• I don't understand how so many people think it's better than America.

    There is so much political unrest in Africa as a whole, along with very poor nutrition, dirty water sources, terrible infrastructure, dangerous wildlife, genocides, diseases, terrorists, and less medicine. But of course this is the worst of the worst. Some places in Africa are safe and stable, so it depends on what parts you are referring to. But in all, you are much more likely to survive and have a somewhat decent life in America than Africa.

  • Africa is more dangerous than the U.S.

    A number of issues make Africa more dangerous than the U.S. Many countries in Africa are experiencing political instability, terrorist activity, and genocides; Sudan, Somalia, and Libya are prime examples where war and lack of government has spawned violence and disorder. Furthemore, with a lack of healthcare in the region, many diseases, treatable in the U.S., prove deadly in Africa.

  • Africa doesnt have capitalism

    The picture is about hippos but that is not what importat. Africa has no democracy and capitalism. America does. Africa does not allow poor to become poor and rich to be rich. America does, so they are dangerous. You think i dont know what im talkning about but i studed english in college in china, so i do know.

  • No,both Africa and the U.S are friendly to world.

    No,the Africa is friendly to everyone from the world.and Africa is good to live together with other people,they produce gold, diamond and more source to other people in the world, they like the peace,for example,Mandela, a black African, was respected all over the world,he worked for peace all his life,and the countries in Africa all work hard for peace.

  • Africa is no more dangerous than the U.S.

    No, Africa is not more dangerous than the U.S. Unfortunately, the U.S. media portrays Africa a country constantly in turmoil. However, there are many regions in Africa that are beautiful & peaceful - just as there are regions in the U.S. that are poverty stricken. Also, many are not aware that a large percentage of the guns used in African civil war are U.S. guns.

  • Yes, corruption is more widespread

    America and Africa are both dangerous in their own way - Bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere, and bad people who would intentionally do those things reside everywhere on earth. That being said, the level of law and order is probably higher in America than in many parts of Africa, and law enforcement in the US is less corrupt and more apt to protect people.

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