• Advertising does not create demand

    No matter how hard you try you cannot sell a product to someone who has no use for it. All advertisements do is inform customers about the product, so they will know the product exists and will purchase their product over lesser alternatives.
    False Advertisement is illegal, because it is basically fraud. Laws protecting consumers against false advertisements should be the extent of ad regulations. If you prohibit advertisements all together, you will severely hurt the market and economic growth will come to a screeching halt.
    Imagine trying to sell a new product you invented, but you are prohibited by law from informing the public that it exists. Imagine trying to compete with larger brand names in a market where it is illegal to inform the customer of your product's superior qualities.

    Posted by: DanT
  • To a certain extent

    Advertising is certainly good for the consumer if done correctly and in an unbiased manner. However, reality dictates that a lot of today's advertising contains exaggerated or false information which lead to consumers making wrong decisions. Advertising is good if done in the right manner because they provide the consumer with information about the good/service which allows him/her to make a well-informed decision.

  • Advertising sways uniformed people

    "All advertisments do is inform customers about the product." This is so very incorrect. Advertisements can sell something without even selling it. Abercrombie & Fitch are notorious for selling clothes without clothes. (Look at a billboard) Smart shoppers will research, look at reviews and weigh options. The first thing I do when I see a new advertisement is look up reviews. MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, the advertised item makes "half-true claims" or neglects important information. Why do you think they read that small print at the end of advertisements at the end extremely quickly. A lot of times they want are obligated to say something but they mask it. Also, teens are so easily swayed by their many needs throughout their high school years like their need to achieve, need for freedom, and need for individuality. Advertisements are crafted specifically to manipulate teens often times.

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