• Yes It Is

    The Adventist movement started in the 19th century and it is categorized under Christianity due to its strong ties with Christianity, as it is based on the second coming of Christ. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is Adventist in nature and is common in America. It would not fit under any other religion.

  • Yes, Adventism is definitely Christian.

    Adventism, which is basically the belief in the second coming of Christ, is a Christian concept. There are many splinter sects of the Christian faith which have very slight differences in one aspect of their beliefs and have left to reform under a new name. When looking at these religions, you can see that they are mostly all Christian in their core belief.

  • Yes, Adventism is Christian.

    Yes, Adventism is Christian. Adventism is a Christian movement that began way back in the 19th century and is till alive today. Today Adventism churches are considered as protestants. William Miller was the founder of Adventism and he had over 100,000 people who supported his belief that Christ would return.

  • Adventism is Christian in every sense

    Adventism is Christian in every sense because Adventists celebrate the birth of Christ and his forgiveness of human sins as all other sects of Christianity do. One of the main differences with Adventism is the diet many of them pursue. Many members are vegetarians and even vegans and feel that our diet should reflect what God would want us to do for our health in his name.

  • Adventism is Christian in many ways

    Adventism is Christian in many ways and is in no way different from other Christian denominations. The Christian church has many followers how practice the teachings of Jesus Christ, except that they worship on Saturday instead of Sunday. Apart from that, they are very similar in beliefs and values as other Christians.

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