• Kids learn off the things on tv and parents!

    People have this hole in there life and people go though life trying to full it somethings can full it and some can't. If you put a nice new product on Tv and make everyone hold this new product in there hand looking as if with it you will become happy people who have the money will go to buy it and find out it doesn't full the hole.
    Making them want to buy more and more because the people on Tv are happy with it why aren't i?

  • Think about it

    These kids have everything they can possibly want but with no structure their frontal lobe is the first the child thinks with not always really thinking of the outcome. Because in most cases if the child doesn't have parents they tend to act out. And how are you to blame someone who has never had discipline ?

    Posted by: J.M
  • It is real but not a legal defense.

    One could probably argue that the majority of career criminals have had bad upbringings. In most cases they were probably poor, but in some cases you have rich people brought up under miserable conditions. Just look how some drug-addicted celebrities end up, imagine what its like being their child. If you use upbringing as a legal defense, then you defeat the purpose of the justice system, which is to correct behavior of those who committed crimes and to also deter others from doing the same among other things. Its unfortunate when someone is not taught to be a productive citizen and ends up in and out of prison, but that's a necessity for some people who can't follow the law.

  • Affluenza is real.

    Yes, Affluenza is real. There is a direct correlation between that and material inequality. I think anything placed upon the stress of the economic society could be taken as real. It really is whatever they want to call it. Using it in a defense in the court of law is another story.

  • Nope. Never in forever

    Nathan Couch looks like a carrot

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  • Diagnosed? Definitely Not.

    Ethan Couch's defendant made this name up to sound like a real mental disorder, when in reality it doesn't exist! "Afflu", for "Affluent", and the "enza" to make it sound like a real disease. But influenza, a real disease isn't a mental one. So either the disorder has a weird name or the defendant couldn't make it seem more realistic.
    Also, humans are not entitled to anything more than life and love at birth. It takes a parent to teach their kids, and most children learn many life lessons and habits from their parents. It's one thing to blame what you have, but the real blame should be placed on how you behave using what you have. There are humble and "affluent" people in today's world, and they are humble because they were probably raised in a home that valued ground rules and simple respect.
    Today's world, in my opinion, has started handing out more "participation awards" and have focused less on "You need to work hard to be successful in life". This causes teens like Ethan Couch to be raised in homes that hand out too many pats on the back or little privileges like living in their own separate house at 16!

  • Pseudo science BS

    What about the kids that don't have parents? Can we argue that since they didn't have anyone to raise them they didn't know any better? If that's the case the parents should go to Jail, since they are the ones responsible for the kid. You brought him into this world he caused a problem, it was your job to prevent him from doing that problem so you failed since you are trying to use the fact you didn't raise him right to get a lighter sentence.

  • Affluenza is the stupidest argument ever

    If any regular person killed 4 people they would be in jail before they could blink. This kid is 16 and isn't going to jail because his parents never set any limits for him? He's practically an adult. I say let him get some real world consequences in jail. The same judge that let him off because of his "affluenza" sentenced a poor 14 yr old black kid to 10 years in jail for knocking a guy out and causing him to hit his head and die. He killed ! Person! If he gets 10 years for that, Affluenza kid should get life. P.S I'm 14 and believe that by the time your 16 you should be responsible for your actions

  • I thought this was a joke

    Seriously, when I first heard about this I thought it was a joke!!

    I do not believe affluenza is a real disorder. However, even IF it is real, it is undiagnosed and unproven. This is the first case anyone has heard of it, it should not be considered fact. If people really want to take this seriously, like the judge, defense lawyers and that insane psychologist, then this disorder should be studied and diagnosed. In the meantime, Couch should be incarcerated, like any other person in this situation.

    Not to mention that basically, this court decision proved that Couch's parents are not capable of raising a child. They should be prevented from having more children, and any children they have now should be taken away and given to a parents who can teach them the basics of being a citizen/person. I'm sure they can afford whatever surgery is necessary to render them both impotent.

  • I thought this was a joke

    I think this might be the only debate on this website that will have a full 100% one either side haha!
    But this is ridiculous, I thought this was a joke when I heard about it.

    Even if affluenza is proven to be a real disorder, it is NOT one now. How could someone possibly avoid punishment by claiming a disorder that has NEVER been diagnosed. If people want to take this affluenza thing seriously, then Couch should be incarcerated until the proper officials review, test, and diagnose this so called disorder.

    Not to mention, because of this verdict, it was basically proven in court that the parents are not capable of raising a child properly. They should not be allowed to have any more children, and any children they have now should be removed from their lack of care.

  • This is the most contradictory statement in all of bloody man kind!

    Now on the case of Ethan Couch. I'm not going to go on about the fact that he's rich or anything like that. Yet rather the shear stupidity of the verdict.

    Even if "affluenza" was a real bloody disease than the way to cure it is by giving a harsh punishment. If you let the person just go then you would further motivate them that they are not responsible and can just get away with things. What also annoys me more is that their blaming the PARENTS by having them engulfed in stupid bloody lawsuits despite the fact that its not their fault that their son did this.

  • Are you kidding?

    Affluenza is not real. It's just a way for the Federal Government to coddle it's wealthy citizens. So he is acquitted of his crime because he was too wealthy to be motivated to do good? Is it because he felt isolated for going to a expensive private school? it's all nonsense.

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