because it has acess to info from the Internet and online courses are accessible to students who can't go to educational buildings that have health or other problems they have. Finally technology makes education enjoyable because if schools have a smart board or a tablet or something you can interact with it makes it interesting and more students would want to interact.

  • America is not the center of the universe

    America did not come up with all advanced technology, and more and more is discovered outside our country all the time. Who put the first man made satellite into space? Russia. Thats a big one. Who practically invented the sciences? Greece, Rome, China…America certainly has some big ones like the telephone and cars and such but no. The rest of the world has contributed just as much if not more in some cases.

  • Yes it is

    I would say american is advanced tech because we have the most tech in history and nowadays. Tech is almost every where we go. Tech has cons and pros, the pros can damage people health but with tech we can cure people. The cons can help us in everday life

  • Anyone can think of innovations.

    Americans are not just the people who thinks of making life easier. Anyone can think of it at anytime they can. Question now is to how they will push the ideas, and who will fund those ideas into life. America might be leading on technological industry today, but as to the roots technology and innovation I can say that it's not American (unless you have papers to prove the claim).
    So generalizing advanced technology as American is false statement.

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