Is advanced technology invading our freedom to think and work?

  • Technology Does Not Need To Be The Future of Society

    People do not realize they are being manipulated and used by tech giants. Their goal is to sell false promises of privacy to customers in order to make billions in profits. Technology is dumbing down our society, taking millions of jobs, destroying nature and wildlife, and creating more fatalities than any drug or weapon at all ages. Society is easily convinced to buy the latest gadget or get left behind. That is the biggest marketing ploy I've ever seen in my years as a journalist and psychologist. Your freedom has been destroyed by technology! Virtual reality is coming to every home in the next few years. While it may be exciting for some people, others like me see the larger picture of how human evolution process, will in time, be destroyed by technology, virtual reality, and robots. Jobs, homes, cars, family, environment, and society will be dehumanized. You can stop all this by free will to not buy into billionaires corporate mind-games to by technology. This generation can turn back before it is too late!!!!!

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  • Yes it is

    Personally I love technology. Technology has a lot of good uses from evolution, to the sharing of knowledge, but technology is actually hindering the social aspect of man. Technology also promotes laziness, and drugs which for most is not a good thing. As is technology is the new way for the top 1% to control us, and it is also causing a scary amount of pollution. Technology can be both good and bad, just don't let the rich and wealthy use it to control you.

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  • I do not support this headline. :)

    I think personally that technology is invading our freedom to think and work. We are less social and the technology does the work for us. At work we no longer talk face to face we talk through a screen by emailing texting or calling. That's what I think about technology. :)

  • They are just on it constantly

    They get on it in the morning afternoon night at the diner table when they go out to eat and they overload the phone and they might lose there phones with all there contacts and important documents that they need and they can steal all his families data and personal info

  • It's weakening imagination and individual thinking.

    The internet could make it possible for every child with the access to a computer to stretch a hand across a keyboard to reach every book ever written, every painting ever painted, every symphony ever composed. But when people have access to what the Internet has to offer it cuts down on the time that a student would spend on thinking about what it is that they are trying to figure out. The Internet is doing the most of the thinking for the student than the students are doing for themselves, we’re living longer and thinking shorter. If a student was to either not know what something was or to forgot how to do something all they would have to do was to look up the answer on the Internet. But what would be most beneficial for them would be to ask someone for help or to look and study their notes for that specific class. Technology offers many things to society such as pictures, movies, paintings, books, educational lessons and many more. But the down side to it is that it stifles a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it . With the excessive use of technology it limits the students from thinking on their own and using their own imagination to come up with ideas.

  • The influence of new technologies in our daily life

    Firstly, I note that the advanced technologies don't invade
    freedom to think and work of people who live in remote areas. There
    is not necessarily network to connect on the Internet. There is no
    factory or modern business which use new technologies in this areas.
    So these people aren't affected by this problem.

    I believe that for the rest of us, the advanced technologies
    influence us on our freedom to think and work because our generation
    is based on it. They have a bad influence on us because we have become
    passive because of our phones and we have become lazy. We can't do
    without. I think that social networks also have an impact on our
    freedom to think because we can't really say what we really think :
    for example, on Facebook we can be reported for inappropriate comment
    while we just say our opinion and I think that these social networks
    are brainwashed.
    We can also see that lots of companies like Renault use automated
    machines which help workers in their works while before, they didn't use
    the new technologies. So, new technologies also influence our freedom
    to work.

    Finally, I think that if we don't want to be influenced by new
    technologies, we can as we aren't obliged to use new technologies.
    So, in my opinion, the advanced technologies have a good and a bad
    influence on us.

  • With advancing technology, I believe we don't think because people need to learn to develop the skill to lose habits .

    Because technology addiction can be considered as habits.The children stopped physical activities and are sticking to their mobile. The technology relies on the persons psychological strength cause just because of the technology relationships get destroyed and families can also get separated. When people use technology allot they forget to spend time with their family or friends.So some of the countries adopt technology and its very good because the technology was good for development (Japan, USA...). While some of the countries have other issues (Pakistan, north Corea...) hindering them for moving award were allowed to freely embrace technology they will grow. And for finish technology is more quick and easier than dictionary or letters.
    The technology it's dangerous for your next of kins.

  • It has really weakened our thinking ability:

    The new technology especially Google and wikipefia has really weakenef our thinking ability.Instead of thinking and analyzing a question or problems purself,we approach google.God gave us minds to think over but we have really made them useless.I'm afraid of the day when we will take our minds out and throw them in dustbins thinking tjat google and modern techn9logy is doing everything so need for them.Me myself approach internet for my tasks and many other people around me too but google should be uses for urgent needs only ,we are surely not copping up with things like big bang theory everday so why we should bother google???????Though it saves time and a lot more but our minds arent so dumb.

