• the work place

    I personally agree,As managers we are generally very careful when actively recruiting. We make sure not to disregard an application because it included date of birth. We are guarded in our interviewing so candidates do not sense our preferences. We try very hard not to directly discriminate.
    But it is the other areas of employment where we are not always so diligent. The terms and conditions of an offer of employment may favour a particular age group. We may limit access to promotion and training on the basis of age. We may also form age related stereotypes about retirement and redundancy. All of which is against the law. And definitely not good business practice.

  • In all ways.

    Yes, age discrimination is a problem in the workplace, because people assume that young people have no work ethic and that they expect to have a corner office on the first day. In reality, young people are as hard working as they ever were, and they are fiercely competing for a smaller number of jobs.

  • Yes It Is

    Some of the places I have worked at in my life (mainly low-wage jobs) do display a lot of discrimination based on age. I've seen people given jobs based on their age either because they are supposedly more capable of managing solely based on their age or because they are older and need easier tasks to do. Happens all the time in America.

  • Age discrimination is a problem in the workplace.

    Age discrimination is a problem in the workplace. I think that age discrimination started somewhere in the 1930s and is still affecting businesses today. There are laws that prevent this from happening, however, I think that most businesses are smart enough to find a way around the law. Most businesses know they can pay younger workers less because of inexperience.

  • Yes, I do believe age discrimination is a problem in the workplace.

    I believe while it is supposed to be illegal it happens anyway, I do believe sometimes older workers are passed over for certain positions same with younger workers. While the Government can pass laws forbidding this practice it will always be an issue in the workplace setting that will persist.

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