• Because are thinking is changing - good thinking will result in good believing and good believing will result in good action.

    Now through a technology as internet the common African is having access to huge information which is changing his way of thinking. The youth for example have a voice now and the governing of Africa is not left to only a few dictator, and selfish leaders, but there is a new African rising up out of the old. And it all begin by good thinking -
    as we are being open to the world through internet we need to use it to empower ourselves instead of only entertainment.

  • Africa is not just growing it's transforming

    Africa's growth is driven by deep transformations that are happening across the board. Growth driven by transformation is more permanent in nature is usually sustained. Africa growth has been steady and consistent for more than 20 years- the longest span in its modern history. Bumps in commodity exports alone do not explain this growth. The majority growing economies in Africa are not oil and natural resource extraction based economies. What then is driving this transformation;

    1. There are social and political structural transformations toward more open and democratic societies and governments. Most countries in Africa are democracies.
    2. Technological transformation driven by communications technologies: - this has created far reaching economic opportunities in almost every single sector from banking to BPO. Kenya alone accounts for more than 50% of global mobile money transactions.
    3.Generational change: 70% of the population is under the age of 40. They are far more educated, pragmatic, have smarter and better ideas for their countries: They are original thinkers- educated in the ways of the west (and most of the world) but formulate original ideas. They are called the Cheetah generation. They have been the main drivers of economic management, their political and economic effects will be exponential once they assume positions of political leadership.

  • Yes without a doubt.

    I've seen how their innovations in renewable energy sources and technology as well is social problems and overcoming AIDS. The African Nations surrounding the UN are even getting along and help build solutions to various solutions to clean air and energy emissions also with how we deal import/exports from other countries run smoothly than ever before.

  • I think so.

    Do you mean Africa south of the Sahara? Sure, they've been seeing some technological advancements. They've been building renewable energy sources and cell phone towers for example. They've still got a long way to go when it comes to social problems and technology, but they're making progress. They need credit for that.

  • Never will be

    Centuries of exploitation have led to a culture built upon taking advantage of one another whenever possible, because hey, it's sucker somebody or be the sucker. Africa will never be "on the rise" because of infighting and simply being abused for too long from influences both within and outside its borders that never allow anything good to have a long shelf life.

  • Africa is too corrupt to actually rise very far.

    To be perfectly honest about it, Africa is far too rife with corruption to actually be able to rise very far. Certainly, there are going to be increases in living standards for a lucky few, but there are going to be miserable civil wars over the spoils. Africa is still too rife with poverty and disease to actually be able to substantially support being on the rise.

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