• Affirmative Action

    is important because it will eventually create a colorblind society, where nobody is discriminated for or against based on skin color. When this happens, affirmative action will no longer be needed to help create diversity in colleges and jobs in the Unites States. Affirmative Action also gives help to students who are still smart but started their life with a disadvantage.

  • A no brainer if I ever saw one

    University is derived from two words- universe and diversity. Affirmative action insures that when I go to college I'll get a fair sample of the universe. It insures that I won't just be surrounded by white Caucasian males. It forces colleges to spend an equal amount of time recruiting people of all races and genders and encourages diversity at it's most important stage- education.

  • Affirmative Action Counteracts White Privilege

    The reality is that America has always had a racial hierarchy with white males at the top. Because they we always a dominate group, white American Society (sometimes mistaken as the whole American society)has always passed laws and given attention to issue that interest them, while they dilute the issues of subordinate/minority races. This dates back to Manifest Destiny and slavery to recent times when blacks and Hispanics are accused of using the ‘race card’ and are seen as paranoid. Ironically it is the dominant white culture that dictates what fits the description of racism and the racial identities of minorities, not minorities themselves even if they are the victims. Color-blindness is color denial; it isn’t a step forward but switching the lights off on the issue and pretends that there isn’t an issue because they don’t see it. It is the white dominant society and politicians that deems the society as a whole ‘color-blind’ while the minorities usually have no say. The idea that hard work pays off can be a myth when one must battles the generalizations of the race and against the white dominant society. White people usually don’t realize that they have the benefit from being white. The reality is that white privilege gives better chances of life due to living in a wealthier family, access to better education,(compare Queens public school to a predominantly white school in Connecticut) and a better future. Whites have always live at the top of the ladder in a white society and benefited from racism of the past and discrimination of the present day. They don’t owe their success because of good family values, morals, or capabilities but white supremacy and the institutionalization of the next generation. The belief that whites are superior, while all races are consider delinquent, immoral, lazy, perverse. A form of this can be seen in our schools where kids are taught to love their country and the white protestant principles that founded it, and aren’t taught global history that isn’t Western European (white) history. Remember, white privilege is a reality in our society whether we like it or not with examples abound. Ask yourself, why minorities fill our prisons- is it because they are inheritably immoral, or because it is easier to convict poor minorities versus a well off white criminal. If Casey Anthony was black, would the jury still find her innocent without a reasonable doubt? Would the Trayvon Martin case be so drawn out if Zimmerman shot a white unarmed boy? White privilege (preferable treatment to whites) exists. Affirmative action counteracts the white privilege by giving minorities an advantage of the law. (ex. black privilege) The people that reject AA do so because it disadvantages them, this is understood on a sub-conscious level. AA is removing the hierarchy that has existed since the founding of our country and all the privilege they have taken for granted. In fact this makes our current society a pure form of meritocracy, since it removes white privilege.

  • Affirmative action is a good public policy, because without it, there would be no minorities in the workplace

    I here people saying, that you should be hired by your qualification, but what if you have all the necessary qualification but because you are a minority you don't get hired because of the color of your skin. Lets face it people this world is full a prejudice and stereotyping. Look at our President. I haven't seen a President in the news as I have seen it with This Black President. Affirmative action is a good policy and is well needed for people who are ignorant in there uneducated way. Lets start getting educated so we can treat everyone one with equal opportunity.