  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is just a tool.

    Advanced technology is just a tool which humans use to make work easier. On a very basic level, is it easier and faster to move dirt with your hands, a shovel, or a bulldozer? With computers, we perform calculations that would take hours or days using pencil and paper. Computers give us access to massive amounts of data instantly, speeding up our thinking process.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Advanced technology is not taking over us, but rather helping us make life easier to live.

    We have automatic sprinklers in our homes, making us a bit safer than in the earlier centuries, when one had to run down to the creek and fetch water to put out the fire in his neighbor's house. While technology can have an adverse effect on humanity, it is better if we understand it and use it to our advantage. Compare countries that have embraced the use of technology (U.S. and Japan), and countries that have suppressed its citizens from advancing (North Korea and Afghanistan). While some of these countries have other issues hindering them from moving forward, if they were allowed to freely embrace technology, they will grow.

    Posted by: JaggedGiuseppe
  • Advanced technology is not invading our freedom to think and work, because it is instead helping our abilities.

    With advanced technology comes a better ability to perform our work and increase our thinking. Yes, we now have computers that will do our simple tasks, along with some of the more difficult ones. However, as human beings, we still need to understand how the tasks are done in order to satisfy our insatiability for knowledge. Also, since computers cannot build themselves, we will always need those with the intelligence and talent to build and program them to do these tasks.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Technology is necessary and helpful

    Understanding that all the points stated for proposal to this argument are valid, Yet we need to realise that technology has many positive impacts to our lives. INTERNET, Robots are all the future to this world. Rhetorical question coming right up; what would you choose, Comfort with thought or hard work and less comfort? We need to realise that we are the ones creating this technology, With our brain, Knowledge and practical applications. If open to a positive mindset, We as humans have the authority to displace the thought of relying on technology. We can choose to work hard ourselves. Its all in the mind. We can restrict the use of technology to be a lifeguard and only use it when we need it.

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  • For me, the use of new technology invading our freedom to think and in this paragraph i give you my opinion.

    Firstly, in general, many new technologies like social networks or smartphones, playstations, hightech, influd to our in the life.
    For example, with our family and friends, if you see any commentary or stupid things in facebook or twitter, it can change your opinion and your freedom to think for a day, a week, a month...
    Moreover the use of new technology likes video games and smartphones are not a good things to spend times or do something with your family or friends, some people spend all their times to play video games or talk by SMS but it's better to read a book or go out with our friends.

    Secondly, the use of new technology in the world of working like robots and big machine is very dangerous for the society, it isn't too bad but, today, new technology is a principal cause of big economical crisis because it cost too much. And it's also the cause of unemployment, because we replace lots of humans by bigs machines or robots and this is not the good solution to make the unemployent down.

  • I think advanced technology not invading our freedom to think and work.

    These technologies were created to make worker's jobs easier. We can take for example farming robots: they help farmers and they make the job more safe and faster. But I also think some factories shouldn't use robots and new technologies in general as, Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin demonstrated it, the machines are too fast and dangerous for workers, they don't do a good job, and we have the same problem today.

    In some factories, humans have been replaced by robots and it is not a good thing since they lost their jobs and money and they need it to pay food, clothes, houses, to live!

    Finally, I wonder whether robots can have a malfunction and become very dangerous for humans.

    To conclude, I totally agree with people who said advanced technologies is invading our freedom to think and work but also with people who said the contrary.

    So, we can all have a different opinion because in few factories, robots work with humans wich help them or work without robots.

    Personally,I belive new technologies and robots should be used to help humans, not to innovate as we need a real brain to innovate, not a program.

  • For me, the technology doesn't invade our freedom to think but she changes our way to work.

    Without the new technology, we spend more time to find a solution. I think, she's just a tool, she help us when we meet an obstacle, she allows a work more effective. In the medicine, the technology is now essential ! For example, a teenager had an accident and he was paralyzed but with the technology, he arrived to live his life easier contrary as his life without her, and he need her to live “normally”. The internet expands our understanding of the world, at school we use computer, video-projector ect, before we used books very heavy, it wasn't practice. New technologies aren't the problem but, the problem is people who use them. We need them, new technologies allow new things, new accomplishments and allow a life easier.

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