• Yes harmful to mental health

    Advertising is harmful to the mental health of the majority of population across the world because it puts teenagers and children especially in doubt of their worth and beauty. This is because of the world itself telling them that they have to buy products and gadgets to look pretty or smart and to be able to be worth loving and being accepted in society.

  • Of course it is......

    Advertising is definitely harmful because the sheer volume of advertising in our society is incredible. You cannot watch television, ride on a bus or even walk down the street without someone trying to sell you something or inform you of something. People do not like so much of advertising in their lives. It sets their minds buzzing what to buy and what not to buy. Many advertisements are just a food fad in the society. To make profit, dealers give wrong information to the customers about products which are not at all good.

  • Yes, advertising can be harmful to us.

    Yes, I think that advertising can be harmful to us. I particularly think that advertising can be harmful to young girls. There are so many advertisements out there showing "perfect" woman (meaning airbrushed), and this just makes young girls feel badly about themselves. This can lead to bigger issues, such as mutilation.

  • Yes it is

    Advertising is indeed quite harmful to us. First of all, it gets us to spend all kinds of money on products and things that we really do not need. Secondly, it can succeed in giving people of the world an unrealistic expectation as to what certain products can do for us.

  • Yes it definitely is...

    Advertising gives us many choice options, which they claim to be the best. This process confuses the customer and initially the customer will have to buy products that she or he feels right, following results much less than expected. This might even put the customer in distress. Due to these reasons I feel advertising is harmful.

  • Desensitisation to all incoming information

    In order to block out excessive advertising, It becomes necessary to block out nearly everything, Or at least decrease sensitivity to incoming information. We cannot filter information without sampling it in some way. By the time we detect harmful information of any type, Including unwanted manipulative advertising, It's too late to block it out. So we end up going around in a partly inattentive state. This dangerous. We need to be attentive to negotiate lifes hazards and dangers. Advertising harms our ability to be fully conscious and attentive, For the reasons given.
    People are in enough of a daze staring at phones all day without advertising adding to the problem of thoughtlessness and zombie-like people in society.

  • Its not good

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  • Yes, The greatest harms

    Unlike physical damage from junk food, Advertizing harms humans most critical organ, The brain, Often as youngsters, Damaging critical thinking skills needed for life and liberty. It corrupts journalism, Disenducates us on products and critical issues by corrupting journalism, Creates corrupt systems of capital rewarding middlemen, And endangers democracy and economy. To add insult to injury, Consumers pay for their own advertizing through higher prices of purchased products. Some economic scholar Dean Baker and others has suggested a much better alternative. . . A voucher system wherein everyone receives capital to which they can donate to their favorite product, Inventor, Creator, Artist, Entertnament, Or journalist directly, With the caveat that their creation is free to use and be improved on by others. This would cut out exploitative middle men and the Harvey Weinsteins of this world. . . And we would all be a much richer, Educated, Entertained, And productive culture, When we directly reward and incentivize creators and innovators, And not just exploiters and hoarders through the wasteful and corrupt advertizing model.

  • THEY ARE SCAMS AND VIRUS and bad for children

    Imagine if you in a downloading web then you see an ad. Then your phone says There is a virus . AND the virus will spread to your body making you sick. And some ads if children see ,they will be scared and possible give them a heart attack . Some ads show people showing there butt and doing sex. AND some ads swear. Ads are made by stupid greedy people who wanna date with you.

  • Decrease in Self Respect

    In terms of acceptance in society, we've often noticed that a large number of advertisements are directed to women and their beauty. In India alone, there is a common misconception that women can be beautiful only if they are fair. Most dark complex women are showcased as less impressive characters, thereby increasing an inferiority complex in consumers. Advertisements are one of the main reasons for the society to degrade a human race and thus proves to be harmful to us.

  • It is a double edged sword as it has its merits as well as demerits

    Merits: It is the reason for any human to know any thing about any product . Likewise, it attracts consumers to buy products of any company ,correspondingly increasing company's sales ,their income and also the standard of living . On the contrary , there are also demerits , primarily , the high cost of advertisements .Secondly ,the ads may be inappropriate to children specifically as they are unable to differentiate between the appropriate and inappropriate ads .But the resultant use of advertisement is positive and beneficial to businesses and the society.

  • Nope not at all

    Everyday we can see advertisements, on the bus, outside the shop, on TV or even on the internet. Some adverts, such as Boxing or Rugby are harmful adverts “ according to some people who know nothing about sports these days” One of the reasons that we think that advertising is not harmful is because, it motivates young athletes to achieve more. An example of this is the new rebel sports advert that recently came out. In that advert it shows a rugby player practising to achieve his dream ( to be an international rugby player) When someone like me watches that advert, I get a feeling from inside that this is what I want to do, to be precise a motivational feeling, and guess what just from watching a “harmful advertisement”. If people think that advertising is harmful then their out of their minds, I mean come on mate how is somebody supposed to make money if they don’t advertise, they need to be known. Advertising is the best way to let the consumer know the product well. The more we advertise, the more people will know the product. If your son or daughter was sick and there was no advertising you wouldn't have a big sense of knowledge for what medicine would work the best. To be honest if advertising was harmful it would have stopped by now, but it didn’t why? Because advertising is not harmful

  • Ads are not harmful

    If they are no ads we wouldn't know half of the products which we use in our day to day life. Advertisements help direct the flow of attention the products we ourselves find appealing.Advertising is not harmful; some may even call it beneficial Advertising is just another form of informing us about things. We adapt to things, and over the years were adapting to advertisement.

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  • Advertising is not harmful - Small businesses need advertisements to make their products known and Advertising helps us choose between different goods.

    Small businesses need advertisements to make their products known

    If there wasn't advertising then small businesses would have no chance at all to make their product well known. Adverts can actually level the playing field - if you have a good new product, and market it in a clever way then it doesn't matter how small your company is, you can still make consumers interested. The more you restrict the freedom of information, the more this helps the large companies who everyone already knows about.

    Advertising helps us choose between different goods

    Advertising has a positive role to play in modern society, helping us choose between competing goods. Many adverts are drawing our attention to products with new features, for example more powerful computers, telephones which are also cameras and music players, or foods with added vitamins. Other adverts try to compete on price, helping us seek out the cheapest or best value products. In most cases advertising does not make us go shopping – we would be planning to buy food, clothes, gifts and entertainment anyway. What advertising does is to help us make better decisions about how to spend our money, by giving us more information about the choices available.

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  • No it is not harmful

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  • We need advertising

    Advertising introduces us to different/new things, without advertising how would we know about new shops opening up? How will we know about sales? How would we know about insurance premiums? My point is that advertising helps us, makes things alot more easier for us. Still think advertising is bad? ;)

  • Nah fam sorry

    Nah fam sorry but I think this is straight crap because advertising is legit. I mean I am from the hood and I really believe that advertising has brought my hood together. We stay out of trouble and do that creative idea thing. All I am saying is that it has transformed me

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Advertisements are not harmful at all.