• African aid can only be a force for good

    Providing aid to African nations can only be supporting the work that is being done in those countries. It is the duty of more affluent nations to help those less fortunate and there is much good being done in these developing countries. Thousands of lives are being saved thanks to aid programmes, children are being protected by vaccines and are receiving an education. This will help future generations in African to help themselves.

  • It can be

    There is an argument being made that aid to Africa actually prevents development in Africa because it takes away from local economies. If you send donated shirts to Africa then local clothing manufacturers or tailors will lose work as well. It can be doing more harm than good, even if the intent is good.

  • Yes, I think African Aid is doing more good then harm.

    I think that while a significant amount of the money is being siphoned off through corruption I think that much of it does indeed reach the intended audience for it, I think that while the situation is far from perfect in these areas it would be much worse if the aid was not there.

  • The answer is No, No, No. It causes more harm than good.

    It may sound like a good thing in theory, but unfortunately it is a fact that it does greater harm than good. As an GNO worker and educator myself I have lived overseas in Third World nations including countries in Africa and I have learned that giving more aid is like placing a band aid on a body covered in gangrene as gangrene continues to spread. I am not advocating not to assist, but you have to be cautious to who you donate to and learn the negative affects donating does. The poverty continues to grow and the only solution is to treat the cause and not only the symptoms. I will explain why with a few valid examples:

    1. With majority of charities and NGOs most of the aid money donated is kept for the charity workers and owners. I seen with my own eyes they live off of donated funds to buy large expensive homes, expensive cars, and eating at five star restaurants...Funds meant for the poor and needy. An extremely small percentage is actually given to the poor, by far not enough to make a noticeable difference.

    2. Corrupt governments and greedy corporations inside and outside of Africa. African governments should be required to help their citizens. The government officials are filthy rich and do very little if any to help their own people, they keep money for themselves. They are also allowing their land to be sold for dirt cheap prices to foreign countries to export crops from Africa, pay African farmers barely enough to take care of their families, thus forced to rely on missions and charities while many of the citizens starve and again rely on charities.

    3. Fair Trade should be a requirement and not an option so that natives can begin to thrive instead of having to rely heavily on handouts.

    4. Charities who donate clothes, food, etc to locals hurts their local businessmen, as locals would prefer free then having to pay. Thus, once again hurting local businesses and forcing them to go out of business.

    There are so many other examples I can mention, but my post is growing long. Do a Google search or check out youtube and you can find much more information as of why aid harms more than help.

    Posted by: Najs
  • African aid is doing harm because it doesn't reach the right people

    Sadly, I don't agree that African aid is doing more good than harm. So many charities and organisations have been raising money for Africa, and sending over provisions in the past twenty or so years, and yet in that time, there has been no significant change. Somewhere along the line, the aid is not reaching the people that need it the most.

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