• Needed to Legally Move Things Along

    If it were not for JFK in 1961 we would not have "affirmative action" that coined the term in Executive Order 10925. That executive order started moving things along for the civil rights movement and the start of racial equality in the United States. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed Executive Order 11246 that required government employers to take "affirmative action" to "hire without regard to race, religion and national origin" and women were later added to it in 1967. Affirmative action is necessary in most republics and democracies around the world for racial and gender equality. Some countries use a different term like "positive action" in the UK or "employment equity" in Canada and so on. Affirmative action is a positive thing in any society to move forward into the modern era of government.

  • It's not necessary

    Affirmative action gives an unfair advantage to specific groups of people, even though they might not be the best targets for those benefits or advantages. Especially with things like universities and jobs, affirmative action creates a mess. In addition, affirmative action is detrimental to the industries it affects due to the regulations and complications it adds to them, which always result in loss.

  • Creates more racism than it solves

    I know that discrimination towards these groups of people exists in the job market, but affirmative action creates more racism than it solves. First of all, it is a disadvantage towards whites and asians. Especially if there are 9 whites applying for a job and only one black person. The black person should not be hired solely based on race, he should be hired based on his qualifications. It also indirectly creates resentment towards blacks and arabs. White and Asians look at them in resent because they think they were hired simply because of their race (even if this isn't necessarily the case) and this creates even more racism towards these "disadvantaged" groups. Besides, every generation becomes more and more accepting of different races and cultures and by the time the new generation starts running the business and government world, affirmative action will no longer be necessary and just become a racist norm. Besides, the best way eliminate racism is to ignore it exists. If we don't acknowledge the existence of race, racism is irrelevant.

  • It Is Racist.

    All the races should be equal and have the same opportunities as everyone else. Why do people have an advantage because they are African-American, Hispanic, or an American Indian? "All men are created equal" and we should keep it that way. I do not support the racist policies put into place by Affirmative Ation.

  • Equality does not mean special treatment

    Equality means you succeed or fail based on the merits of your deeds alone. If you are anglo saxon or asian you are to succeed based on your will power and skill aka merit. But if you are hispanic or black even though both dwarf the asian minority then yes you need government assistance for what happened decades ago.

    So rome should get help from France for stealing Gaul...And Italy should pay native gauls for what they did. Until when? When does it stop.?

    Posted by: N711

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