• Culture of poverty

    Black's are permanently poor while whites are temporarily poor according to researh. It's because of their culture of poverty. Poor blacks are living in the concentrated-poor area unlike poor whites. So, it's hard to resolve black's poverty if we don't try to resolve black's poverty more profesionally. Giving opportunity in education field can be a good method to combat this poverty. So, affirmative action ought to be used as a only policy in education field

  • We dumb we need advantages

    Afirmative action is needed because we black people cant work more then 20 hours in a week. I gottsa check my facebook status! Why i need to do some engineren. Ild do that lata, i got get my cookie clicker clicking dun. Those cookies aint gonna click themselves. My coworkers will do it anyway. Maybe i should go talk to the girl down the hall again. Why did i have to come to work today anyway. I can do this from home where i wont be bothered by all of these requirements.

  • People Often Miss The Point, But Yes

    First of all, you don't have to be in the minority of people to be disadvantaged, so it hardly matters which way US demographics are going. But the real benefit of affirmative action is that it's been proven people tend to hire whoever they think "looks the part" of a job. That can be whoever they've seen doing that work on TV, or commonly, whichever applicant looks like the employee being replaced. By doing things to boost non-white people into better jobs, we help make that image of "looking the part" less specific, so eventually people will be hired more equally without affirmative action.

  • Affirmative Action has Serviced its purpose.

    Affirmative Action was put in place during a time when minorities were not being given the same opportunities as the white majority. The intention was to change the mind-set of American, to be more inclusive of all races. This has been accomplished. However, Affirmative Action is currently detrimental to American Society because qualified individuals are now being discriminated against, in preference of a less qualified person simply because a quota must be met to satisfy the AA requirements. This is reverse discrimination. A white individual is often refused a job or school admission that they have demonstrated the ability to handle, simply because they are white. AA is not helpful to minorities. It undermines the belief that most minorities do work very hard to accomplish what they have achieved, and instead fosters the stereotype that the only reason the minority got into school or a job was due to AA. This is disrespectful and demeaning, which is exactly the opposite of what AA was meant to do. There are so many types of discrimination today. Personal identifiers such as race, sex, age, or sexual identification should be removed from the qualifying applications and individuals should be respected and chosen for their skill set, no simply because of the color of their skin.

  • Affirmative Action hurts minorities

    Affirmative action does not help minorities. This is shown in California where they have banned the race-preference in college admissions. Latino and Asian enrollment in colleges has sky rocketed without AA. Also, when any minority is accepted at a college that is otherwise above their ability level, it sets him/her up for dropping out or failing without a degree whereas they could have received a degree from a "lesser" university. Even in the work place minorities are promoted above their ability level and it leads to incompetence/failure. This can only lead to turmoil and the loss of a job. This can further lead to the stereotype of the particular minority in question and lead to that minority group being less likely to be promoted

  • Affimative action is no longer necessary

    No, I, as a black female, do not believe that affirmative action is necessary in the United States. Is there equality for everyone, no, but the actions that brought about affirmative actions are not as prevalent as they were when this law was needed. I, personally, do not want or need to receive a position because a company "has" to fill a quota. If I am not qualified and someone of another race is more qualified, then I think they should take the position that they earned.

  • AA is the stupid.

    How about we stop with this demographic crap and focus soley on the intellectual capacity of applicants. Remove race from applications and let the students' grades do the talking. Why should a school let on kid in if he's not as smart as another simply because he's not white? Talk about racism.

  • No this is unnecessary.

    I believe that affirmative action is unnecessary in our society. It is supposed to prevent discrimination, but it actually only leads to it. It is reverse discrimination. It is not right if someone is admitted to a college because of their ethnicity, and a white person who has worked extremely hard in school, and deserves it more, is not admitted. Gender and ethnicity is something that is out of one's control, yet the way we perform in school is completely our doing. I believe that it is wrong and unfair and should not be legal. Being admitted to a college should be based on someone's resume and how hard they have worked, not on the way they look, something out if their control.

  • No, because any discrimination is not right!

    Affirmative action is a discrimination process. The United States has done everything they can to make this country as equal as possible. Affirmative action turns down students who deserve a spot in a school just because a school needs to meet a quota. This is just disgusting, allowing a student who has sub-par grades into a school rather than a well-rounded one. The student who does not deserve this walks through life while the one who worked hard gets left out in the dust.

  • It causes reverse discrimination.

    Affirmative action causes reverse discrimination and causes people who are very well qualified to be turned down because they are a majority. Why do we have to discriminate at all? Why can't we simply remove race from the application process and let things like college admissions depend solely on grades? It is not accomplishing anything.

  • No.

    Talk about a racist piece of legislation. Everything should be based off of one's merit. If 100 black men are more qualified than 100 white men, guess what, those 100 black men deserve the job/scholarship/admission. And vice verse if 100 white men are more qualified than 100 black men. (Similarly with women and all races). What affirmative action does, is not only accept people that may be less qualified, but it denies people who are more qualified, based on race. which yes, is very racist, and thus unconstitutional. Take a Princeton study, when comparing students SAT scores applying to top undergraduate schools (out of 1600). An Asian American's 1550 was equivalent to a white Americans 1410, which was equivalent to an African Americans 1100. I'm sorry, but an 1100 on your SATs does not qualify you for any top university in the United States. Furthermore, I would think minorities would think affirmative action is harmful as well, not just Asian or White Americans. If you were Black or Hispanic would you want to be accepted somewhere and have people wondering whether you were accepted because you earned it or if was because of affirmative action? More to the point would you want to question yourself whether you earned it or if it was because of affirmative action? Luckily affirmative action is about to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

  • No, affirmative action is no longer necessary

    Affirmative Action has served its purpose and society has changed enough for it to no longer be necessary. Racial minorities and others have been affiliated enough into the mainstream culture that they do not need a government program behind them to force their consideration as a job applicant. We have all seen examples of the contributions they can make and now their successors can compete on their own merits.

  • No, Affirmative Action Needs To Go

    With a changing economy and the demographics of the country as a whole, there is no reason to keep the proverbial red tape around. Applicants should be judged on merit and experience, employers should be free to hire with that criteria. Whites, blacks, Hispanics - they're all looking for work right now.

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