  • Affirmative action is bad necessary policy

    I do not like the current set up of affirmative action. It is essentially what everybody on the right column is talking about, people who are of certain race, gender, ethnicity...whatever receive preferential treatment in order to level the playing field. But the problem is that there is the existence of the unmarked preferential treatment. The unmarked race and gender in this country is the white male. As such the affirmative action that white males take for granted every is staggering. From taking land from the American Indians to banning miscegenation with non white individuals to revoking property rights of non white individuals to enslaving non white individuals. This country was built upon a white supremacy notion and the historical ramifications persist to this day. It is important to note that civil rights alone cannot is not enough to reverse discriminatory sentiment. In a country where the wealth of your parents essentially decides the education you receive, in a country where the color of your skins determines how expensive a car is or how likely you are to get a job....and yes all of this still happens in the world you live in today...something has to be done. Something unconstitutional perhaps, but something needs to be done. And yes in order to right the wrongs of our ancestors, of the country we must recluse ourselves of some of the preferential treatment white people enjoy every day. Not so that we can level the playing field for ....unworthy lazy people...But so that this country can truly be the equality of opportunity country that its ideals suggest it was built upon. It's 2012 guys, and racism is no longer so overt and blatant that you can tell when someone is being racist. And to suggest that the laws in place are powerful enough to prevent racist practices is ignorant at best and blatantly idiotic.

  • Supports Racial Equality

    Affirmative action helps with racial equality. Our country may have dealt with racism but America still has racism no matter how many laws the government puts out there. Affirmative action gives the boost that African Americans need. They know they have the potential to succeed but they just need the boost.

  • Affirmative action is a good public policy because it tries to correct inherent system biases.

    Affirmative action is a good public policy because it tries to correct inherent system biases. Affirmative action does not mean racism, sexism, or any other kind of -ism against particular people, but some groups in the US have a distinct advantage over others by their birth. Others who are different are treated different and affirmative action helps to balance things out better.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • Injustice and Inequality

    Most of the opinions agains affirmative action are so one sided and biased it is insane. For instance, I would like to point out the errors in CommonSensePeople's argument. The fact that you think because the average SAT scores of an African American makes him less qualified to go to a top undergraduate school...we need to look at tendencies and statistics. It is a fact that most minorities do not receive the best education in the united states compared to white students. It does not make the minority student less deserving, less persevering or smart it means the OPPORTUNITIES were not present for that student. So what can we attribute this to? Our education system which is essentially economically and thus racially focused (since there is such a strong correlation between the two). AA is not being discriminatory at all. By refuting AA we are basically keeping the wealthy wealthy and the poor poor, since they do not have the same opportunities to get educated.

  • Affirmative action is good public policy, because without it, there would be too much discrimination.

    Affirmative action is good public policy, because without it, there would be too much discrimination, especially in America. There needs to be some way to measure and prevent discrimination, and while affirmative action may not be the best way of doing it, it's better than nothing. There is admittedly much abuse of the system, but that's to be expected of anything of this sort.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • Affirmative Action

    Why would this not be a good policy? Affirmative Action is not only for people of color it is also for women. The affirmative action policy does not suggest that one only focus on race but on the person in his or her totality. It suggests that one is given a chance as long as they have equal or greater skills than other non minorities applying for the same job. It is sad that people cannot see the intended purpose of the Affirmative Action law because of their ignorance or blatant disregard to the fact that racism still does and will forever exist in our society. Women are still to this day paid less money than men working in the same field and performing the same function in a company. How do you purpose we fix that?

  • Affirmative action should no longer be used

    Affirmative action is reverse prejudice against Caucasians. With affirmative action in place Caucasians are looked at less than other ethnic groups. Affirmative action was a good policy back when race was a controversial problem but for the most part that problem is no longer. Our country has evolved and no longer faces prejudice, now this is just an unfair advantage for minorities.

  • Fairness is crucial

    Why should a white person today be penalized for something his great-grandparents did over a hundred years ago? Why should a black person benefit because his ancestors were penalized? Nobody applying to college today either victimized or was victimized by anyone else, so we are we staying locked in the failures of the past instead of embracing a truly color-blind society?

  • Affirmative action prevents excellent, skilled potential employees from getting jobs they deserve while allowing those who are unskilled and ill equipped to work simply based on the fact that they belong to a minority.

    In fact, women make up the largest minority in the world and nobody is going out of their way to ensure that they get a fair shake. Employers should be allowed to hire the person best suited for the job description. After all, his livelihood is at stake if his business fails--which it could if he was forced to hire someone unqualified to meet a status quo of minorities. Minorities tend to be less educated and prepared, not because they are a minority, but because they simply choose not to take advantage of educational opportunities granted to them. Nobody else should be forced to pay for that mistake by losing out on a good employment opportunity simply because the company is forced to hire a minority.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Affirmative Action is racist and sexist.

    The safeguards set down by affirmative action force people of lesser abilities to get jobs, solely based upon race and sex. Instead of allowing the companies to hire whomever the most qualified person is for a job, they hire someone based upon their race or sex. Instead of protecting the people of any sex or race, it coddles them. If a person isn't the best at a given job, the employer shouldn't be forced to pay the sub-par worker .

  • No, affirmative action is not good public policy, because it is an unfair policy.

    If affirmative action is employed, that is telling me that the employer is hiring based on race, and not on qualifications. If I was to be passed up over a job, just because of my race, and not based on qualifications or experience, then that would be unfair. If I deserve the job, then give it to me.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Affirmative action is not good public policy, because social equality starts in childhood, and should not have to be legislated.

    The ideal behind affirmative action is a good one. America is a land where all should be treated equally. However, college selection and job hiring is too late for this. Equality should start at childhood, even before they enter the education system. When children go into school, they may have already spent five years in impoverished or ethnic neighborhoods, with constant exposure to drugs and violence. Affirmative action is not an equalizer. But, instead, it is trying to catch people up from having fallen behind, which should be prevented in the first place by cleaning up our residential areas and cities.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I don't not think that Affirmative Action effectively solves the problem of past discriminations

    Unlike others I am against affirmative action not because I think that all people are on the same playing field, but because it gives the false sense that putting a handful of minorities ahead of others on job and school applications can effectively compete against red lining, and substandard schools in brown neighborhoods. Affirmative Action also does not counter the access whites had that brown people didn't during Jim Crow, segregation and slavery which allowed them to build a generational economic base and thus still have a leg up on brown people. In order to fix these disparities, all of the money that white ancestors accumulated and past to their kids at the expense of brown people should be taken from them.

    Posted by: XglossyWynd
  • Affirmative Action Should Be Based On Geography Instead of Race

    You're not going to make up for past racial discrimination with present racial discrimination. That's not how it works.
    But we should acknowledge that people who live in certain neighborhoods are disadvantaged as the result of getting stuck there with declining property values. While racial attitudes factored into this phenomenon white people living in such neighborhoods suffer just as must and black people living outside of such neighborhoods reap the benefits just as much. We should provide affirmative action based on geography instead of race.

  • Ability is ability

    I don't care what your skin color is, if you can't do the work you can't do the work and if you can then you can. Does than mean that some professions are dominated by one race or another? YES! Is that a problem? NO! Does it look bad from the outside if you're only counting color? Would you want a doctor hired on ability alone? Or would you want one hired based on race and gender? I would rather have the one who is hired on ability only. Same with construction, pro-sports, and a whole list of other fields.

  • It's racist and sexist!

    Read the headline, it's self explanatory. If you don't get it, read the other comments. Colored people and women are just as smart (or stupid) as you or I. They don't need lower test scores to get into college. Some person once said that he had a dream that one day his children would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T23:18:43.643
I moved to the USA from the UK just under 2 years and have just lost out on a job as a result of affirmative action.
I was interviewed for a faculty position at a local community college and was ranked top in a group of 3 people who were taken forward to the president for second interview. I was told that I performed well at the second interview and the Chair of the department hinted very strongly that the job was mine.
Fast forward 2 weeks and I have found out that the job was offered to a non- Caucasian, who was ranked lower than me, as the college needs to improve their racial diversity. Of course this is all off record and officially I have I doubt that they will come up with a valid reason to reject me.
I had never come across this kind of discrimination on the basis of race or ethnicity in the UK and am absolutely disgusted and disappointed that such recruiting techniques are being carried out here.
Meanwhile I have been offer another job, and have heard unofficially that the fact I am female helped me to get the job.
How can this be anything other than discrimination?
Quan says2013-06-13T15:46:40.520
It's a good policy if you want to promote discrimination.